15 March 2024

Finding our favourite Dipper!

Year 1 have spent their DT lesson using their senses to find their favourite dipper . They tasted cucumber, breadstick, carrot and tortilla crisps! Their firm favourite was tortilla crisps with 18 of 30 voting for it. 

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Image of DT Day
12 January 2024

DT Day

Year 1 took part in their DT day where they created a final project of ‘fabric faces’.

They learnt  how to join fabrics, cut fabrics and created their own design.

everybody had a great day and really enjoyed learning something new.


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Image of Subsidising Superstars!
22 September 2023

Subsidising Superstars!

Year 1 loved using the one minute maths app to practise the skill of subsidising. They worked hard to beat their previous scores and were so excited to showcase what they had achieved. 

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Image of Spirals in the Sun
8 September 2023

Spirals in the Sun

Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed their first art lesson of the year!we learnt about using our whole body to draw, then practised this drawing spirals outside. It was great to see them choosing to work together to create multicoloured spirals too!

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Image of Developing designers
29 June 2023

Developing designers

After lots of practise creating mechanisms, year 1 have begun to design their own moving pictures based on the story of The Billy Goats Gruff. They created a design criteria say agreed their design should meet this included. I think the links to the story and moving part and colourful. Children…

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Image of Marvellous Maps
23 June 2023

Marvellous Maps

During Geography, year 1 were se the challenge of locating seaside towns using an atlas. They learnt that atlases contain maps of the world and can help us to find specific places. Children used their prior knowledge of coastlines to know that seaside towns would be at the edge of the United…

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Image of Wheely Good Wheels
23 June 2023

Wheely Good Wheels

Year 1 have continued to learn about mechanisms is DT this week. The children have made a wheel mechanism to make the wolf appear closer to Little Red Riding Hood. They used lots of skills to complete their finished product and were very proud of themselves!  ⭐️

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Image of Sports Day Superstars
22 June 2023

Sports Day Superstars

Seagulls class absolutely loved their sports day today! The showed great sporting ability and great sportsmanship to the class mates. They took part in javelin, sprints and even a tricky obstacle course! We are so proud of their efforts and they kindness they showed to each other. ⭐️

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Image of Lifting Levers
16 June 2023

Lifting Levers

During DT, Year 1 have continued their learning on mechanisms by making a lever. They learn that levers move around a fixed point - the pivot. They used a lever to make Jack climb the beanstalk. They were so impressed with the work they had done.

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Image of Tricky tense
16 June 2023

Tricky tense

Year 1 have worked on writing in the past tense this week! They learnt that when writing in the past tense we are writing about something that has already happened. at first they found this a little tricky to know how tenses can be changed but eventually they blew us away with their writing.


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Image of Cool Coastlines
9 June 2023

Cool Coastlines

Year 1 are learning all about the coast this term. This week, they have learnt that the coastline is where the land meets the sea. Children learnt that there are many types of coastlines including, beaches, bays, cliffs and sand dunes. The children labelled physical features on images, aerial…

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Image of Dissecting plant parts
9 June 2023

Dissecting plant parts

Year one have been focusing on identifying the parts of a plant. To do this, they took a Petunia and dissected it into its main parts: roots stem, flower, and leaf. The children use their prior knowledge from reception to quickly and accurately do this. Following this, the children learnt about…
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