Image of Fantastic letter formation
27 June 2023

Fantastic letter formation

Today grey ducklings worked hard to form the letters in one of the CVC words that we have been blending and segmenting in phonics. Letter formation and neatness of writing was fantastic! Well done Nursery.

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Image of We are in France!
26 June 2023

We are in France!

This week Nursery have travelled to France to explore the country and how it differs to Stoke - on - Trent. Today we have enjoyed talking about popular French food, and creating our own plates. We also wrote the names of the food created, independently forming each letter and looking at the flash…

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Image of African Art
22 June 2023

African Art

This week, Nursery impressed us with their fantastic African artwork! We have been thinking about Kenya, Africa and what it would be like to go on holiday here. We talked about the differences between Stoke-on-Trent and Kenya, such as weather, animals, clothing and schools. We then painted our…

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Image of Observational drawing of fruit
21 June 2023

Observational drawing of fruit

This morning we have created our own amazing observational drawings of fruit in Ducks and Swan class. The children looked at real life and images of fruit to create dimension within their painting. We talked about the countries fruit is grown, what the fruit tasted like, and what fruit is our…

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Image of Dough party!
20 June 2023

Dough party!

Funky fingers today had a dough party! We rolled, pulled, pressed squeezed, pinched and splatted our dough. We had great fun!

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Image of Summer Safety
16 June 2023

Summer Safety

This week, Nursery have been talking about how to keep safe on holiday. We looked at this picture and spotted all of the dangers that we could see. We used full sentences to discuss why certain people were not safe and what they should be doing. We practiced our speaking and listening skills,…

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Image of Number and quantity counting
9 June 2023

Number and quantity counting

Today Nursery went for a trip to the seaside! At the seaside we wanted some ice cream so needed to count the scoops. We did an amazing job of matching number to quantity from 1-10, and then drew various ice cream amounts on the whiteboard. Well done Nursery! 

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Image of UTW AL - Observational drawings of Animals
8 June 2023

UTW AL - Observational drawings of Animals

This week Reception have been learning about African animals. The children have discussed and observed the features of the animals and what they need in their environment. 
We began drawing in pencil, looking closely at the shapes and lines needed. We then independently chose the colours needed…

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Image of Maths AL - 3D Shapes
8 June 2023

Maths AL - 3D Shapes

The children have recapped their learning of 2D shape names and their properties. This week we have been focusing on 3D shape names and recognising them in the environment. We have looked at images, we have been on shape hunts and coloured lots of different shapes, we then counted how many shapes…

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Image of Writing AL - African Animals
7 June 2023

Writing AL - African Animals

This week we have been learning about Africa. The children have looked at the different animals and wrote about what they can see in the African Savanna. We have been focusing on sentences and being able to use a full stop and sometimes a capital letter at the start of our sentence. 


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Image of Gardening for our planting area
26 May 2023

Gardening for our planting area

We have enjoyed planting seeds in our gardening area outside. We talked about the different hinge that our seeds will need to grow, dug the soil ourselves and watered our planted seeds. Now we just have to wait for them to grow! 

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Image of Outside
22 May 2023


This morning our butterflies were finally ready to fly away. We took them over to the grass and took them out one by one to let them fly away. We said goodbye and enjoyed watching where they decided to go. Some went on the grass and some flew straight in the air!  

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