In English this week, we have bee looking at cinquain poems.  We have planned our cinquain poem about Winter and then become poets and written our own poems, containing several verses.  At the end of the week, we enjoyed acting out our cinquain poems to the rest of the class, using expression and actions to bring our poetry to life.  The audience gave constructive feedback to help us improve our performance techniques in the future.

In Maths, we have been been exploring direction and positional language.  We used basic commands to direct a friend to various points around the classroom.  We then introduced vocabulary such as clockwise and anticlockwise to make our directions more specific. Having recently learnt about fractions, we then incorporate these into our directions, moving plastic toy animals, quarter, half and three quarters of a turn, in a particular direction. 

In Science, we focused on exercise and how this is important for our bodies to be as healthy as possible.  We talked about exercises that each of us does both in school and outside of school.  We discussed how exercise is also important for our mental health.  After learning how to find our pulse, we did various activities in class, taking our pulse after each activity.  Starjumps appeared to increase our heartrate the most!

In Geography, we continued to focus on our local area, looking at the physical and human features within Stoke-on-Trent.   We looked at ariel photographs of the city and came to conclusions about whether the city is urban or rural.  We ensured that we can all locate Stoke-on-Trent on a map of the UK and looked at cities to the north and south of us.

The Puffins thoroughly enjoyed our singing and dancing session in the hall, which was part of our focus on mental health week.  We practised singing Rockstar and added actions to support our vocals.

In Art, we continued to look at Vincent van Gogh and his flower paintings.  As artists, we recreated our own images of various types of flowers, basing our original design on van Gogh's Sunflower painting.