Image of Superb Science!
15 September 2023

Superb Science!

This half term we have started our new topic in Science entitled ‘Animals including Humans’. In one of our lessons, we made model hearts using balloons, plastic cups, red food dye and straws! Although it got a little messy we had great fun learning all about the human heart!

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Image of Healthy hearts
8 September 2023

Healthy hearts

Sharks creating model hearts using a plastic cup, balloon and water with red food colouring. Our favourite part was when the blood splurged out of the blood vessels (straws!)

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Image of Science
14 July 2023


This week in Science we conducted two experiments to explore the function of the roots and the xylem within plants. The children had a lot of fun submerging their carrots in water as well observing the role of the xylem in transporting water and nutrients to the flower and leaves changing the…

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Image of Investigating Roots
13 July 2023

Investigating Roots

Today Year 3 have been investigating roots, they have started an experiment where they will watch the roots of a carrot grow over time.

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Image of Exploring Parts of the Plant
30 June 2023

Exploring Parts of the Plant

Jellyfish and turtles explored our garden spotting key parts of the plants.

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Image of Sporty science
29 June 2023

Sporty science

Year 6 investigated the impact of exercise upon our heart rates.

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Image of Investigating our heart rate!
29 June 2023

Investigating our heart rate!

How does exercise affect the heart? This was the question we investigated today! We started by taking our resting heart rate then began exercising for 2 minutes! We then recorded our heart rate straight after exercising and we saw a dramatic increase! We couldn’t believe how much our heart rate…

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Image of Super Science!
27 June 2023

Super Science!

Year five Dolphins really enjoyed learning about changes that happen to us as we age. They asked many honest questions. 

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Image of Wild flowers
22 June 2023

Wild flowers

In science, year one continued to learn more about plants, today we learnt that some plants are wild plants, which means they grow by themselves without any help from humans, how amazing! We investigated wild plants in our school and recorded our findings, we found lots of daisies, buttercups and…

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Image of YMCA fitness fun
21 June 2023

YMCA fitness fun

Year 6 went to the YMCA today to take part in a fitness session linked to our Science topic, Animals including Humans: The Circulatory System, Diet and Exercise. A great time was had by all! 

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Image of Brilliant Blood!
15 June 2023

Brilliant Blood!

Over the last two weeks, we have learned all about the circulatory system and what it is made up of: blood, blood vessels and the heart. In today’s science lesson, we learned more about the three different blood vessels (arteries, veins and capillaries) and what our blood is made up of! Did you…

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Image of Plants
15 June 2023


This week in science we have started our new topic Plants. We looked at what plants need to survive and grow. We then conducted an experiment where we planted seeds, some have a lack of space to grow, lack of air or lack of light and we will continue to observe how they grow.

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