Image of Australian Animals
17 May 2024

Australian Animals

Today in geography we have been looking at Australian animals and how they have adapted to their climate. Children used their iPads to find out lots fascinating facts. 

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Image of Skara Brae
10 May 2024

Skara Brae

Continuing our History topic of the Stone Age we looked at the Pre-Historic village of Skara Brae which can be found in the Orkney Isles. Some of our human ancestors stopped being nomadic (moving around) and built homes. These small homes were round in shape and everything was made from…

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Image of Building a bridge for the Three Billy Goats
26 April 2024

Building a bridge for the Three Billy Goats

We worked in teams and used materials including paper cups, lollipop sticks and straws to construct a bridge for the Three Billy Goats. Our objective was to build a bridge that would enable the Three Billy Goats to cross the river and reach the fresh, green grass on the other side! We enjoyed…

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Image of Terrific tectonic plates!
25 April 2024

Terrific tectonic plates!

This week in Geography we have been learning all about tectonic plates and how earthqakes happen!

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Image of Identifying geographical features in a traditional tale
23 April 2024

Identifying geographical features in a traditional tale

Today the children identified different geographical features in the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. They were able to identify and describe features such as the river, the mountains and the meadow. They then began to discuss how this is different to where we live in Stoke-on-Trent. We…

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Image of Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside!
19 April 2024

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside!

Last week we learnt about the physical features of the seaside and this week we are learning about the human features. We were able to draw on our own experiences from the Seaside and enjoy the images and discussions about the following - lighthouse, promenade, pier, arcades and lifeboats.

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Image of Funky Favelas!
18 April 2024

Funky Favelas!

Today we have learned about the advantages and disadvantages of living in a favela. Did you know that in favelas there are no sewers or electricity provided! 

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Image of Arable farming!
27 February 2024

Arable farming!

This week in Geography, Y6 have looked further into Arable farming considering the ideal conditions and land for growing crops. We also looked at what is meant by the growing season and why it is important for farmers. Y6 are showing a really good understanding of agriculture so far and I have no…

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Image of Comparing the Arctic and the Antarctic to the UK
30 January 2024

Comparing the Arctic and the Antarctic to the UK

Today the children have been comparing the Arctic and Antarctic to the UK. We discussed the climate and how this is different along with how people travel around in the polar regions compared to how we travel in the UK. We love geography in reception class!

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Image of Oceans and Climate Change!
27 November 2023

Oceans and Climate Change!

Today we learned all about how the oceans regulate our climate. The ocean is like a big thermostat! Due to global warming, sea levels rise so we learned the order that this happens:

1. People burn fossil fuels.

2. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rises.

3. Average global…

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Image of How can the ocean effect the weather?
20 November 2023

How can the ocean effect the weather?

In Geography this week, we learnt about how the oceans regulate temperature, rainfall and gases in the air. We then discussed how the atmosphere is like a greenhouse around the Earth and this is called the Greenhouse Effect. 

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Image of Climate Change presentation
16 October 2023

Climate Change presentation

Year six have completed their Geography topic by presenting everything they have learnt to the class, including how we can help slow down climate change!

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