Image of The Stone Age
2 May 2024

The Stone Age

In History we have being learning learning about are human ancestors. We looked at cave paintings created in the Stone Age. We learnt that these were found all over the world and often depicted animals. We explored how these paintings can tell us about life in the Stone Age.

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Image of The Greek and Persian Wars!
19 April 2024

The Greek and Persian Wars!

This week in History, Y6 have completed their topic entitled ‘Persia and Greece’. The focus of this week’s lesson was the Greek and Persian Wars. We learnt about 3 wars that happened between Persia and Greece and found it surprising that the Greek city-states were not conquered by the Persian army…

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Image of Arabia and early Islam
12 April 2024

Arabia and early Islam

In History this week, we Year 4 have started their new topic of Arabia and early Islam. We have been learning about what life was like in Makkah in 570!

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Image of Blists Hill
12 April 2024

Blists Hill

Today we went to Blists Hill Victorian Village, linked to our previous learning in history on the victorians. We dressed up as Victorian school children and went to a Victorian school room where we met Mrs McCallester. We discovered it was very different in a Victorian school. After lunch we went…

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Image of Athens and Sparta!
9 March 2024

Athens and Sparta!

In our History lesson this week, Y6 explored the two Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta. We showcased our learning through drawing the key elements of the Greek city-states and annotating our drawings identifying the different buildings and areas that would have been found in each of the…

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Image of Year 5 Class Assembly
23 February 2024

Year 5 Class Assembly

Well done to Year 5 this week for their class assembly. We used the knowledge, that we have learnt this half term, to retell the Viking invasion. 

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Image of The Crystal Palace and the Great Exhibition
30 January 2024

The Crystal Palace and the Great Exhibition

Today in history we learned about what The Crystal Palace was and what you could see if you visited The Great Exhibition as well as who could go and visit. We used our iPads to record our answers. 

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Image of Toys From The Past
17 January 2024

Toys From The Past

We have learnt about the past! I know the past is something that has already happened. 

We have enjoyed learning about different toys that children used in the past. We have been looking at they toys and exploring how to use them, our favourite was the jack in the box! We looked at the…

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Image of The discovery at Sutton Hoo
6 December 2023

The discovery at Sutton Hoo

In History this week, we have been learning about the amazing Anglo-Saxon discovery at Sutton Hoo. We re-enacted the conversation that took place before and during the discovery between Mr Brown and Mrs Pretty.

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Image of Sutton Hoo
5 December 2023

Sutton Hoo

Today the children have learnt about the discovery of Sutton Hoo and why this was an important discovery for Britains understanding of Anglo-Saxon Britain, as part of our learning we re-enacted the discovery of the ship and how the conversation might have gone between Basil Brown (an excavator)…

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Image of All about Josiah Wedgewood
24 November 2023

All about Josiah Wedgewood

In History we are continuing with our topic ‘The great change makers’, today we have focused on Josiah Wedgewood we have looked at what his famous Jasperware, which is his blue and white pottery. We used our i pads to record all the changes he help make to the country. 

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Image of Write like an Egyptian
9 October 2023

Write like an Egyptian

Today we had so much fun pretending to write like an Egyptian; using hieroglyphics. We learned about how the Ancient Egyptians used symbols and pictures to communicate and had a go at writing using them by ourselves. 

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