Image of Fine Motor Rangoli Patterns!
21 November 2023

Fine Motor Rangoli Patterns!

This week we have been learning how Hindu's celebrate Diwali. We looked at 'Rangoli Patterns'. These are patterns drawn on the ground and traditionally decorated in sand. We loved the look of them and used our fine motor skills to decorate our own. 

We used the tweezers to pick up different…

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Image of RE
7 July 2023


This week, we discussed what it is like to be a Christian in Britain today. We talked about how Sunday is a day where traditionally Christians would attend a Church service and then thought about what activities we partake in on a Sunday. Some of us attend Church and some of us spend the day with…

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Image of Eid Mubarak!
30 June 2023

Eid Mubarak!

We have had a lovely time celebrating Eid this afternoon. Miss Nisa bought in a fabulous cake for us to share and organised food and drinks. Thankyou to our parents who also contributed to the party.

We have also made Eid cards and listened to a very informative assembly about why Muslims…

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Image of Eid celebrations
30 June 2023

Eid celebrations

Sharks enjoyed sampling authentic food and creating cards to celebrate Eid. Eid Mubarak!

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Image of Exciting Eid assembly!
30 June 2023

Exciting Eid assembly!

Waterside was lucky enough to welcome a very special visitor today for a special assembly all about Eid. The pupils were very respectful and learnt lots of interesting facts.

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Image of Celebrating Eid!
30 June 2023

Celebrating Eid!

This afternoon we completed learning all about Eid and how Muslims celebrate. We then created our own Eid cards for our family and friends, tasted authentic foods and completed freeze frames. 

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Image of Exciting Eid Celebrations!
27 June 2023

Exciting Eid Celebrations!

In Year Five Dolphins, we have enjoyed making Eid cards for our friends and families. 

To all those celebrating, a blessed Eid Mubarak from all of us in Dolphin Class!

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Image of Humanist thinkers
10 June 2023

Humanist thinkers

Year 6 have been public speaking as famous humanist thinkers from throughout history, expressing their views on religion. We have shown respect and tolerance in hearing beliefs different from our own and being able to present our knowledge using our drama skills.

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Image of Eid -Al-Fitr
21 April 2023

Eid -Al-Fitr

This week we learnt all about the Islamic Festival Eid-Al-Fitr. We created a lantern design and wrote acrostic poems to recognise and learn more about this important festival. For those who are celebrating Eid this week, we wish you all a very Happy Eid

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