Image of Forest School Enrichment Morning
8 July 2024

Forest School Enrichment Morning

What a super morning we have had! We enjoyed a forest school experience for enrichment day and we have been doing lots of different activities.

We loved den building, using our imagination, problem solving skills and working together to make a den. We then enjoyed some hot chocolate in our…

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Image of Forest schools enrichment morning!
8 July 2024

Forest schools enrichment morning!

Today the children took part in forest school as part of their enrichment. We built dens, went on a bug hunt, did mud painting and drank hot chocolate. We used our senses lots this morning!

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Image of Our First Time in Reception!
4 July 2024

Our First Time in Reception!

This week we spent 2 days in our new classrooms with our new teachers. 
We were very excited and a little nervous but we had the best time exploring the room, activities and getting to our new teacher. 
Miss Curtis and Miss Edward’s both had such lovely things to say about the children and they…

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Image of How do people help us?
27 June 2024

How do people help us?

This week we continued our learning around people who help us. Last week we focused on what they look like, what uniform they wear, what colours they typically have and we have now extended our learning to how they help us.

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Image of Senses and Textures
26 June 2024

Senses and Textures

The children have loved using their senses to explore the different materials. They have been using lots of vocabulary such as ‘soft, rough, smooth, fluffy’. Together we felt the materials and grouped them into the correct category.

Super vocabulary!

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Image of People Who Help Us
21 June 2024

People Who Help Us

This week we have learnt about people who help us. We have been focusing on what they look like and how to spot them in the community, this may be by their uniform, what vehicles the drive or certain places. we have began to talk about how they help us and we will continue this in more depth next…

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Image of Imagine That! Trip
7 June 2024

Imagine That! Trip

Today Duck class have been on a trip to ‘Imagine That!’ In Liverpool. Everyone was so well behaved on the coach and we really enjoyed spending time exploring different science experiments. We even got to make our own snow! We then got to play in the role play areas and got to pretend to do all…

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Image of Making gingerbread men!
24 May 2024

Making gingerbread men!

We had lots of fun making gingerbread men using the ingredients we bought from Lidl. We carefully measured out the ingredients before mixing them together and rolling the mixture. We then used a cutter to cut out our gingerbread men shapes and baked the gingerbread men in the oven for 20 minutes.…

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Image of Buying items for making gingerbread men!
23 May 2024

Buying items for making gingerbread men!

Today the children went to Lidl to buy all the ingredients needed to make Gingerbread men! This afternoon we will be making our gingerbread men ready to decorate tomorrow. The children were so well behaved and loved being in the supermarket and looking at prices and using money to buy their…

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Image of On the Farm
15 May 2024

On the Farm

What an amazing day we have had in Ducklings class. 
Today the mobile farm came to school and we loved looking at the different animals, petting them, feeding them and learning facts about the animals.

The children impressed the farmer with their knowledge of the animals and how to take care…

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Image of Using money!
14 May 2024

Using money!

Today the children have been exploring the topic of money. We discussed what money is and why we need money. We then looked at all the different coins and what each number on the coin represents. For their activity the children had some coins and had to go shopping in our school shop! They had to…

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Image of Habitats on the Farm
9 May 2024

Habitats on the Farm

We used our fine motor skills to cut around different animals. We then talked about where they live on the farm based on their needs and preferences. For example cows love to eat grass so we know they lived in a field. We discussed together if we were unsure of some animals homes to remind…

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