Image of Life cycle of a bird!
3 May 2024

Life cycle of a bird!

We have had a great time in Science this afternoon as we have created a model to represent the life cycle of a bird.  We then presented them to the class using key vocabulary! 

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Image of Celery Success
23 April 2024

Celery Success

Today Year 3 have learned about how water travels through a plant from the roots to the leaves. We then investigated this by using celery and food coloured water to observe the plant absorbing the colourful water. Look at our results and a fantastic example of the work that was produced! 

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Image of Observing our caterpillars grow and change
12 April 2024

Observing our caterpillars grow and change

Over the past few weeks we have been observing our class caterpillars grow and change. They have grown from tiny caterpillars to much bigger caterpillars, and then they turned into cocoons! We are excited to report that this week, two beautiful butterflies emerged from the cocoons! We have given…

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Image of Plant Dissecting
9 April 2024

Plant Dissecting

This week in Science we dissected a plant and recapped on our prior knowledge of parts of a plant. We discussed in detail what the different functions where and had a discussion on what we thought was most important and why. 

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Image of Science Crest Award
21 March 2024

Science Crest Award

Today Y5 took part in the Science Crest award which saw them taking on a day long challenge to create a handing washing sanitation device. These sort of devices are used in places like Kenya to provide children with clean water and the children in Y5 learnt a lot in terms of STEM as a result of…

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Image of Science Day
15 March 2024

Science Day

We enjoyed a Science assembly as part of our celebrations for British Science Week. The Science Boffins wowed us with some exciting demonstrations, including chemical reactions and the how different forces act upon objects. We all participated brilliantly and it was so lovely to see the children's…

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Image of Spectacular Space!
15 March 2024

Spectacular Space!

Today, Year 4 took part in some in incredible Science day activities, all about space, to celebrate British Science Week! 

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Image of A spring walk- spotting signs of spring
28 February 2024

A spring walk- spotting signs of spring

The children in reception went on a spring walk to see what signs of spring we could spot. We saw a birds nest, buds on the trees and daffodils. We then read our topic story outside called ‘busy spring nature wakes up’. The children really enjoyed using their senses to explore signs of spring and…

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Image of Let’s up the voltage!
27 February 2024

Let’s up the voltage!

Year 6 have been investigating what happens when we increase the voltage in a circuit. 

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Image of Animals that hibernate
23 January 2024

Animals that hibernate

Today the children were looking at and discussing animals that hibernate and those which do not. We read the story ‘Don’t hog the hedge’ and then discussed the animals in the story which were hibernating and what this means. We then completed an activity where the children identified animals which…

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Image of Light investigation
19 January 2024

Light investigation

Year 6 investigated what happens to their pupil when their eye is exposed to light.

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Image of Freezing and melting
16 January 2024

Freezing and melting

Today in reception we have been exploring the snow and discussing the process of freezing and melting. We think that the snow and ice will melt because the sun is out. We will check back later to see if we are correct!

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