Image of Coding fun
12 July 2024

Coding fun

Today during our coding topic in computing we debugged different programmes to help the chimp. We then created our own programme applying our skills we have learnt this topic. 

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Image of Egg-cellent Science
10 July 2024

Egg-cellent Science

Today we had lots of fun exploring materials. We investigated which material would be best for protect Humpty from falling off the wall.

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Image of Beeston Castle
21 June 2024

Beeston Castle

Today we enjoyed a visit to Beeston Castle where we applied all of our learning on Pre-historic times. 

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Image of Cress investigation
5 June 2024

Cress investigation

Today we set up an investigation to see in which conditions the cress seeds would grow best. We wrote a list of equipment and made our predictions before planting the cress seeds. We decided to choose four different conditions. We will observe them next week to see what has happened. 

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Image of Australian Animals
17 May 2024

Australian Animals

Today in geography we have been looking at Australian animals and how they have adapted to their climate. Children used their iPads to find out lots fascinating facts. 

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Image of Fruit salad
13 May 2024

Fruit salad

Today in DT we’ve used our chipping skills to create our very own fruit salad. It was delicious!

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Image of Features of a letter
29 April 2024

Features of a letter

Today we looked at the features of a letter. We identified these features and year 2 standards used in a variety of different examples. 

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Image of Tuna pasta salad
26 April 2024

Tuna pasta salad

Today during DT we made our very own tuna pasta salad. We used the knives to chop the different ingredients carefully and safely. We then followed the instructions to mix them altogether. We had lots of fun doing this and our favourite bit was the taste test

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Image of Effective searching
19 April 2024

Effective searching

Today in computing we started a unit looking at effective searching. We completed a quiz to secure our knowledge and understanding from the lesson. We even completed the closed procedure sentences using all the new key vocabulary we had learned. 

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Image of Blists Hill
12 April 2024

Blists Hill

Today we went to Blists Hill Victorian Village, linked to our previous learning in history on the victorians. We dressed up as Victorian school children and went to a Victorian school room where we met Mrs McCallester. We discovered it was very different in a Victorian school. After lunch we went…

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Image of Informative posters
10 April 2024

Informative posters

We created posters to inform people about the importance of hygiene and washing our hands.

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Image of Glitter Germs
10 April 2024

Glitter Germs

Today we used glitter to represent germs on our hands. We then went around and shook hands with our friends to see how many germs were transferred onto one another’s hands. 

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