Image of Wicked!
1 March 2024


On Wednesday, our Year 5 classes travelled to London to watch Wicked. The performance was incredible and we throughly enjoyed the experience. We were so proud of all the children and a member of the public commented on how well behaved they were. Well done everyone! 

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Image of Book Club
23 February 2024

Book Club

Every Friday, we have our book club. In this session, we work together to share, read and discuss our favourite books.  

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Image of Year 5 Class Assembly
23 February 2024

Year 5 Class Assembly

Well done to Year 5 this week for their class assembly. We used the knowledge, that we have learnt this half term, to retell the Viking invasion. 

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Image of Architecture
7 February 2024


In art this week, we have been studying the artwork of ‘The Shoreditch Sketcher’ as part of our Architecture topic. We then used pencil to observe and draw the London skyline in the style of The Shoreditch Sketcher’.

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Image of Year 5 Citizenship Litter Pick
16 January 2024

Year 5 Citizenship Litter Pick

This week, year 5 have been out in the local area to pick up litter. We were surprised at how much litter we found, especially around our school. Well Done everyone… we can tick off the first activity in our citizenship passport.

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Image of The discovery at Sutton Hoo
6 December 2023

The discovery at Sutton Hoo

In History this week, we have been learning about the amazing Anglo-Saxon discovery at Sutton Hoo. We re-enacted the conversation that took place before and during the discovery between Mr Brown and Mrs Pretty.

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Image of Earth and Space
30 November 2023

Earth and Space

In our Science lesson this week, we have been modelling the movement of the Earth, Sun and Moon. We then made a model and wrote a short explanation in our books. 

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Image of How can the ocean effect the weather?
20 November 2023

How can the ocean effect the weather?

In Geography this week, we learnt about how the oceans regulate temperature, rainfall and gases in the air. We then discussed how the atmosphere is like a greenhouse around the Earth and this is called the Greenhouse Effect. 

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Image of The Solar System
9 November 2023

The Solar System

In Science we are learning about the Solar System. This week we created a 'Pocket Solar System' to take home and share with our families. We learnt the names of each planet and how far away they are from the sun. 

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Image of TTRockstars Competition
20 October 2023

TTRockstars Competition

This week we have been busy competing in the official Stoke-on-Trent TTRockstars competition against other schools in the city. We have been playing during our arithmetic time and some of us have been extra busy at home too. Winners will be announced next week!

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Image of Attendance Award!
19 July 2023

Attendance Award!

We were very excited this morning as Jellyfish won the attendance award for KS2! Well done everyone.

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Image of Science
14 July 2023


This week in Science we conducted two experiments to explore the function of the roots and the xylem within plants. The children had a lot of fun submerging their carrots in water as well observing the role of the xylem in transporting water and nutrients to the flower and leaves changing theā€¦

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