It has been a fantastic half term in Year 2 and the last week of term involved lots of learning as always! We hope you have a fantastic half term with lots of fun and laughter :)

In English this week we have ended our topic of Little Red Riding Hood by completing our setting description of the woods. We introduced a new word type to improve our writing - adverbs. We learned what they were and acted out examples before using them in our own sentences. We found this really tricky so it's something we will definitely be re-visiting. We then looked at how to use openers to avoid repetition which we are getting really good at independently. The end piece of writing was amazing and included lots of Year 2 standards. 

In Maths we have continued to work on Subtraction (crossing the 10) as this is something we found difficult last week. We used a range of methods including the number line, dienes and counting back on a hundred square to see which method worked best for us. Although we found it tricky, we persevered and worked hard to achieve. Some of us even managed to move onto problem solving! 

In Encompass we really enjoyed 'expressing' our learning of London at the end of our topic. We had a letter from Paddington Bear who was asking for some help planning his trip to London. To help him, we had to find London on a map and work out the best way for him to get there from Peru. Once we was there, we planned lots of activities using our knowledge of landmarks and explained why they'd be a great choice for him. Paddington also asked about how to get around London so we had to tell him all about the London transport we learned about. It was a great lesson and we enjoyed helping our furry friend.