Welcome to Swan Class!

We have had a fantastic first week of Reception! We have had lots of fun exploring our classroom and outdoor area, making new friends and settling into our routines. I am very proud of how well the children have settled - they have shown tremendous courage and determination coming into school each day, learning our rules and routines and getting to know each other.

Our topic this half term is All About Me. This week, we focused on our appearance. We observed what we look like using mirrors and discussed our features including eye colour and hair colour. We spoke about all of the different things that make each of us unique. 

After observing ourselves in mirrors, we drew our own pictures. We paid attention to the shapes and colours we were using.

We really enjoyed reading our topic book this week, What Makes Me and Me? The children are showing great attention and listening during our story time. They are enjoying engaging in our discussions by making inferences, predictions and retrieving information. We have also been learning about the different features of books, including the title, illustrations and blurb.

This week we have been practising writing our name to see what our next steps are. Our focus this half term will be to ensure we are holding our pencils correctly and are able to identify and write our names. This is a very important skill for the children as it allows them to develop their independence. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in their first PE lesson on Friday! We began the lesson with a warm up to get our bodies ready for exercise. We then played a range of different games to practise following instructions and develop our listening skills. The children will be developing the skill of moving safely and negotiating space over the next few weeks.