This week in English we have been writing it and alternative retail of lost and found. The children chose to change the character of the penguin to an alien and they said that he went to space rather than the South Pole. Our focus this week was using conjunctions and the suffixes ing and ed. The children blew us away this week and they are showing so much more independence.


This week in maths we have been learning to tell the time! Restarted the week thinking about before and after, then we moved onto thinking about the days of the weeks and the month of the year. And finally we ended the week by learning how to tell the time to o’clock. The children really wowed us with this and were able to show o’clock on the clock with ease. They were also able to identify the timer on the clock and applied this independent questions in their books.


Our focus in geography this week was on physical features of the United Kingdom. We learned that the United Kingdom has lots of physical features which are things that would be on Earth if there were no humans around. The children learned about mountains and mountain ranges, cliff and the coastline and beaches. They were able to identify and label these independently and could even begin to identify them on an aerial image.

Design and technology

This week in DT we learned about the six food groups and how it on a balanced diet can help make us healthier. The children learn that dairy products help their teeth and bones grow strong, protein can make their muscles grow and their bodies grow and that carbohydrates give them lots of energy. Using this knowledge they were able to sort ingredients from dips they had previously tried into the right section of the healthy food plate. 

Have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Bickerton-Dean and Mrs Dove xx