In English this week, the Puffins have developed their cinquain poetry skills by writing a poem about Spring.  At the end of the week, they performed their poems to the rest of the class and it was a delight to watch how their performing skills had improved.

In Maths, we have been learning about 2D shapes and their properties.  We leaned the names for various 2D shapes and described them using mathematical vocabulary, such as vertices.  The children finished off the week by looking at repeating patterns that included 2D shapes. 

In Science, we discussed personal hygiene and explored ways in which to try to keep all of us as 'germ free' as possible.  The Puffins carried out an experiment with glitter to see how best we could get rid of the germs (glitter) from our hands.  We concluded that warm water and soap is the most effective way to keep our hands as clean as possible.  We also talked about why it is important to look after our bodies.

In Geography, to develop our mapping skills, we all went on a walk around our local area, trying to identify human and physical features.  We saw many interesting features such as bottle kilns, the canal and even waved to some of our parents!  Once back in school, in groups, we labelled these features on an ariel map of the local area and used a key to explain the features we had identified on our walk.