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Week Ending Friday 20th September 2019 97.18%

Year 5 Afternoon Blog Miss Bailey

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Week commencing 14th October


What a fantastic week we have had. Behaviour and attitudes to learning have been amazing this week and this shows through in the children’s work. We have been really busy during the afternoons and have completed some brilliant work.


During encompass this week we were independent learners. Our task was to compare Mexico to another country. We chose to compare Mexico to Brazil. We had to research in depth about Brazil in order to then compare and contrast the two countries. We found that there were many similarities however there also lots of differences too. We showed our results using a Venn diagram.


This week in science we took part in an investigation to see if different surfaces effected the amount of force needed to move an object. As a class we came up with our question that we wanted to investigate. We asked “Which surface requires the most force in order to move the toy car?” After testing all 3 surfaces we found that the surface which needed the most force was mud. (See pictures at the top)


SMSC - Just a reminder that children who would like to be considered for the school parliament need to complete a speech at home which they will perform in front of the class. This will take place on Thursday.


Keep shining


Miss Bailey

Our Mexican art work created during art week


Week commencing 7th October


Art week – This week has been art week and we have created some fantastic pieces of art. We have been looking at Mexican art in particular and we have tried to recreate an iconic Mexican painting. We had to make sure that we used soft pencil lines and a ruler to create the patterns on our paintings. We learned that Mexican art is full of patterns, bright colours and detail. I am so incredibly proud of the art work that has been created this week.


SMSC – This half term we have been learning about democracy and this week we have been lucky enough to have had our local MP Gareth Snell come into school and talk about democracy. This has been extremely useful for us all as we are now getting ready to elect for our school council. Each child will have the opportunity to prepare a speech stating why they would like to become part of the school council. We will then have a democratic class vote. The children have really enjoyed learning about democracy and I cannot wait to hear some of their speeches.  


I just want to congratulate Dolphins class once again on their fantastic harvest assembly performance. They worked incredibly hard and it shone through in their performance.


Keep shining


Miss Bailey  

Week commencing 30th September


Encompass – Our topic this half term is ‘Hola Mexico’ We have been taking part in lots of map work and now are able to independently identify all of the different continents on a world map. We can also locate Mexico and surrounding countries. We have also been looking at the different climate and biomes found in Mexico. This week we have been looking at Mexico as a tourist destination and researching some of the most popular places to visit in Mexico. We have also taken part in a P4C lesson this week where we discussed the question ‘Should dolphins we taken away from their natural habitat for the entertainment of tourists. I have been extremely impressed by the children’s maturity when taking part in class discussions.


Science – This half term we have been looking at different forces. We have taken part in various investigations including; gravity, air resistance and the use of pulleys and levers. This week we have been looking at gears and how they work.


Music – In our music lesson this week we have been practising our song for the harvest assembly and I must say the children have made me extremely proud. They have worked really hard and sound amazing. We can’t wait for you to see and hear what we have been working on.


Afternoons are a pleasure to teach - keep up the good work dolphins.


Miss Bailey