Image of Dancing!
8 February 2024


In PE we have been taking part in dancing. 

This week we loved learning dance moves and adding these to music. We started with warming up to a familiar dance, following the actions as best as we could. We then took some of these moves and made our own sequence. We added music and danced. 

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Image of Using our voices and actions to express emotions.
31 January 2024

Using our voices and actions to express emotions.

We love signing in Nursery and know lots of nursery rhymes. This week we decided to sing a favourite ‘if you’re happy and you know it’. We changed some of the words and added different emotions we have learnt over the term. 
we changed our voices to match the emotion and made our own actions. We…

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Image of Our First Trip!
25 January 2024

Our First Trip!

Nursey had their first school trip this week and what an amazing time we had!

I just want to say how proud I am of the children, their behaviour and attitude on the trip were brilliant and they were very sensible and safe. 

We had the best time going on the minibus to the park and then…

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Image of Our First Week Back!
12 January 2024

Our First Week Back!

It has been a great first week back, it has been lovely to hear all about the children's break and what they have been getting up to. This week we have been settling back into our routines and recapping learning from last term. 

In maths we have been looking at numbers 0-4, we have recognised…

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Image of Red2Blue
9 January 2024


We launched the Red2Blue initiative in school today. In Reception, we discussed what it means to have a 'red head' and a 'blue head'. We read the story 'My Monster and Me' and discussed ways that we can move from a red head to a blue head. We used a blue crayon to draw things that make us feel…

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Image of Initial Sounds
12 December 2023

Initial Sounds

Nursery have been working very hard on hearing the initial sound of their names. They can now do this and we have moved on to hearing the initial sound of a variety of words.

We have loved playing ‘Bertha the Bus’ in phonics and this has helped us to hear the first sound in…

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Image of Christmas Jumper Day
8 December 2023

Christmas Jumper Day

We celebrated Christmas Jumper Day by coming to school in our Christmas/winter jumpers. We raised money for Save the Children - we discussed what this charity does and how our donations help others. As part of our Christmas Jumper Day celebrations, we designed our own Christmas jumpers, using a…

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Image of Christmas Jumper Day
8 December 2023

Christmas Jumper Day

Today we raised money for ‘Save the Children’ charity by wearing our winter/Christmas Jumpers. The children loved taking part in festive activities and having Christmas lunch together. 

We discussed what a charity is and how the money will be used to help others. 

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Image of EAD AL - Creating outfits from different materials
8 December 2023

EAD AL - Creating outfits from different materials

This week we have been learning all about weddings. The children through the week have looked at traditions and how different religions and cultures celebrate a wedding.
In Design and Technology this week we have used a range of different materials to create our own wedding outfits. 

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Image of Is it fiction or non-fiction?
29 November 2023

Is it fiction or non-fiction?

We discussed the features of fiction and non-fiction texts. We found out that fiction books are made up stories containing fictional characters, whereas non-fiction books provide information and contain lots of facts about real things. After looking at some examples together, we worked in…

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Image of Junk Modelling Buildings!
23 November 2023

Junk Modelling Buildings!

We have been junk modelling different buildings. We took inspiration from the temples visited by Hindu's as part of their Diwali celebrations. 

We looked at the different shapes, colours and sizes. The children then looked at all of the available resources and independently chose what they…

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Image of Sorting Objects by Size
22 November 2023

Sorting Objects by Size

The children have been great at identifying and using the vocabulary 'big and small'. We looked at a range of objects from the environment and sorted them into groups in pairs. We told our friends why we thought one was big and one was small. 

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