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Week Ending Friday 20th September 2019 97.18%

Year 3 Octopus Class Blog


What a great week it has been! I cannot believe how close we are to the end of term - we have been so busy. 

We are so excited as we are nearly at the end of our class story - The Sheep-pig.

The amount of learning that has taken place over the last 6 weeks is incredible and I am so proud. 

We have published a piece of writing on Friday where we re-told a chapter of the story. 



This week we have started our learning about TIME. 

This is ideal home learning and would be something we fully appreciate your support with. We have begun to recap our Year 2 learning and building on prior knowledge. 




I cannot believe where these weeks are going! What a busy and exciting week -  ending with our fabulous Harvest Assembly. We were so proud of the Octopus class - they wrote their poem themselves. It was sensational! The singing was also super!



This week we have been learning to persuade. 

I am so proud of the children as we had some misunderstandings of what it meant to persuade - but with lots of hard work and perseverance we all now know what we were writing and why!

Super Babe the piglet wanted to enter the sheep dog trials (ask us all about what the trials are - because we are becoming experts!)

We are publishing our writing on Monday - so keep checking for some fabulous examples of work.


We have continued with addition and subtraction this week. It been tricky - but we got there in the end. We will continue adding and subtracting numbers in arithmetic this half term - and then continue our learning in Autumn 2.

But for now, I am super proud of how we have used practical maths equipment and pictures to help us understand. 






This week we have continued with Place Value in maths.

We have been comparing numbers and thinking about the value of each digit.

Some of us have used the apparatus and some of us have even used number machines!

In English we published our writing - and made sure we included all of the word types we have learnt about this week. 

Look below for lots of prompts to help with learning. 



Maths  1
Maths  2
Maths  3
Maths  4
Maths  5
Maths  6



What a fantastic week of learning!

We have begun our writing focused around The Sheep-Pig and we are really trying hard to use a variety of adjectives, adverbs and verbs. 

In maths we have been learning about Place Value - the difference in Miss Gaskell's questions between "What is the value of the Tens column?" and "How many tens?" 

Miss Gaskell will be putting some learning prompts on this week to help with learning at home.

Make sure you come back and have a look!


Week 2 Maths

Week 2 Maths 1
Week 2 Maths 2
Week 2 Maths 3


What a fantastic first week back to school after the summer holidays!

Mr Grocott and myself have been so amazed with your attitudes to learning and we are really proud that you have made such a positive transition upstairs into Year 3. 

This week we have focused on showing Miss Gaskell what we already know and where we are going to take our learning next. 

We have enjoyed reading stories about Stan the Starfish and how he had to show friendship - something we have focused on as a class.

The children also completed their own Octopus, ready for our class display. 

We cannot wait to find out what the next 39 weeks hold!

It is certainly going to be an exciting year!