Image of Name Writing ✍️
5 July 2024

Name Writing ✍️

We are always practising our name writing and we are making super progress!
Well done nursery, continue to practise your name at home to and show your families how super you are! 

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Image of Sequencing
2 July 2024


This week we have been using vocabulary to describe events. We sequence routines familiar to us and used language ‘fist, then, next, last’ to describe what we had sequenced. 
super vocab! 

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Image of Sports Day
25 June 2024

Sports Day

We had a super Sports Day with Reception!
We have been working so hard on our races and we were so happy to share these with our families. We all took part in different races and cheered our friends on when it was their turn. 
thank you so much for coming and sharing this with us. 

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Image of Representing Numbers
21 June 2024

Representing Numbers

Super maths outside! We have been representing numbers and learning the correct formation through the number rhymes. I was amazed at their efforts. Well done Nursery.

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Image of People Who Help Us
21 June 2024

People Who Help Us

This week we have learnt about people who help us. We have been focusing on what they look like and how to spot them in the community, this may be by their uniform, what vehicles the drive or certain places. we have began to talk about how they help us and we will continue this in more depth next…

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Image of Pre Writing Shapes
21 June 2024

Pre Writing Shapes

We have been getting ready for reception by reviewing our pre writing shape progress. I am so proud of the progression in our pencil control and I can see lots of different lines and shapes being formed. 
this is the first step in reception to prepare them for their writing and they are already…

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Image of Parachute Games
13 May 2024

Parachute Games

In PE this week we have focussed on our listening skills and following instructions of a game. The children have loved using the parachute to take part in lots of different activities. We were able to wait our turn and support our friends when it was their turn with cheering. 

We played…

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Image of Team Games
26 April 2024

Team Games

In PE this term we will be focusing on a team Games. The children have been working within small groups to complete different activities. 

We will focus on our ability to follow instructions and rules of the game, turn taking, and communication with friends. Within games we can sometimes find…

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Image of Developing Fine Motor Skills
26 April 2024

Developing Fine Motor Skills

This week we have been focusing on developing our fine motor skills. It is important we are constantly exercising our fingers to develop strength in preparation for holding pencils to draw and begin forming letters.

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Image of Exploring Our New Role Play
12 April 2024

Exploring Our New Role Play

This week we have had a new role play area. This has supported our new topic ‘Amazing Animals’. The children have been using the names of the animals and we have been exploring how to care for animals and what they need. 
We will be learning further about the care animals need, including…

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Image of Counting Principles
10 April 2024

Counting Principles

We have recapped our counting skills. 
I am super impressed with our progress and confidence when counting. The children’s determination to reach their goal is amazing. We counted regular and irregular arrangements in different contexts. 

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Image of Music in sound pots
13 December 2023

Music in sound pots

This week in sound pots the children were exploring different actions which they could use for the songs they were singing. They really enjoyed using actions to help them remember the words!

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