What a busy week we’ve had! We’ve achieved so much this week and Miss Smith is proud of how well we are recalling our learning more and more every day! 
In English we have continued preparing to write our Wanted Poster for the evil wolf! We began the week looking at conjunctions. We composed lots of extended sentences using ‘and’ ‘because and ‘if’. Now that we’re in Year 2 our sentences need to be more detailed which this really helped with. We then looked at the 4 different sentence types: exclamation, command, statement and question. We come up with actions to remember what they mean then spent some time using them in our own sentences. At the end of the week we looked at how to make our sentences more interesting by using different openers, this will make our writing amazing next week! 

In Maths we have continued our Addition and Subtraction topic by adding and subtracting multiple of 10s to a number. We used our knowledge of counting in our 10s to help us count forward and back. We then began looking at adding ones when they crossed over the 10 such as 34+9. We used our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to regroup using dienes. Some of us struggled with this concept so we had 2 lessons to completely secure our understanding. Well done for persevering Penguins! 

In Encompass we were excited to look at transport in London! We learned about double decker buses, black cabs and the London Underground. We learned what they were and discussed the best ways to travel based on cost and time. 

In Science we have learned about Adaptation. We looked at animals that lived in specific habitats and learned how they are adapted to live in their conditions. After learning about camels, sharks, tree frogs and the Arctic fox we discussed how animals need to be well suited to their environment to survive