Image of Staffordshire during the Medieval times!
21 September 2023

Staffordshire during the Medieval times!

This week in our History lesson we learnt all about what Staffordshire was like during the Medieval times. Y6 engaged really well in this lesson and were shocked to discover that 20 skeletons were unearthed from the Medieval times in our local area! It has been great to get an in sight into the…

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Image of The Brilliant British Empire!
28 June 2023

The Brilliant British Empire!

We have created a graph to show the growth in imports and exports within the British Empire. Did you know that imports are goods that are bought into a country and exports are good sold abroad to other countries!

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Image of The Peloponnesian War
19 June 2023

The Peloponnesian War

This week in history we are continuing our learning on Ancient Greece. We have looked at the Peloponnesian War which happened between the Greek city-states Sparta and Athens. The war lasted for 30 years, it ended with Athens surrendering. Sparta ordered Athens to knock down their walls but the…

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Image of Celebrating Monarchs
16 June 2023

Celebrating Monarchs

This week in History we have been  answering the question “How do we celebrate monarchs?”. In doing so we learnt all about the jubilee and how this celebrates the monarchs major milestones. We also  found out that Kings and Queens have two birthdays. During the summer birthday celebration they…

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Image of Historical arguments
16 June 2023

Historical arguments

Today in History, we learnt all about how and why Arabia grew so far so fast. We had some very insightful discussions over different factors and produced some terrific justified reasons. Well done Year 4! 

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Image of Comparing Africa and the UK - traditions and cultures
16 June 2023

Comparing Africa and the UK - traditions and cultures

We looked at images of different traditions/ways of life in both Africa and the UK. This included types of traditional clothing, transport and homes. We discussed the images in small groups, making comparisons between the two locations. We then sorted images into groups whilst having some great…

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Image of Cruel Child Labour!
14 June 2023

Cruel Child Labour!

This week in History, we have learned all about the awful life that children had working in factories during the Industrial Revolution. We discussed the Factory Act of 1833 then wrote a diary entry from the point of view from a child worker in a mill in 1833 after studying some historical sources.…

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Image of Terrible Tudor and Vicious Victoria
9 June 2023

Terrible Tudor and Vicious Victoria

In History we are learning about Kings and Queens. This week we have been looking at famous monarchs, discussing their lives and both the changes they saw and made. 

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Image of Super Beowulf acting!
26 May 2023

Super Beowulf acting!

Year five Dolphins really enjoyed role playing the events of the epic tale of Beowulf today!  We took it in turns to portray Grendel, his mother and the hero himself in battle, searching for treasure and slaying monsters! 

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Image of Indus inspired clay seals
22 May 2023

Indus inspired clay seals

This week we finished our History topic on the Indus Valley, we learnt about all the useful and decorative items the Indus people made. Using the sources as inspiration we made our own clay seals depicting animals and symbols. 

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Image of What was the story of Beowulf?
22 May 2023

What was the story of Beowulf?

At the start of our week we spent some time listening to the story of Beowulf and how he killed the monster Grendel by ripping his arm off! The monster was killing the Danes in their mead hall and Beowulf traveled to them from Geatland in his longship to help them! We’ve been told the story isn’t…

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Image of Heave!!!!
15 May 2023


Acting out rowing the Norse longship that would allow the Norse people to travel across the sea, through the fjords and down rivers. Lots of tiring work to the sound of “Heave!”

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