Hello again everyone, welcome to Week 3 of life in Narwhals class.

This weekend it would not surprise me if your children were very tired as they have worked extremely hard to complete their work. 

The main reason your child may be tired is because this week we completed our 1st Published Write! The children all worked fantastically and it's great to see how much effort they have poured into their character description of Rumaysa. We've discussed the use of adverbials and fronted adverbials, and it was great to see how children up-leveled their work to make use of this skill as it is a very important one for Year 5  We also discussed and used figurative language for impact. 

In Maths we have (for now)  finished our work relating to place value.  To start off our week we enjoyed looking at negative numbers and how we would descend below 0 to make use of these numbers in real life, such as; temperature, lifts and bank accounts. We then revisited rounding, as it proved to be an area we needed to spend a little more time on. This time around we felt much more confident about it and it was great to see how happy everyone was to see their progress.

Our History learning has seen us investigate the city of Makkah in 600AD, it was great to see how much knowledge the children had of this in relation to Islam and they were very interested to learn the history of it and how areas such as the Kaaba were once surrounded by many different religions. We learnt about how the caravans of merchants would travel the desert to trade and poets would share stories of warriors, we even looked at a sample of one of these poems which was very interesting

Our Geography learning this week saw us investigate megacities. We learnt that a megacity, by definition has over 10 million inhabitants, such as New York City and discussed the pull and push factors which influence people to live there. We learnt that a pull factor is a positive thing within the city and a push factor is a negative thing from a person's current habitat.