Image of Exploring figurative language!
21 September 2023

Exploring figurative language!

In our reading lessons, we learnt about different types of figurative language and how to spot them in reading texts. Some of these can be tricky to spot however with greater practice I’m sure Y6 will soon be able to spot them with ease! 

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Image of Rocking at reading
5 July 2023

Rocking at reading

Year 6 have been looking at the use of vocabulary in a text and showing a deeper understanding. We have used the 'I do, we do, you do' technique to ensure children are confident when answering question types which require them to show their knowledge of phrases and language.

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Image of Reading SATs Booster
16 June 2023

Reading SATs Booster

To prepare for year 6, as well as our usual lessons we have begun looking at the style of questions used in a past SATs paper

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Image of Reading a new text in Narwhals Class
22 May 2023

Reading a new text in Narwhals Class

In Reading Skills, we have started a new text called The Wild Swans, to begin our learning we have looked at new and exciting vocabulary that we didn’t know all the meanings of, using our resources we researched these words to clarify their meaning so we can better understand the text - Written by…

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Image of Jack and the…… ocean?
19 May 2023

Jack and the…… ocean?

Year 1 have been superb authors when writing their alternative retell of Jack and the Beanstalk. They changed characters, settings and key events in the story. During their independent write the children used adjectives, suffix’s, and conjunction - some even used speech marks correctly without any…

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Image of Story Tellers
19 May 2023

Story Tellers

It was lovely to see the children share a story after working so hard this week on our Secret Agent Training (SATS) 

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Year 5 have been working hard on their alternative retells of Varjak Paw today!
12 May 2023

Fantastic alternative retell writing!

We have enjoyed using parenthesis to add detail in out English work today!

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Image of Amazing summarising of our new text!
21 April 2023

Amazing summarising of our new text!

Year 5 Dolphins really enjoyed investigating our new text 'Varjak Paw' by SF Said this week. We used our summarising skills to find the main points of each chapter, before bullet pointing them into a list.

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Image of Y5 Narwhals - Looking at vocabulary in our reading text
18 April 2023

Y5 Narwhals - Looking at vocabulary in our reading text

Y5 Narwhals hit the ground running on their first day back with some new vocabulary from their reading text!

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