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Week Ending Friday 13th March 2020- 97.1%

Year 4 Curriculum

Take a look at the Year 4 overview for the Autumn term below.





This term, we will be focusing on the book 'Cliffhanger' by Jacqueline Wilson. We will be looking at both story and non-fictional styles including persuasive writing!



To begin Year 4, we will focus upon recalling and improving our knowledge of Place Value. We will then move on to skills such as rounding and estimation, before moving into written methods including addition and subtraction through column method. Finally, we will end the term by beginning to look at shape and geometry.





Our topic for Science is Animals and Humans: Teeth and Digestion. We will look at the roles each organ plays in the digestive system including practical activities replicating the churning of food in the stomach. We will also research the importance of teeth in the digestion process, and how the different types of teeth have different roles.





This term we will look at the history topic of the Romans. We will research what the Romans have done for us and how life in Britain changed after the Roman invasion.