We have had another lovely week in Jellyfish class this week. We have rehearsed for our productions, made some lovely Mother's Day cards and completed all of our learning to a brilliant standard. 


This week in English we have started looking at poetry by reading a poem called 'recipe to make a wolf' by Pie Corbett. We really enjoyed reading this poem and loved discussing what we liked and disliked about the poem. We also looked at the different skills and features we could spot! On Wednesday we spent our writing lesson stirring our imagination and creating different combinations of things that reminded us of different animals. On Thursday we planned our own poem 'recipe to make a pig' and had different categories to plan for each stanza. On Friday we wrote our poems and they were absolutely brilliant! 


In maths this week we have continued looking at statistics. We looked in detail at pictograms and tables and how to interpret information from both of these. On Thursday we had a coaching lesson where we learnt how to use RUCSAC to solve problems. We completed lots of 'we do' and 'you do' questions to help us really understand statistic based problems ready for on Friday when we had a go at applying these skills independently. 


In History this week we learnt about the oldest story in the world and we were hooked! We couldn't believe it! We actually got to listen to the epic of Gilgamesh! We loved it! We got involved with some participatory story telling and spoke about and discussed our favourite parts! In Geography we went deeper into what pastoral farming is. We learnt all about the different animals you can have on a farm, mixed farming and dairy farming! We couldn't believe how many different types of farming there are!