A super week of learning in Dolphin Class!

In our English lessons this week, we've continued our work relating to 'The wonderful Wizard of Oz' by L. Frank Baum. We used our planning from the previous week, in which we created alternative characters, to draft a new chapter.  We began the week investigating hyphens and the correct way to use them, before moving on to inverted comma use for direct speech. We then investigated how to use parenthesis, (commas, brackets and dashes) and relative clauses. These individual skills allowed us to build some really impressive writing that showcased our talents beautifully.

Our maths learning this week has seen us investigate co-ordinates and their uses. We began the week by investigating translations. This is when a plotted set of points is moved to another area of the grid using left/right and up/down. We then moved on to reflection of given co-ordinates. This is when a mirror image of a set of co-ordinates is plotted - like a butterfly's wings. Our arithmetic this week has seen us tackle the tricky skill of converting time measurements, for example minutes to hours and days to weeks. We created a set of rules to help us with this challenge and even though it was tough, we tried our best.

Our History learning this week saw us investigate the rise of Christianity with the Anglo-Saxons. We looked at primary sources to help us understand the significance of this change within the Anglo-Saxon community. We also learnt about the role of Monks and Monasteries within Britain at this time. Did you know that Monk school started at 7AM? Wow!

Our Geography learning this week has seen us continue our investigations into California and its droughts. We learnt about almond farming this week, and we were very surprised to discover that just one almond needs four and a half litres of water to grow -  yes - just one almond!  We learnt that 80% of the World's almonds grow in California and they are responsible for one fifth of the state's income -  $5.8 billion dollars in 2014.  We discussed the moral issue relating to almond farming, as it clearly had a huge effect upon the water issues in California. We discussed the pros  and cons, before facing the ethical question ourselves in a P4C discussion.  It was very interesting to hear what the Dolphins had to say in relation to this -  honest and insightful as always.

Have a lovely week, 

Love from Dolphin Class. xx