Image of Maths Fun
20 July 2023

Maths Fun

Today we’ve enjoyed completing Maths activities for our lesson. We used our addition, subtraction and multiplication skills to solve problems, play games and to create colourful mosaics. 

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Image of Sensational Statistics
19 July 2023

Sensational Statistics

Today we collected data from our class about our favourite story this year. We created a tally chart before making a huge pictogram. We learned that the most popular was The Worst Witch. 

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Image of Monkey Forest
7 July 2023

Monkey Forest

We had the best time visiting the Monkey Forest at Trentham Gardens! We learned about where the monkeys live, their diet and behaviour. We had such a good time looking at the monkeys in their habitat and saw lots of baby monkeys too! 

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Image of Deforestation Debate
3 July 2023

Deforestation Debate

We enjoyed using the opinion starters to argue why deforestation is a bad idea. We were very impressed with how many facts we remembered from last week! 

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Image of Eid Food Tasting
30 June 2023

Eid Food Tasting

Thank you so much for you kind donations of delicious food. The children were SO excited to try and it was a big thumbs up from us! 

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Image of Feature Magpies
28 June 2023

Feature Magpies

We started a new genre today, a persuasive letter. We looked at examples and found the features, discussing what they mean. We did a great job! 

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Image of Impressionist Art
26 June 2023

Impressionist Art

We spent our Computing lesson using a painting programme to create our own Impressionist Style artwork. Look at this wonderful example: Night Sky by Izzy 

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Image of Sports Day
22 June 2023

Sports Day

We had an amazing sports day with lots of us getting stickers! Despite it being very hot we had a lovely time and enjoyed being in the sunshine. 

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Image of Greta and the Giants
15 June 2023

Greta and the Giants

We absolutely loved role playing our new story Greta and the Giants. We completed freeze frames from different parts in the story to make sure we knew the sequence before writing a retell. 

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Image of Material Detectives
13 June 2023

Material Detectives

We had a great time looking for objects made from Materials we already knew to start our topic of Everyday Materials. We discovered there was LOTS of metal and plastic outside and more paper, cardboard and glass outside. Next week, we’ll look into their properties to discover why. 

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Image of Our Trip to the Park
7 June 2023

Our Trip to the Park

We had an AMAZING time on our trip to the park. We created some brilliant recounts of our time. 

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Image of Magpie of Features
6 June 2023

Magpie of Features

We worked as a group to look at lots of different recounts and decided on the features of the genre. This will help us when we write our own this week!

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