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Week 24


To start our week, we spent time discussing the performance - what we remembered, any links we could make and what we thought about the characters.

Then we begun to write diary entries as characters from 'Wicked'.

We have taken key scene from the performance and will write a diary entry from two character point of view about it.

in our diary entry, we have continued to work on parenthesis.


We have continued to work on place value this week. 

We have deepened our knowledge and understand of Roman numerals and negative numbers. We can now all complete problem solving and reasoning questions to the year 5 standard!




This week has been science week, this meant that almost every afternoon we have had a science lesson. 

Our week started with an exciting workshop from 'Supersonic Sue'. She taught us all about the human body.

During our workshop we made snot, edible poo and even learnt how the digestive system works using tights!




Week 23 

Play in a Day

We took part in a drama workshop all about a famous polar explorer, Robert Scott. Through our drama, we learnt about his journey across Antarctica and how he could have been more successful.



We visited London this week to watch a performance of 'Wicked'.

The performance tells the story of Elphaba (The wicked witch of the west) and Glinda (The good witch)  when they were younger and how they became the characters we know in the Wizard of Oz. 

The children were fabulous in the theatre and represented the school brilliantly. 





Week 22


This week in English, we have been focusing on poetry.

Using the characters from the Wizard of Oz, we have written poems that explain what that character would like to do when they get what they wanted (Heart,brain, courage to go home).

To make sure we will still working at our usual standard we included modal verbs, adverbs of possibility and a range of sentence structures, including relative clauses.



We have started to reteach the maths curriculum from this week. However, we are taking our learning deeper and moving onto the challenges we didn't quite reach before. 

This week we have been focusing on place value:

- Reading and writing number to one million 

- Ordering and comparing numbers to one million 

- Roman numerals to one thousand

Encompass - History 

This half term we are learning about the history of the 'Frozen Kingdoms'.

This week we have focused on famous Polar Explorers. 

As part of a carousel, we complete 3 different challenges:

1) We completed a sorting task to match facts to the correct polar explorer

2) We completed reading on polar explorers, who were discredited, and gave our own opinions one whether we think they got there or not.

3) We used a large map to plot where some famous polar explorers came from and where there expedition was. 

Week 20

This week has been Year 5's art week! 

We have been focusing on polar art. Over the past few weeks, year 5 have been practising their art skills, which lead to the creation of a final piece. 


Number day 


Also this week the children took part in the NSPCC number day. 

Our day revolved around the book 'How big is a million?'

As part of the day we had a P4C session, where the children asked the question. 

'What is a number?'

The whales class thought deeply about the question and shared ideas.

Week 19


This week in English, we have continued to develop our new character for The Wizard of Oz. We have continued to develop our knowledge of using dialogue with narration used around to create an image for our reader.



We have continued to work on fractions this week, but have moved on to subtracting fractions with related denominators.

We found this a lot easier this week as many of the steps were similar to when we were adding, for example creating equivalent fractions.

We started the week subtracting proper fractions. Then, we moved to subtracting a mixed number fraction to a proper fractions. Finally, we subtracted two mixed number fractions.


Week 18


The children have begun to write their own chapter of The Wizard of OZ. They are writing a new chapter introducing a new character, the Sawhorse' 



We have continued to work on adding mixed number fractions.

Whales class are working exceptionally hard. 



This week we visited the SeaLife Centre which helped us to learn about fish and their habitats.

Also this week, we research the life cycle of an amphibian and an insect. We also looked at metamorphosis - we discovered their are two types (complete and incomplete)

Encompass - Geography

Using our knowledge of Inuits and their diet, we wrote a balanced argument answering the question 'Should Inuits be allowed to kill and eat whale? 

Whales class did an amazing job and gave many interesting arguments for both for and against whaling.


Week 17


This week we continued to retell the first few chapters of The Wizard of Oz.

This week we will publish. In our writing, we described Kansas, the twister hitting Dorothy's farm, Dorothy stuck in the twister and landing and exploring Munckin land.




During maths this week, we have learn to add  mixed fractions with related denominators.

We started with adding proper fractions. Next, we added mixed number fractions with proper fractions. Finally, we added two mixed number fractions together. 


We have learnt about asexual reproduction. We have discovered what plants do to reproduce asexually. 

We have used a succulent to observe a planet clone itself. 


Encompass - Geography

This week we have being learning about Inuits. 

We all created a non-chronological style report to display our learning.

We learnt that many Inuits do not live in the same place for a long time and therefore live in tents and igloos.


Week 16


This week we have begun to study our new text 'The Wizard of Oz',. 

This week we have started to retell the first few chapters of the story. 

We have being using 'DASH' paragraphs to help us structure our writing.




We have been continued to work on fractions this week, focusing on converting mixed number fractions to improper fractions.



This half term we will be studying the topic 'living things and their habitats'.

This week we have recapped their prior learning of the main parts of a flower. 

We dissected a flowering plant to learn about its reproductive parts.


Encompass - Geography

This half term we are focusing on the topic 'Frozen Kingdom'. We will be studying the Arctic and the Antarctic.

This week we recapped the continents and and where they are on a map. 

Also this week we had our WOW lesson.

The children used the VR headsets to see the environment of the Arctic and the Antarctic.


Week 15

We have had a amazing half term in Whales class - I (Miss Williams) am so incredibly proud of everyone in Whales, they have all worked so hard! 

Mrs Bates and I wish you all a 'Merry Christmas'

Have a fun and safe break and we will see you refreshed and ready to learn! 


Week 14


We finished our newspaper reports this week, and we did a fabulous job! 

We also continued to work on purposeful use of vocabulary



We have continued to work on fractions. We have been looking at converting mixed number fraction to improper fractions and visa versa.



This week we had a challenge from King Apo to research a new civilisation who have appeared in North Mexico - The Aztecs.

We used our historian skills, that we learnt through learning about the Mayans, to research them.

We think he will reward us, rather than sacraficing us! 



We have been rounding up our science topic of ' Earth and Space'. We learnt about the moons phases, at first we found this quite confusing but eventually we cracked it! 

Week 13


We have continued to use features of journalistic writing. We have being investigating new vocabulary and deciding when would be best to use it. Then we continued to draft our newspaper report, redy to edit and publish.



We have moved onto fractions in maths this week. We have used our anchor of multiples and factors to help us. We secured our learning of equivalent fractions with pictorial representation before we moved on to the basic skill. 



We have been learning about what the Maya people gave to us. We learnt that they created their own numbers system and they created their own writing style (Gylphs) . 

This week we visited Cadbury world - we learnt that the Maya were supposedly the first people to use coco beans as food.



Week 12



We have learnt how to use formal division, using the bus stop method. Once we mastered the skill, we moved on to varied fluency questions and we began to problem solve and reason.



This week the children have learned the features of journalistic writing. We have written orientations, used reported and direct speech and  we have begun to use formal language. Next week we will put these skills into practise and write a newspaper report. 



This week was our design and technology week. We researched, designed and created our own Mayan masks, using paper mache.


Week 11

Another week complete and whales have been amazing!



Whales have written short stories, about Varjak's first encounter with an 'Outside' cat! 

They have produced some amazing pieces of writing. Mrs Bates and I are extremely proud!

In our writing we have been trying to use commas to clarify meaning. We watched the video below to help us.


To start the week we continued to secure our knowledge of multiplying by 2 digit numbers.

Then, moved onto dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. 


We continued to secure our knowledge of the 'Geocentric' and 'Heliocentric' model. Using the website...

we created an 'orrey'. This allowed us to see where the Earth is, in relation to the Sun and to the other planets.

Also, through independent research, using a range of sources, we have begun to develop our understanding of day and night.


Encompass - History

We have started to understand the beliefs the Mayans had and how they affected their daily lives.

We discovered that not only were the pyramids sacred places, but so were caves. 

We learnt that the Maya people thought that Gods could be found in caves, so they would break ceramics in the caves to release offerings to the Gods.


Week 10

Wow! This week Whales have been amazing! 

Aswell as all our in class learning, we took part in a workshop all about bullying & anti-bullying. Though drama and freeze frames, we learnt the effects bullying can have on people. Also, we were able to learn how to help our friends overcome bullying.


This week we have written diary entries as Varjak Paw. We used chapters 1-4 to 'magpie' ideas to help us with our writing.

Also in english this week we have begun to look at parenthesis and the punctuation it needs in or sentences. We are becoming experts! 



We have moved onto multiplying by 2 digit numbers. At first we found it tricky, but with practise we are now able to complete calculations fluently and we can problem solve/reason with our new skill.



The Whales class are being to learn out the theory of 'Geocentric' and 'Heliocentric' models, which tell us how the solar system is organised.We learnt about why scientist used to think the Earth was at the centre of the solar system, then moved on to understand how their ideas changed.



Week 9

We have begun to read an new text 'Varjak Paw' by SF Said 


In Maths, we have begun our new unit, multiplication and division.

We started by securing of squared and cubed numbers. 


Then, we moved on to factors, multiples and prime numbers.



In Encompass, we have begun our new topic - Mayans.

This week we learnt about the Mayan timeline and compared it to British History timeline.


Week 8

Whales have had an extremely busy but exciting week! 

In English, we have been creating our own raps all based on the characters from 'Holes'. 

Below are a few videos to show you what we achieved....



Still image for this video

                                                               In Maths, we began to work on area and perimeter



This week in encompass, we finished off our 'Hola Mexico' topic by creating a knowledge organiser, that included all of our learning from this half term.

Week 6

What a busy week we have had....

Maths - This week we persevered with inverse operations (addition and subtraction) and we managed to crack it! We can now answer skill and varied fluency calculations. 

English - This week we begun to write a new chapter of 'Holes'. Using our imagination, we have created our own character that has its own personality. So far, they are wonderful to read. Well done, Whales!! 


This week has been 'Art Week'. We have recreated a piece of  Mexican folk art. 

To begin, we practised using different pressures with our pencils. Once we had done, we moved onto a line drawing of the piece of art. 


Next, we practised using various paint brushes to achieve the size and effect we required. Following this we moved onto adding colour using paint to our line drawing. 


To allow us to reflect on art we discussed a piece of art work during P4C. 

We raised many interesting questions.

Week 5

Whales class have truly begun to show their personalities this week! 

We have had a week filled with laughing and learning! 


In maths this week we have begun our new unit of addition and subtraction - using the formal method. 

At first we had a few struggles, but we were determined and we managed to overcome them. 


During English, we all demonstrated amazing friendship by helping each other to edit our work.



During encompass this week, we used began to deepen our learning, by researching the reason why tourists might visit Mexico.

A few places we researched were....

Cancun                                                                                Chichen Itza



Science was a lot of fun this week, as we researched how gears work.



Week 4

Well done to our award winners! 


This week, Whales took on a new challenge of writing a discursive piece of writing. 

The question we focused on was 'Should children be sent to prison?' - Stemming from our main character Stanley Yelnats being sent to a Juvenile camp. 

To create our bank of for and against arguments, we used 'Philosophy for children' to discuss what we thought



We also began to use technical and topical vocabulary and modal verbs.


In science this week, we continued with our topic of forces and moved onto understanding pulleys.

Here is some of our independent work....



Week 3

Our award winners


This week in whales class we have been super busy. 


In maths, we transformed into Roman numerals, which helped us to secure our learning. We then moved into reading and writing them.


In English, we have been working hard perfect our writing, before we published. 


During Science, we have carried out a 'Prove it' experiment! 

'The bigger the surface area, the slower the object falls'

We worked as teams to create 3 different sized parachutes, timed hoe long they took to fall and wrote a conclusion.






Week 2 


This week's award winners!


This week in Whales class we have been hard at work.


In Maths, we have continued to work on place value. 

We have mastered complex partitioning and  representing numbers up to 1 million! 


In English, we have been writing 'unseen' parts of our class text 'Holes' including Stanley going to jail and court. 

We've learnt new vocabulary including verdict, tentatively and regularly. 


During Science, we have secured our understanding of gravity and moved onto learning about air resistance.

We watched this video to help us understand what air resistance is.



In Encompass, we used atlases and Google Earth to visualise where Mexico is and to discover the countries and oceans that surround it.



Week 1 

Wow! What an amazing start to the year we have had. We have settled into our new classroom and are ready for a fun-filled year of learning! 

This week we have dived straight into our half-term topics. 

During Maths, we have explored place value using concrete and pictorial resources.


In English, we have developed our knowledge of Texas to help us understand the setting our of class text 'Holes'. 


To start our 'Hola Mexico' topic off with a splash we prepared, cooked and tasted Mexican food.

We LOVED it!!


Following our food tasting, we anchored our knowledge and understanding of the continents.


In science, we have begun to develop our knowledge of Gravity and how it affects all objects on Earth.