I am really proud of Jellyfish this week. You have really shown our value of the half term, determination. This has been across all areas of our learning. Well done! 


In maths this week we have moved onto measurement. We have looked at measuring length in millimetres, centimetres and metres. We spent a lot of time recapping how to correctly use rulers to measure in centimetres before moving on to millimetres. To end the week we used all of the previous learning from the week to add different lengths. 


This week we had a go at editing our work for the first time. As it was our first attempt we showed a real determination and know that we will only get better the more we practise. After our editing we moved onto our new genre, a persuasive letter. We have spent the rest of the week familiarising ourselves with letters in general, then persuasive letters and finally the difference between fact and opinion. 


In History this week we looked at the question 'What did the ancient Egyptians believe in?' We listened to some stories about different gods and goddess and what they meant to the Egyptians. Our favourite story was about Osiris and Isis. In Geography we looked at 'What is a town?' We discovered that a town has a larger population than a village resulting in them having the need for more shops and facilities. We then looked at the differences between market and costal towns.