Image of Musical maestros
23 November 2023

Musical maestros

Year 6 used music technology to practice composing four bar melodies. We experimented with pitch by using a piano keyboard, seeing how the notes move on the musical stave.

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Image of Sporting superstars
17 November 2023

Sporting superstars

Year 6 have started a new topic of ‘Outdoor Activities’. We are learning about using keys when orienteering around the school grounds. The class completed a warm up around our new running track before doing an obstacle course, finding symbols and their word counterparts!

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Image of Fantastic Fractions!
9 November 2023

Fantastic Fractions!

In Maths this half term, we are learning all about fractions. This week we have explored adding and subtracting fractions which can be a tricky skill when the numerators and denominators are not the same. Y6 are working hard to build their fluency in this area. 

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Image of War Horse!
9 November 2023

War Horse!

This week, Y6 have started their brand new text entitled ‘War Horse’. For our first lesson, we read the first three Chapters and looked more closely at the main character of Joey, considering his thoughts, feelings and actions. Y6 are really enjoying this text so far and we are really looking…

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Image of Active or passive voice
6 November 2023

Active or passive voice

Year 6 have learnt about active and passive voice, and the skill of being able to recognise the object, verb and subject in a sentence.

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Image of Climate Change presentation
16 October 2023

Climate Change presentation

Year six have completed their Geography topic by presenting everything they have learnt to the class, including how we can help slow down climate change!

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Image of Order of operations
13 October 2023

Order of operations

Year 6 have been learning about order of operations in Maths. We have learnt that any calculations in brackets must be completed first!

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Image of Listen to your conscience
12 October 2023

Listen to your conscience

Year 6 showed their understanding of Isabella’s thoughts as she breaks a promise made to her best friend, inspired by our class text ‘The Girl of Ink and Stars’.

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Image of Finding evidence in Reading
6 October 2023

Finding evidence in Reading

In our Reading lessons, we have been learning how to agree or disagree with statements finding evidence from the text through skimming and scanning.

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Image of The History of Staffordshire
5 October 2023

The History of Staffordshire

Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed our History topic, learning about the history of the town we live in. This week, we learnt about the Georgian era and all that Wedgwood did for The Potteries!

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Image of Mental maths
3 October 2023

Mental maths

Year 6 have been practicing their times tables when learning about factors, multiples and prime numbers.

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Image of Skittles in Science
29 September 2023

Skittles in Science

As part of our topic learning about the circulatory system, Year 6 used skittles and water to investigate how nutrients pass into our bloodstream from our digestive organs.

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