To all parents and carers,

The children have had a sensational week of learning. They have been busy publishing their magical writing for all to see. In Maths they have had lots of challenges and hands on learning. This ensures that learning sticks and is memorable. In the afternoons, they have been historians, artists, musicians and much more. I have to say the standard of the Y6 art work was absolutely sensational and exemplary for their ages. I have photographed the pupils learning and put it on the heads blog on the website for all to view.

Last week we begun our parent’s evenings. The feedback from parents was sensational. This week it is Y2 as the focus week. I know the system we run at Waterside is different than other schools but parental feedback last week was how sensational and purposeful the meetings were. Parents were highly impressed and spoke of the rapid progress already in books. Well done to the teachers for such an incredible start to learning.

This week we will be supporting schools in Staffordshire and Shropshire this week as part our National leader of Education work. They will be coming to Waterside to view our excellent practice.

Can I please remind parents, should you have any questions the weekly drop in occurs every Friday 3.30 – 4pm. You can also contact your teacher on the class blogs or send an email. Our doors are always open. However, I also want to remind parents that it is important that parents speak to staff appropriately at all times. They are here to be abused and abusive behaviour will result in you being asked to leave the school site. I appreciate professional conversations go two ways and I have also reminded staff. I ask we are role models and ensure we speak to people considerately, as our magical children are watching and learning from us at all time. Our job is to inspire them to be the best they can be – to achieve their dreams.

Mrs Knowles and the Waterside Team.