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Week Ending Friday 18th September 95.1%

Year 5 Blog Autumn - Summer 1

Week Beginning 11th May 

This week we have tried to encourage the home learning at home with our year 5 pupils and they have been receiving Dojo points for excellent work that has been completed.  


Here were the results:


Ciaran was our winner and here he is his with the prize that he received in the post: 



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Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Still image for this video


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Week beginning 11th May 

What an amazing week of learning.  You have been absolute super stars and I have been so impressed by the learning that has been sent into me.  You should be very proud of yourselves.  

Your poems were amazing and your maths learning is getting stronger by the day.  It has alwso been great to see you out and about having fun, so thatnk you for keeping me updated with your daily learning.  


This wee we introduced class dojos back and some of you have been exceptional.  


I can not wait to see your learning this week.  

Week Commencing 4th May

Year 5 have been working extremely hard this week from home and sending in lots of photographs of their learning. It has also bee wonderful to hear from you all on our weekly phone calls, talking about all the great things you have been doing whilst in lock down. 

Everyone is keen to get back to school and  see their friends, which would be lovely, but not until it is safe to do so.  


I have enjoyed reading your writing this week. I have seen that you have put in lots of effort and I thank your parents for helping you.  Some of your writing has been super and you are really developing your own style.  


I have also been impressed with your maths this week.  


Here are some examples of the super work I have been sent in: 


Week Commencing 27th April 

WOW - you have all been amazing this week with your home learning.  You have had some challenging learning this week but you have put in so much effort.  I am glad that you are all safe and happy too. Receiving your emails daily keeps me going and it is so lovely to hear what you have all been up to - especially all the things you have been baking.  


Keep up the good work. 


Week Commencing 20th April


Well done to everyone for coming back to school this week with such a positive attitude for learning.  I have been so impressed by the learning that you have completed this week.  


I have to give a shout out to: Caleb, Callum, Michelle, Sahar, Farah, Thomas, Ciaran, Lucy and Raheem. Without fail everyday you are sending me your learning and it is amazing. You should be very proud of yourselves.  


Below are some of my favourite pieces of work from the week.  

Easter Learning
Here is some of the learning that you have sent over the holidays... Well done every one

Week Commencing 30th March

Thursday 2nd March

To make you smile today we have a video by one of your friends telling us his infamous jokes.  


Still image for this video
We have another video from one of your friends to say hello...


Still image for this video

Abdurrahman has sent us a picture in that he drew. He hopes you like it....I certainly do.  

Weekly Update

Thank you all for your learning so far this week, you are doing amazingly working at home. I have loved your emails and your pictures that you are sending in.  

I know that many of you are missing your friends, and school and we all can't wait to be back together again.  But for now keep sending in your emails,  remember if you want to speak to your friends you can do so through purple mash. 

This week, I have challenged you to send in a video message to your friends.  

Here is one for you: 


Still image for this video

Well, we are now on week 2 of homeschooling. Well done to everyone who sent me their learning in last week and photographs of all the exciting activities that they have done at home. 

Please keep up the good work and email me daily.  This is so that I know you are safe and can help you if you need me.  

Today I have had some lovely photos and work sent through from you.  I hope you enjoy seeing what your friends have been getting up to.  


Week Commencing 23rd March

Thank you

On behalf of Mrs Willis and her family, thank you to the NHS staff, Supermarket workers, delivery drivers, all other key workers, and most of all thank you to your parents - for taking such good care of you during this time.  

Mr Willis and Kian showing their appreciation for everything that everyone is doing right now to keep our country going.  


We are all going through this time together.  So remember be kind to each other, key smiling and stay safe. 

Mrs Willis

Day Four

Thank you to those of you who are sending me your work daily, emailing me with what you are up to or emailing me for a bit of a chat.  It is lovely to hear from you all.  If you have not emailed me yet please do as it is lovely to hear from you all. 

Here are some photos that have been sent in to me today. 

Day Three: 

Thank you for all your pictures today of your learning.  They have certainly made me smile.  You are all working so hard from home and I am incredibly proud of you and your parents.  Today I have enjoyed speaking to you all individually on the phone - it was lovely to hear all of your voices.  I miss you all terribly, and I am sure you are missing your friends too.  

Here are some pictures from today: 

Thomas and his pug showing off his rainbow boat. 


Day Two: 

It has been a much quieter day today, and I have not heard from as many of you as normal.  Please do keep in touch each day, as it is too quiet here in school without you all. 

I have been sent some lovely photographs today. Here are a couple: 

A cake made by Lucy.  It looks delicious. 

Ciaran practising his spelling.


Day one: 

Thank you to all the children and parents for your hard work on day one of home learning. We understand that at this time it is difficult and that your children will do the best they can with their learning whilst they are not in school.  I have loved looking at all the work that you have all sent me so far. It makes me smile to think that you are all safe and still focussed on your education.  

I have also enjoyed receiving photographs showing me what you have been up to. These are my 2 favourite pictures from today.  



Please send me photos of what you are getting up to. They are definitely cheering me up.  

Today it has been awfully quiet without you all and I miss you all dearly.  Remember to stay safe and continue to email me with your learning, your daily updates, your photos, and even maybe a joke... I know you love them.  

Keep smiling and stay safe.  

Mrs Willis

Week beginning 9th March
On Friday we took part in sports relief for charity. All year 5 took part in circuit training and brought in money to support the cause. 
This week for Science week we have taken part in different learning  activities.  Today we researched the life of David Attenborough and created some art work of animals that he has even in the wild.  

Today we worked with Steve to learn about some famous scientists: Micheal Farraday, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton and Steven Hawkins. We created drama and freeze learning about their ideas and discoveries.

This week was year 5 class assembly.  We performed our play on Robert Scott to the school and 

parents.  We hoped you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed performing it.  

On Monday for science week we were lucky to have a science workshop. we got to take part in different science experiments and make polymer (slime) which we all loved. 

Week Beginning 2nd March 


Wow. What a week year 5 have had. A day of drama, a theatre trip to London and world book day. It has been an amazing but tiring week. 

World book day

For world book today this week, we read as many books as we could and studied them in different ways. We took part in freeze frames, thought tracking, played Kahoot, read to each other, took part in a P4C and shared stories with the younger children. 

A play in a day: Robert Scott

This week we were lucky to have Steve in. he joined your five for the day to help us put together a play all about Robert Scott.  I was simply amazed by the facts that the children had learned through drama and how they then were able to use this to write their own diaries as Robert Scott on his journey to the South Pole.  the children were amazing as always.

Week Beginning 24 th February


Welcome back year 5. We a very busy term ahead but lots of fun learning planned too. Our classroom has been changed to suit our new topics and the homework that you have been sending in has been amazing. Well done for all your hard work. 
This half term in English we will be studying the theatre show Wicked. We have begun to look at the character Elphaba and the back ground stories of the main characters ready for our trip to London next week. We have wrote our own poems as characters in their youth and what their dreams are for the future. 
Class Displays
This week in encompass we have begun to look at famous explorers, who they are and where they have explored. We have also read information about polar explorers to understand what it takes to be one. 

Week commencing 3rd February


This week we have conducted art week. over the past few weeks the children have been learning to develop their skills in art and have no produced their final pieces. the children have draw outlines of Polar Landscapes and then used watercolour pencil crayons to blend colours.  
Their final pieces of art are simply beautiful. 
On Friday 7th of February the children took part in number day for the NSPCC. The children have completed a P4C session asking big questions about maths and then completed a variety of maths learning. Thank you to all who have taken part.  
Week commencing 27th January
In maths this week year 5 have completed their learning on fractions. They have used all their skills to be able to subtract improper and mixed numbers. They have worked hard this half term on fractions and shown resilience. 
In writing this week we have completed our new chapters where Dorothy meets a new character- the sawhorse. The children have worked on integrating dialogue and narration into their writing and they have all been successful. 
After moving in to our new classrooms, we have now finished all of our displays with the children’s learning. Take a look at the pictures below of our environment. 
Week commencing 20th January
What an exciting week we have had! We have finally moved out of our temporary classrooms and entered our new classrooms. Over the next two weeks we will work with the children to create a stimulating learning environment for the children to learn in. 
In maths this week the children have been developing their knowledge of adding fractions. We have now moved onto adding mixed and improper fractions which required multiple steps including conversions between mixed and improper, making equivalent fractions to create a common denominator and converting back from improper to mixed. The children have found this children but have worked exceptionally hard. 
In English this week the children have begun to write a new chapter for the Wizard of Oz. We have invented a new character called ‘Sawhorse’ who we meet on our journey to Oz. The children have impressed me with their work. Here is one descriptive piece of writing that simply wowed me this week.
In science this week the children have been learning about the life cycle of an amphibian and insect. We have looked at complete and incomplete metamorphosis and the reproduction of an ant and a salamander. The children have asked many insightful questions to deepen their understanding.
This week the children had the opportunity to visit the sealife centre in Manchester as part of our Science topic on animals and their habitats. The children learned many facts about the different fish and mammals that live in our oceans and what we can do to save them. 
This week in Encompass we have been discussing whether whaling should be banned or should be allowed. We created an argument for and against and discussed our own opinions. After we then used our English writing skills to write a discursive argument. Here are some examples of our writing. 

Week Commencing 13th January


In science this week we have learned about asexual reproduction. We have learned and observed what happens in asexual reproduction in plants and what plants need to do. We have also used a succulent plant to begin to create a clone using one of its branches. Over time we predict that it will grow roots ready to plant into clone of the succulent that we used.  
Week Commencing 6th January

Happy New year and Welcome back to the Spring Term.  


This half term we have changed our topics and texts.  

In Encompass (geography focus) we will be studying the Arctic and Antarctic.  

In Science we will be looking at Life Cycles.

In English we will be studying the text ' The Wizard of OZ' 

In Maths we will focus mainyl on fractions, but will be looking at measure, money, decimals and percentages too.  


In English this half term we will be studying the Wizard of Oz in detail - writing new chpaters, introducing new charcters and writing a persuasive letter.  

This week we have beguin our writing on the first chapter studying how to use a DASH paragraph to create suspense and tension.  The children in gramamr are learnign how to use subordinate clauses and then apply this into their writing. Your children have amazed me with their attitudes towards learnign in writing this week.  They have certainly made exceptional progress on using writing techniques adn have developed in their editting skills.  


In maths this week we have continued with our work onm fractions, looking at changing improper and mixed numbers adn beginning to order fractions. 

The children have used their prior skills of equivalent fractions and changing denominators to be successful. 

In Science this week we have begun our new topic. The children recapped on their prior learning about the main aprts of a flower and their functions. 

The children then dissected a flowering plant to investigate the reproductive parts of a flower.  The children have learned many new words including stamen, stigma, anther, filament.  After dissecting the flower the children have then reading and learned about pollination and germination.  They have labelled and annotated with infromation the life cycle of a flowering plant.

In geography this week the children have beguin their topic on the Arctic and Antarctic.  We completed an anchor lesson that recapped their prior knowlegde of the continents of the world, what the equator is and what is a physical feature.  

They have researched using maps the countries that make up the Arctic circle and have begin to study how the 2 regions are different.

As a WOW to the start of our topic the children have also used the VR equipement to envisage what life is like in these regions.  

The children were able to discuss how they were different and it gave them the opportunity to experience what it would be like there. 

Week Commencing 16th December 

What a way to end the term! The children this week have been simply sensational.  They have contued with their positive attitudes to learning and developed in their reasoning skills.  

Dolphins and Whales performed amazingly in the KS2 Winter Production - and their signing was simply wonderful.  


Have a wonderful holiday and we sill see you all in the New Year.  

Week commencing 9th December 


This week in maths we have been learning about mixed numbers and improper fractions. We have used concrete manipulatives, diagrams and our knowledge of multiples and times tables to solve skill, varied fluency and word problems. 


This week we have finished our newspaper reports on the Missing Cats.  The children have worked extremely hard to include tall the features of journalistic writing.  We have also learned how to use vocabulary purposefully in sentences ensuring that we choose the best synonym for the context.  


This week we received a challenge from King Aapo. If the information we provided was worthy enough we would be rewarded; however if they weren’t we would be punished. 

The challenge: A new civilization have arrived in Mexico called the Aztecs. King Aapo feels threatened and needs to know all about the. Today you will be historians and research using different sources. You must present your findings to King Aapo.

This week we have been learning our poem for the winter production. We are performing a poem about winter and we have learned some British Sign Language to add to our poem.  We have spent time practicing this so that we are ready for next ThursdY to perform it you all of our parents.  


In science, this week, we have been learning about how we see different phases of the moon. It is a tricky concept to grasp so we used ourselves as celestial objects to show how the earth and moons movement causes us to see different phases of the moon. We have also learned about the different phases including using new vocabulary such as waxing and waning. 

Week commencing 2nd December


This week in maths we have moved our learning on to fractions.  We have had to us our prior knowledge of factors and multiples to help us.  The children have worked hard to secure their understanding in using pictorial representations as well as learning a basic skill. It is sometimes too easy to learn and practise a skill, deep thinking requires the children to see questions in multiple contexts and this is what we have focussed on this week. 


In writing and reading this week we have continued to work on using and applying the features of journalistic writing.  Alongside of this we have worked on using new vocabulary to develop our ideas. The children have focussed on developing synonyms and antonyms of words - understanding which words are appropriate or not.  This week our new words were: eminent, imminent, diligent, vigilent, suspect, prime, forensic, retrace, culprit, resident. Ask your child to give you a sentence containing one of these words to show their understanding.  

The children have now wrote a draft of their newspaper report ready to edit and publish this week.  

These are some new words for next week: 


This week in History the children have learned about why the Mayan Civilisation were so important. They have read about the agriculture and astronomy. The children learned how to write glyphs for Mayan words and learned how to write numbers in the Mayan number system.  On Thursday they visited Cadbury's world to learn about how chocolate was influenced by the Maya. 


In science the children have continued to develop their understanding of night and day. They have used key words to explain what night and day are and the affect that rotation and orbiting has upon us. Using their knowledge the children then used their computing skills to create explain everything videos and then used imovie to create their own mini films.  They worked hard in their teams to produce some great explanations. 

Day and Night

Still image for this video

Day and Night

Still image for this video

Day and Night

Still image for this video

Week commencing 25th November


In maths this week we have continued to practise using formal methods. We have learned how to use short division to calculate answers including solving problems with remainders.


This week the children have learned the features of journalistic writing. We have wrote orientations, used reported and direct speech and begun to use formal language. Next week we will put these skills into practise and write a newspaper report. 

In history this week, we have learned about the different Mayan masks and how they were used. We have also studied the Mayan myth ‘The Hero Twins’. We used freeze frames to retell the story and took photos to create a pic collage. 

Design and Technology

This week we have learned all about the different Mayan masks and how the were used. We researched and created pic colleges, we then created our own 2D design, we then used a ballon to create our masks, finally we decorated it and painted it. 

Week commencing 18th November 


In English this week we have complete our short stories based on Varjak Paw.  The children have learned to use commas for meaning and understanding how adding a comma can change the meaning of the sentence.  

For Example 

Pink Zebra crossing - means the Zebra crossing is pink. 

Pink Zebra, crossing - means a pink Zebra is crossing. 

The children have learned how to add these their writing and develop their composition. 


In Maths, we have continued with our work on multiplication multiplying a 4 digit number by a 2 digit number and then moving on to dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. The children have shown that they are securing in the skill now and are beginning to problem solve and reason.  


This week in science we have looked at helio and geo centric models.  We have used the current places of the planets in our solar system to create our own models and identify how they move around the sun.  The child have shown deep understanding of this in their Science books with detailed explanations.  They have asked insightful questions about the length of days and years on the planets and now understand that each planet has its own length of year. 


In History, we have studied the different beliefs of the Maya people. The children have used a range of resources to investigate these and then finally write up their historic findings.  

Making solar systems

Week Commencing 11th November


What a busy week it has been in year 5 Dolphins! Not only have we had our class assembly but also a workshop for anti-bullying and a busy week of learning.  


The children have competed their diaries in Writing this week as VArjak PAw.  We wrote three 3 different drafts and the children have chosen theones that they wanted to publish.  They have worked hard on learning parenthesis and they are now becoming experts in understanding how commas are used.  


In maths we have contiued to look at multiplication and now moved onto multiplying a 3 or 4 digit number by a 2 digit nuimber.  The children will continue to practise this skill next week before moving onto formal division.  


In history they children have amazed me with their learning. They definately know more about the Mayans and can recall many facts.  


In science, we have begun to learn about the geocentric and heliocentric theories and models.  We will continue with this next week.  


Mrs Willis 

Week commencing 4th November - Earth and Space Vocabulary

Week Commencing 4th November

Week commenicng 4th November - Our science enquiry questions for our new topic - Earth and Space

Week Commencing 4th November 


Welcome back to Autumn 2.  It has been a great start to the hafl term this week and the children have been busy in Dolphins class beginning their topics for the half term: 



We will be studying a book called ' Varjak Paw.' It tells the story of a cat who ventures Outside for the first time to save his family. The children have read chapters 1-5 and we have begun to write diaires as Varjak.  



Our focus this half term is history and we will be studying the Ancient Mayans. We have begun to look at where the Mayans are in relation to time. We have looked at the events in British History that happened at the same time as the Mayans and have begun to read about what life was like for them. 



In maths over thenext few week will be studying multiplication and division and then moving onto fractions.  



Our science topic this half term is Earth and Space.  The children will be learning facts about planets, investigate distances and studying different aspects of Space.  


Over the next few weeks, we will add topic knowledge organisers, prompt mats to our blog to help support home learning.  


Well done to all the children who recieved their red rainbow reader this week.  If you have not got yours yet remember to keep reading.  

Week commencing 21st October


We have finally reached the end of the half term and the children have had a busy 8 weeks.  They have now settled well into yoear 5 and have made outstanding progress in every area.  

This week we have rounded off our topic on Holes by writing our our poetry raps as characters from the text. The children impressed myself and Miss bailey with their rhythm and rhyme.  The were cofnident and showed great talent in their performacnes.  


In maths we looked and investugated into angles.  Learning new words such as congruent and adjacent.  The children learned how to calculate missing anagles and how to solve problems.  


I have been so proud of every one.  Homework over the half term is to be creative and creative some work fro out Ancient Maya display.  


Remember to also keep reading everyday.  

Week commencing 14th October

This week we will be learning: 

- Area and perimeter


-year 5/6 spelling 



To help you child have a look at the games below.  


Week commencing 7th October


We have had another super week in dolphins class and it has been great to see you all at parent consultation.  Many children are now completing all of their homework daily and this is great to see.  


This week the children have been drafting their own stories based on HOles, They have developed plots and charactrs and so far I have been impressed by the effort that they have put in. In maths we have challenged them with digrams this week which has stretched their learning.  We have used formal methods and applied these.  The children initially found this challenging but with resilence and determination they have managed to acheive Silver and Gold in their maths books.  


See you all next week Mrs Willis



Week commencing 30th September 


Encompass - This half term our topic for encompass has been ‘Hola Mexico’. We have been learning about Mexico as a country and finding out where is the world is Mexico. We have taken part in lots of map work, looked at the different climates in Mexico, researched the different biomes in Mexico and this week have been looking at Mexico as a tourist resort. As a class we took part in a P4C this week and asked the question “Should dolphins be taken from their natural habitat for the entertainment of tourists?” I was extremely impressed by the maturity of some of the answers and the way that the children took part in the P4C discussions. Well done dolphins. 


Science - This week we have been carrying on with our forces topic and started to look at gears. We looked at how gears are used in everyday life to help us and also managed to name the different parts of a gear. We were able to experiment with gears so that we could see how they work (please see the pictures below).


During our music lessons over the past couple of weeks we have been learning our new harvest song. Dolphins have been putting in a lot of effort in and cannot wait to show you all what we have been practicing.


Keep up the good work dolphins. 


Miss Bailey

Science - Week commencing 30th September

Week Commencing 30th September


​​​​​​​We are already over half way through the half term, and the children are becoming increasingly confident each day.  We have focussed this week our ensuring that no learning time is lost and making every second count.  The homework I have seen this week has been improved, more children have completed their daily homework each night; however, we still need to ensure that all children are reading, practising spelling and their timetables - these are basic skills that every child needs.  


Writing - this week we finished our discursive writing on whether children should or should not be sent to prison. I have been so impressed by their mature attitudes and the discussions that we have had.  All children are becoming deep learners through asking questions - a sign of a good learner. 


Maths - inmates we have looked at formal methods for addition and subtraction moving onto missing numbers. This has challenged some of you children this week and it is something we will come back to to secure their understanding.   


Reading - we have looked at using our VIPERS in discursive texts.  Focussing developing new vocabulary.  


Another great week in dolphins - with the added bonus of less verbal warnings. Well done dolphins.  


Next week is parent consultation so please make sure you have responded online and have been allocated a time.  


Mrs Willis 

Week Commencing 23rd September


This week we have begun our new genre for writing. The children have begun to look at the questions ' Should children be sent to jail if they commit a crime?. They took part in a P4C disucssion, held a debate and began to gather ideas fro their writing. They have learned how to use technical and topical vocabulary, modal verbs and conjunctions.  

Keep an eye out for writing. 

Week Commencing 23rd September- Arithmetic

Week commencing 23rd September - Spelling

Week Commencing 16th September 


Well done this week to Aleeza, Sophie and Raheem - you were our chosen children for our rewards assembly.  It was a dicciult taks this week deciding on who would get the certifcates as everyone has worked extremely hard.  Keep up the good work. 


This week we finally published our untold story from Holes from Stanley's point of view.  The children have learned new skills and have made great improvemtns over the 2 week topic. We now need to work on sustaining writing at length and making sure that our ideas are coherent and clear whilst being descriptive. Over the next two weeks we are going to be look at discursive texts - asking the question should children go to prision when they commit a crime? 


In maths we have worked on using and applyiong roman numerals and using our knowledge of place value to order and comapre numbers in differetn representations.  It has been a challenging week but the children have shown great resilence. 


Well don for those of you who have been reading every night and completing your timestables and spellings.  These are essential key skillls and I will be checking dairies every day again this week so make sure you bring them to school. 



Mrs Willis 


Week commencing 16th September 2019 - Science

Week Commencing 9th September 

What a magnificent week year 5 Dolphins have had. I have been so impressed by their behaviour and their overall attitudes.  They have continued to improve over the week and this is resulting in greater standards being achieved in class.  


They have now settled into their new routines and year 5 expectations and this week we have been focused on make every second count. The children have worked exceptionally hard in English - writing as Stanley Yelnat - ask them who he is? They have used some year 5 standards and are continuing to learn how to improve writing. 


In maths we have dug deeper and deeper in place value. The children have found this learning challenging at times but they have shown great resilience. 


A great week of learning had by all. 


Well don year 5 - you have made me proud this week. 

Week Commencing 2nd September 


Welcome back to Year 5 Dolphins. Miss Bailey adn I can not believe that 6 weeks have passed and we are now ready to start the 2019-2020 academic year.  It has been lovely to see you all in school this week looking so smart in your new blazers.


This year our focus in school is to be AWEsome.  We all have characteristics and skills that are simply awesome and some of you have show these this week.  We have been so  impressed by yopur awesome attitudes, your awesom learning and your awesome behaviour.  You have shown great manners and we are so exicted for the year ahead.  


Although it has been the first week back, paretns, we have been exceptionally busy.  This week we have started all of our new learning.  

This half term these are our focuses:

English - We will be reading Holes and writing similar adventure stories.  Our focus will be using punctuation, adverbials for cohesion and develop good use of vocabualry.  

Maths: We have started our topic on place value and numbers and this will continue over the next 3 weeks to deepen learning.  We will then move onto calulcation and geometry.  

Encompass: the children are learnign about Mexico focussing on it's Georgrpahy.  This week we have focussed on using maps and understadning where places are. We have learned about the continents and oceans to help us understadn our learning.  

Science: We will be looking into forces.  The children have begun by reading facts about Sir ISaac Newton adn gravity - ask your child what they know.  



It has been a great start to the school year and we hope that next week will be even better. 


Mrs Willis and Miss Bailey

WK 35: Maths, we have applied our own problem solving knowledge of equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages and written our own problems for our friends to solve.

Science: We investigated to see whether the wire's length affects how the component in a circuit works.

WK 34: In English, we have begun to read the novel Holes by Louis Sachar, it is about a boy who was sent to a juvenile detention centre for a crime he didn't commit. This week we had a debate about whether young offenders institute's have negative or positive effects on juveniles that go to them.

Maths: We have learnt about equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. To end the week we split into groups to teach and mentor each other using our own knowledge.

Science: This week in science, we investigated to see what affect the battery voltage has on the components in a circuit.

WK 33: In maths this week, we have used pictorial representations to improve our understanding of using the bus stop method to solve short division problems.

English: We have begun to read a new novel: Holes by Louis Sachar which is about a boy who was sent to a camp as punishment for a crime he didn't commit. We took part in a debate about whether sending children to Young Offenders Institutes actually worked and stopped them from reoffending.

We have received our plates back from Emma Bridgewater, it was so great to see how our designs had turned out.

WK 32: English, we finished our writing about a video stimulus called "Eye of the Storm" we wrote the final Captain's log as the flying craft went through the storm. We included the appropriate features and y5 skills. We particularly enjoyed using personification to describe the weather. Role play helped us understand what it would have been like.

Maths: This week, we have been learning to solve 2 step problems. To finish our learning we wrote our own problems for a friend to solve.

WK 31: This week we went outside to sketch the local area for our Art lesson. We are attempting to recreate art from the local artist Sid Kirkham

Science: In this weeks lesson we investigated to see whether a salt water solution, some aluminium foil and a copper coin would form a chemical reaction and then power a light bulb.

English: We used drama to show tempestuous weather on a long journey through the eye of the storm. We used figurative language alongside drama to convey the perilous adventure.

Maths: To finish our week's leaning about short multiplication we created our own 1 step and 2 step problems for our friend's to solve.

WK 30: We are studying our local area this term and this week we have researched when Emma Bridgwater's pottery factory was established. We were fortunate enough to visit Emma Bridgewater and have a factory tour followed by designing and decorating our own plate.

WK 29: In maths this week we have explored ways to show equivalent fractions using concrete equipment