Welcome Back Penguins! I hope you've had a lovely week of fun during the half term and are well rested for another 5 weeks full of learning! The most exciting part of the week was celebrating World Book Day where we all came into school dressed in our colourful clothes or traditional clothing from our culture. We spent the day reading a variety of stories linked to different cultures and carried our role play which we had so much fun with! We then looked at a story called 'Clean Up' which discussed the importance to keeping our oceans clean for the wildlife. We took part in a P4C discussing what we loved about the earth and how we could improve it. We had some lovely, mature ideas, well done! In the afternoon we enjoyed creating our own book mark and did buddy reading with the Year 1 children, it was lovely to see them sharing books. 

In English this week we have introduced our new story Paddington Bear by Michael Bond. We were SO excited because most of us had enjoyed watching the film and we couldn't wait to read the story. We spend the week reading and understanding the characters and setting, looking at the first chapter where Paddington is found in a busy train station by Mr and Mrs Brown. We summarised the first chapter and recapped on how to use adverbs before writing our own sentences including them. 

In Maths we have introduced division which we have been AMAZING with! We learned how to split numbers into equal groups by sharing and grouping using concrete materials where necessary. We then looked at the symbol for division and created division number sentences linked to what we were doing - Miss Smith was amazed at how quickly we picked it up! Towards the end of the week we were able to answer questions like   16 divided by 2   quickly and confidently using our 2 times tables. 

In History our new topic is Famous Explorers - looking at significant people who have made an impact on our world. Before we could begin our topic, we learned what made somebody significant looking at people such as Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth ||, Sir Mo Farah, Florence Nightingale and Nelson Mandala. We discussed why they were considered significant and created our own definition of what a significant person is. 

In Science we enjoyed looking at the life cycle of a butterfly using key words such as egg, larva, pupa/chrysalis, butterfly. We watched a time lapse video and ordered the different parts of the cycle before explaining them using key words. Our favourite part of the lesson was using different pasta to illustrate the life cycle. Take a look at some of them below: