A brilliant week of learning in Dolphin Class!

In our English learning, we have continued our journalistic writing work.  We began the week by revisiting apostrophe use and its different uses. We then began drafting our newspaper reports, starting with an opening introduction paragraph that uses the 5 'w's - who, where, when, what and why. It was fantastic to see the Dolphins embrace the journalistic style so well - future reporters, possibly!  We then continued our drafting work by using direct speech, relative clauses and parenthesis to retell the events which saw the Wizard exposed as a fraud in our text.  This style of writing is clearly being enjoyed by the class, due to the quality of work being produced!

Our maths learning this week has seen us revisit multiple step addition and subtraction problems. We worked together to investigate how to break each problem down into individual steps, before then solving problems independently.  Our arithmetic saw us solving 5 and 6 digit subtraction problems, which has helped us in our main lessons, as we focused on place value within column methods.

Our History learning this week saw us investigate the timeline of the Viking invasion through ancient Britain. We learnt about the attack on Lindisfarne abbey and the reasons behind the attack, before then seeing how that helped the Vikings spread through the country. We discussed at which point we thought the invasion was a success, the first attack, middle attack or last attack. It was interesting to see how the attacked were carried out - often with violence. This led to interesting discussions relating to whether violence was correctly used.

Our Geography learning has seen us continue to investigate oceans this week. We have looked at maritime trade and the oceans this week.  We investigated trade routes and the ships used to complete these actions, before labelling a container ship and discussing its route using compass points.

Due to poor weather, we postponed our science learning this week, and revisited and recapped previous learning instead.

Our other afternoon learning this week has seen us investigate the architecture of Mosques and how cams and pulleys work - a truly wide-ranging curriculum!

Have a great week, 

love from Dolphin Class x