This week in Jellyfish we started the week with an assembly to introduce Children's Mental Health week. This year it is all about 'lets connect'. At Waterside we all learnt a song and a dance to help us connect with our emotions through music. 


On Tuesday we completed an edit of our persuasive letter to Mr Bumble. We looked at structure and used I do, We do, You do to complete an edit of one of our own paragraphs. Following on from this we started looking at a new genre. An alternative first person retell. Miss French showed us a WAGOLL written from the perspective of Mr Bumble. We read this text together and found all of our year 3 features and skills. Mrs Acar blew us away with her amazing story map, which we helped her to create. 


We finished looking at perimeter this week to ensure that we were secure in our learning. We looked at the most efficient way of calculating perimeter of different shape. We then moved on to looking at mass. We know that mass is measured in grams and kilograms. We looked at lots of different scales and how to use these to measure the mass of different objects. 


In History we learnt A LOT this week! We looked at the question 'How did the ancient Egyptians write?' We discovered that the way the ancient Egyptians wrote things down was in hieroglyphs. Miss French told us a story all about some soldiers who were digging in Rosetta and how they found a stone! This stone is now called the Rosetta stone. It taught us a lot about the way the ancient Egyptians communicated. We found out there were special ways to write in hieroglyphics, one of these ways was a cartouche. 

In Geography we looked at London being the UK's biggest city. We looked at what urban sprawl is and what makes a sprawling urban settlement. We looked at images of Haringey and identified what made this a city.