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Year 6 curriculum

In Year 6, we embed the learning we have gained in Year 5. We also have some brand new learning to add! Some Year 6 topics include algebra, ratio and tricky percentages. In Writing, we go deeper, aiming to put our skills into writing which makes our readers feel certain emotions. We work on concepts such as tension, figurative language and dramatic effect. 



In Year 6, we use SATS companion to embed our learning from class as homework. Each bitesize task allows us to learn a new concept before we see it in class or consolidate it after our teachers have taught it.

The year 6 curriculum is really exciting and we feel like all of our learning is coming together. At the end of the year, our teachers start to prepare us for high school; whether this be in the depth of our learning or in PHSE lessons exploring some dilemmas or issues we may face as we transition. 

We also get the chance to speak to our high school form teachers to be and our teacher pass on all the information about us to ensure our new teachers know what makes us tick as people. 




Please click on the PDF below to see what amazing things we are learning about currently!

Click here to explore the National Curriculum for Year 6. Our teachers follow this when planning our lessons. 

Have a go at Year 6 Maths!