We have had a fantastic week in Jellyfish and have really worked hard on our value of the term, friendship! 


We have been working hard on writing character descriptions of Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbell. We have been using Captain Hook as a model to help us understand how to use different Year 3 writing skills in our own writing. We have revisited adverbs of manner and subordinating conjunctions this week. On Friday we completed our extended writing which was a character description. Miss French was so proud of us and all of the skills we have managed to include! 


We have moved on to multiplication and division this week in our maths lessons. We recapped how to use arrays to support working out multiplication calculations before moving onto deepening our learning around the three times table. We looked at repeated addition, number stories, bar models and pictorial representations. This has really helped secure our three times table knowledge! 


In History this week we continued our learning on the Neolithic Age and how our ancestors became farmers rather than hunter-gatherers. We looked at how they used animals for lots of different things such as to pull a plough, to eat and to wear. The used a pestle and mortar to grind the grain they grew so they could eat it!


This week we have looked at the question 'What is a mountain range?' and we now know that a mountain range is a group of mountains closely packed together in one area. The largest mountain range in the world is the Himalayas and within it is the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. We couldn't believe that around 40 million people live in or around the Himalayas!