Image of Great grammar skills!
10 July 2023

Great grammar skills!

Year 5 Dolphins have revisited their homophone knowledge in their grammar lesson today.  It was lovely to see how this skill has improved since we last investigated it!

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Image of Exciting Eid assembly!
30 June 2023

Exciting Eid assembly!

Waterside was lucky enough to welcome a very special visitor today for a special assembly all about Eid. The pupils were very respectful and learnt lots of interesting facts.

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Image of Exciting Eid Celebrations!
27 June 2023

Exciting Eid Celebrations!

In Year Five Dolphins, we have enjoyed making Eid cards for our friends and families. 

To all those celebrating, a blessed Eid Mubarak from all of us in Dolphin Class!

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Image of Super Science!
27 June 2023

Super Science!

Year five Dolphins really enjoyed learning about changes that happen to us as we age. They asked many honest questions. 

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Image of Cool coding!
22 June 2023

Cool coding!

Year Five Dolphins really enjoyed designing their own environments for their games in Computing this week!

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Image of Amazing arithmetic!
19 June 2023

Amazing arithmetic!

Year five Dolphins polished their arithmetic skills today, using a layout WAGOLL to help them. 

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Image of Marvellous maths!
16 June 2023

Marvellous maths!

Year five Dolphins have been investigating how to correctly read two-way tables today.  They have learnt and used vocabulary such as catogories, rows and columns to aid them in explaining their understanding of their work. Brilliant!

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Image of Dazzling DADWAVERS!
14 June 2023


Year 5 Dolphin class worked really hard in English this morning, planning their setting descriptions of Camp Green Lake (the setting of the book HOLES by Louis Sachar) using the DADWAVERS format.  They used each sense to formulate a specific structure, that will really aid in their independent…

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Image of Marvellous magpies!
12 June 2023

Marvellous magpies!

Year 5 Dolphins have worked really hard today, in sweltering heat, as magpies, extracting setting description features independently. We are clearly nearly year six ready! 

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Image of Super summarising!
9 June 2023

Super summarising!

Year 5 Dolphins have used their reading VIPERS summarising skills this morning to help in their understanding of our new text this week.

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Image of Dramatic drama!
8 June 2023

Dramatic drama!

Year five Dolphins really enjoyed role playing the lives of convicts at Camp Green Lake, the setting of our class text, 'Holes' by Louis Sachar today. Mrs Edwards was a very convincing prison warden!

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Image of Powerful predicting!
6 June 2023

Powerful predicting!

Year 5 Dolphins used their powerful predicting skills beautifully today to investigate our new English text: Holes by Louis Sachar.

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