This week we have published our first piece of writing in English and continued the place value topic in Maths.

In English, to work towards writing a re-tell for Little Red Riding Hood, we planned what writing skills we would include for each part. We spoke about the different word types that we would include to make our writing descriptive and interesting! On Wednesday, we practiced constructing sentences that make sense with the correct punctuation. This gave us the chance to also practice including adjectives in our writing. On Thursday and Friday, we published our re-tell of Little Red Riding Hood. We were determined and focused to do our best!

In Maths, we continued our Place Value topic. We compared 2 digit numbers using the greater than, less than and equal to symbols. We practiced this using concrete materials first to secure the skill and after we showed our understanding by completing individual tasks. Once we were able to compare 2 digit numbers and understand their value, we were able to order numbers both practically using concrete materials and then in individual tasks.

In Encompass, we continued the topic 'Why is London so special?'

The children were introduced to some new vocabulary such as landmark, tourists and tourism. 

We then looked at four famous landmarks in London - Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Eye and the Tower of London. We discussed why each one is famous and why tourists visit the landmark.

In Science, we have discussed what a habitat is and then discussed what we already know about animals and their habitats. We focused on four local habitats and what may live there. The four local habitats that we looked at were - Urban, Coastal, Woodland and Pond.