Image of Eid celebrations
30 June 2023

Eid celebrations

Sharks enjoyed sampling authentic food and creating cards to celebrate Eid. Eid Mubarak!

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Image of Sporty science
29 June 2023

Sporty science

Year 6 investigated the impact of exercise upon our heart rates.

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Image of Bikeability superstars
26 June 2023

Bikeability superstars

Year 6 have taken to the road as part of their Bikeability programme this week, showing confidence when cycling on busy roads. They continued to show our expectations of being ready, respectful and safe at all times. Well done Year 6!

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Image of YMCA fitness fun
21 June 2023

YMCA fitness fun

Year 6 went to the YMCA today to take part in a fitness session linked to our Science topic, Animals including Humans: The Circulatory System, Diet and Exercise. A great time was had by all! 

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Image of Drenched in Dovedale
21 June 2023

Drenched in Dovedale

Year 6 went on a trip to Dovedale as part of our Out and About Week. This linked to our geography fieldwork study, where we got to see human features of geography including river features, different terrain and the joyous British weather! 

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Image of Sports day superstars!
19 June 2023

Sports day superstars!

Year 5 and 6 participated in their sports day today, which saw us take part in a range of activities including sprints, obstacle course and javelin. I am so proud of each and every child today for showing determination to finish each race. Here are just some of our competitors! 

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Image of Migration
14 June 2023


In our Geography topic ‘Migration’, we have learnt about a young girl called Serra who migrated from a small town in Turkey to Tottenham, London. We talked about her push and pull factors, and whether her migration was voluntary or involuntary. Finally, we compared this to another migration story…

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Image of Recognition board
13 June 2023

Recognition board

Year 6 Sharks love being recognised for our positive choices including showing our Waterside values and being ready, respectful and safe. We love to see our faces lit up and being recognised, using post-it comments, for our achievements each week. Miss Cooke hopes that next week, we will have the…

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Image of Planning for writing
13 June 2023

Planning for writing

Today, Year 6 have been planning their writing. The children will be producing a first person narrative as Ayesha, the protgaonist from our class text, ‘Oranges in No-Man’s Land’. They will be finishing the story, giving an alternative ending for how Ayesha manages to cross into enemy territory in…

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Image of Humanist thinkers
10 June 2023

Humanist thinkers

Year 6 have been public speaking as famous humanist thinkers from throughout history, expressing their views on religion. We have shown respect and tolerance in hearing beliefs different from our own and being able to present our knowledge using our drama skills.

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Image of Fantastic floor robots
7 June 2023

Fantastic floor robots

As part of our DT topic ‘Floor Robots’, Sharks class have created an input for our Bee-Bot before observing its output. We were very impressed with how clever Bill the Bee-Bot was following our input!

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Image of Reading musical notation
17 May 2023

Reading musical notation

Year 6 have been practicing reading musical notation and understanding the progression up and down the musical stave. We have learnt about crotchet, minim and dotted notes and their values (using our Maths skills to understand that a dot indicates half the value of the musical note added on…

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