This week the children have really impressed me with their enthusiasm to learn and resilience to face a challenge! As always, the children work really hard but this week they went above and beyond.

In English we have continued to work towards writing a character description in the form of a wanted poster. We have practised using different sentence types including a question, exclamation, statement and command and using the correct punctuation too! We have also included a range of openers to make our writing more interesting and conjunctions to extend.

In Maths we have carried on with addition and have tried really hard on this as it has been quite tricky! We have begun with number bonds and cemented our understanding of them so that we can use this knowledge and apply it to adding ones to a two digit number when it crosses a ten.

In Encompass we have learnt about the forms of transport that are the most popular to use in London. We have learnt more about the London Underground, the famous red double decker buses, the black cab and bicycle. We have compared the forms of transport and also explored how the tube works.

In Science we have applied our knowledge of the four world habitats to learn about animal adaptations. We have learnt about the Artic fox, shark, camel and tree frog and explained how they adapt to their habitat for survival.