I have to say last week I said we were focused on late arrivals to school as this affects attendance. A significant impact could be seen. On Week commencing 21st October we had 31 late marks in the school and last week this reduced to 18 late marks. This week we will be aiming to reduce this to below 10.

This week is Anti Bullying. Whilst we address this throughout the school year, we do participate in the National Theme Week. I am delighted to say at Waterside, the children have a good understanding of bullying and how we operate a non-tolerance of such behaviours. We have workshops, with a drama specialist this week, for all pupils - our videos will be online.                                                 

Our friendship leaders will be working hard this week to promote reporting bullying if they feel it is happening and we as a school will display learning of all the types of bullying and how we can stop it immediately and report. As a leadership team we will be reviewing the school policy and sending home information to parents about successful working and how we can help if parents feel they have concerns. At school in the past 12 months, we have had 5 cases reported of bullying. 4 were not deemed as bullying and problems resolved and 1 case, we have successful addressed and monitored successfully.

This last 2 weeks I am delighted to share we have worked and showcased the best practice of Waterside with 6 different schools. This is fantastic for Waterside as it offers opportunities to collaborate with others to provide more opportunities for our children.

I am also excited to share we have order class VR kits to allow even more virtual reality learning for pupils. This allows experiences that would not impossible become possible. Ask you children if they have had VR time in the next two weeks. I am sure they will be excited to tell you about adventures.

Should you have any questions or concerns come and see myself, a senior leader or the class teacher immediately.

Mrs Knowles and the Waterside Team