Image of Celery Success
23 April 2024

Celery Success

Today Year 3 have learned about how water travels through a plant from the roots to the leaves. We then investigated this by using celery and food coloured water to observe the plant absorbing the colourful water. Look at our results and a fantastic example of the work that was produced! 

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Image of Edible Garden
10 April 2024

Edible Garden

Today we enjoyed visiting Nursery to begin our Edible Garden topic in DT. We observed parsley, rosemary, mint and thyme growing in the garden and enjoyed comparing their appearance and smells. 

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Image of Plant Dissecting
9 April 2024

Plant Dissecting

This week in Science we dissected a plant and recapped on our prior knowledge of parts of a plant. We discussed in detail what the different functions where and had a discussion on what we thought was most important and why. 

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Image of Persuasive Devices
30 January 2024

Persuasive Devices

Today we looked at a range of persuasive techniques in letters. We learned what they were and then found examples to help us in our writing this week. 

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Image of Year 3 Citizenship
19 January 2024

Year 3 Citizenship

Today we ticked off one of our citizenship activities by taking part in team building activities. We had to travel from one end of the hall to the other using the mats. We had to help each other pass the mats to make sure nobody touched the floor. 

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Image of Pantomime Success
17 January 2024

Pantomime Success

A huge well done to one of our Year 3 pupils who has performed on stage in a Cinderella pantomime. She showed courage by performing to an audience and ticked off one of her citizenship activities. What a superstar! 

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Image of Which material is the best reflector?
11 January 2024

Which material is the best reflector?

Today we became scientists today and investigated the question ‘Which material is the best reflector?’ We tested materials such as foil, plastic, glass, card and fabric. After testing using torches we discovered foil is the best at reflecting because it reflected the most light as it was smooth,…

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Image of Red2Blue inspired Writing
9 January 2024

Red2Blue inspired Writing

After reading the story ‘Small Things’ we created our own storyboard and diaries as if we were the main character. We spoke about how he might be feeling and gave him advice on what to do to become happier and calmer. 

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Image of Red2Blue
9 January 2024


Today we lauded our Red2Blue initiative in school. This is about recognising when we’re in a ‘Red head’ feeling stuck, pressured or worried and how to get back into the ‘Blue head’ feeling content, determined and confident. We looked at the story ‘Small Things’ and created our own art based on the…

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Image of Stop Motion
22 December 2023

Stop Motion

We took part in Enrichment this morning, using Stop Motion to create short films. Using models that we created ourselves, we took pictures to create our own animations. The results were amazing! Well done everyone! 

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Image of Authors at work!
22 December 2023

Authors at work!

Today we became real authors, publishing our non-chronological reports on our iPads. We used our computing knowledge to make subheadings, making the texts bold and underlined. Using our draft, we improved our writing and made sure it included all of the year 3 skills. 

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Image of Juggling Balls
20 December 2023

Juggling Balls

We enjoyed making our own juggling balls, here are a few examples of the finished products. Well done Year 3! 

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