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Y4 Morning Blog

Week 26


What a wonderful first week of home learning. Eventhough it is something new for us all - I have absolutely loved the positivity and teamwork that we have all shown. 

I have really enjoyed speaking with you on the phone, responding to emails and looking at your photographs. You most certainly have managed to put a smile on my face each and every single day without fail - so thankyou!


Week 25 

What a great week of learning we have had. In a time of uncertainty and with some children absent from school, we pulled together and in true Jellyfish style, the children were amazing. We had some super questions about the Covid-19 virus and as  always the children were respectful, mature and caring in their approach. 

We ended the week with producing some lovely narrative writing in english, writing about the moment Wilbur met Charlotte for the first time. We also finished our topic of addition and subtraction with some super problem solving. 

Week 23 

This week we have written our published writes in English - a diary entry written from the point of view of Fern.

We found this quite tricky at first as we naturally write a retell - and included inverted commas and dialogue. However, with perseverance and some modelled writing we managed to produce some fantastic writing!


Week 22

What a first week back! We hope you all had a lovely half term with lots of fun and adventures.


This week we have started our new class book - Charlotte's Web.


We have written some character descriptions for Fern - the main character who is a little girl who feel that a big injustice is about to happen when her father goes out to the hog house with an axe!





Well - we have got to the end of a busy term and I cannot believe how fast it has gone!

What a lot of learning! 

We Published our Newspapers this week and started learning all about coordinates in maths!

Have an amazing half term break - rest and come back ready on Monday 24th February for another 6 weeks of fun. 

WEEK 20 



This week we have started to become Journalists and write a newspaper report about the terrible event at the adventure centre.

Poor Tim! He was left hanging around!

We have learned the features of a newspaper this week - and the style in which to write 


We have been busy inn maths this week as we have been problem solving with money. This involved using our decimal knowledge as well as addition and subtraction skills to solve two-step problems.

Friday was also Number Day.

Thankyou for all your contributions towards the NSPCC. 

we had a great day learning all about a million!


What another amazing week of morning learning in Jellyfish class. 

We have published our argument writing - and we have found this tricky. However I am so proud of how the children have persevered, drafted and edited and this has resulted in some amazing Published Writes.  

In maths we have covered some measures work. This involved using our prior knowledge from last week on decimals - and I think we have begun to be fluent in multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100.

We built up our skills and practised a lot this week - but on Friday we did manage to apply our knowledge to problems and some of us even managed to convert between different measures and apply to solving the problem. 

WEEK 18 

This week we have started a new genre in english - how to write a persuasive argument. 

We have done lots of oral work - having a debate in class and reading lots of WAGOLLs to pick out the key features. We are ready to write next week and cannot wait to share our published writes. 


WEEK 17 

This week the children have been writing in first person as a Tim - writing home to his mum and dad to say how much he doesn't want to be at the adventure centre. The children have learnt to become the character and use lots of show not tell to show emotion and feeling. They have devised their own steps to success and magpied features from a WAGOLL.



In maths the children have been learning all about decimals. This was tricky at first - we went deep into the knowledge and understanding - looking at what a tenth and hundredth looked like - and how we could represent it - but by the end of the week the children had done some amazing work and we were really proud of them. 



Welcome back! What a great first week back. The children were straight into learning. 

We have started a new book - Cliffhanger by Jacqueline Wilson. We have done some prediction this week as well as producing some great narrative writing about Chapter 1. 

In maths we needed to re-visit place value - and move our learning on towards reasoning about numbers. We also completed our decimals baseline ready for next week's learning. 

WEEK 15 


Wow! What a way to end the term and to celebrate the season!

Our class did absolutely fantastic in the KS2 Winter Production - as did all of the other classes.

Miss Bailey and myself are so so proud of what the children achieved - and the way they performed and sang was just magical. 

Have a wonderful holiday and we sill see you all in the New Year - looking forward to what 2020 has to offer!


This week we have continued to learn about fractions - this time counting and using number lines. 

Writing on an unmarked number line can be tricky - you need to look for the jump size and how many intervals. We learnt a really useful well to help us.



This week we have started learning all about fractions!

Ask your children all about them - they are becoming really confident. 

They also had a lot of prior knowledge from Year 3 which they enjoyed showing me int heir baseline assessment. 




This week we have moved on to learning all about division and applying to problem solving. We have been learning the skill of the using the bus stop method - which we have found a little bit tricky. 

One thing we do know - we need to know all of our times tables really well to hep us with division. 

Miss Gaskell and Mrs Twigg keep on reminding us to learn them as they are so important. 



What a fantastic week of learning this week.

In maths, we have been learning how to multiply and divide larger numbers using written methods.

We are also practising our times tables making sure that we are speedy at answering questions for all 12 times tables.

In English we have been continuing with reading The Firework Makers Daughter and producing some fabulous writing! We wrote as Lila, producing a first person letter, as well as beginning to retell Chapter 2.


Week 7 (Week Beginning 14/10/19)


Our Jellyfish have had a brilliant week this week! We have really delved into the character of Hagrid from Harry Potter, considering a wide variety of vocabulary we could use to describe him. The children have been full of fantastic ideas!


In Maths, we have been looking at lines of symmetry and this is work that will continue into next week. The children have been doing really well with their work on Shape and I look forward to seeing what they achieve in the last week of half term!


We had a visitor come to school for a drama workshop relating to the Stone Age work we have done in Encompass. The children time-travelled through the different parts of the stone age and considered daily life in these times. They were fantastic hunter-gatherers, farmers and monument builders throughout the session!


We are very much looking forward to next week in the Jellyfish classroom, where we will be exploring our artistic talents!

Week 6 (Week Beginning 07/10/19)


Firstly, I would like to say how proud we are of the Jellyfish class for their song in the harvest assembly. They worked so hard and gave a fantastic performance that everyone enjoyed immensely!


We have been working on estimation and checking strategies for the beginning of this week in Maths and we have now moved on to perimeter. The children have been working very hard and producing lots of fantastic work!


In English this week, we wrote an advert for an object that would be found in Harry Potter. The writing included quotes from famous wizards and witches to promote the products and it was fantastic to see the children applying their creativity!


Science has provided a lot of fun this week. We have designed, created and played games that work because of magnetism and explained the science behind this!


In Encompass, we have been exploring artefacts that date back to the Iron Age. We have made our own Iron Age jewellery and designed our own Iron Age Shields!


We look forward to another exciting week with the Jellyfish class.

Our Iron Age Jewellery

Our harvest song lyrics:


Our song this year is to the tune of Let It Go from Frozen. The words are below and have also been sent home with the children. We have even started adding actions! The children are really enjoying learning it and can't wait to perform it for Harvest assembly.


Harvest Song Lyrics

Week 4 (Week Beginning 22/07/19)


It has been a fantastic week in the Jellyfish class!


In English, we have been writing persuasive letters to Mr Dursley to convince him to send Harry Potter to Hogwarts. They have been using some brilliant vocabulary and we are really pleased with the work they have done!


In Maths, we have covered a lot this week! We looked at negative numbers at the beginning of the week, where we went outside to draw number lines with chalk and count down the number line through 0. We've looked at Roman Numerals and we have been working on our column addition!


Encompass this week has been very exciting. We have been looking at Skara Brae and Stone Age settlements. The children have found lots of different Stone Age settlements on an atlas, written a diary entry as a Stone Age child and considered what life would have been like in the Stone Age.


We have been looking at North and South magnetic poles in Science, exploring how similar poles repel and opposite poles attract. We have related this to the Earth's magnetic field and how a suspended magnet will always point in the same direction because of the Earth's magnetic field.


We look forward to another fantastic week for our Jellyfish!

Some of our lessons this week!

Week 3 (Week Beginning 15/09/19)


This week in Jellyfish class, we have been furthering our learning in many different ways.


We had the pleasure of a visitor coming in to school to do a drama workshop with our class! We had a fantastic time acting out scenes from the stone age and learning lots of new information about that time.


In Maths, we have been learning how to round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000! The children have done brilliantly with this concept and we are all very proud of them.


In English, we have written our diary entries as Dudley Dursley, on the day the glass vanished at the zoo in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. The vocabulary that the children have included is absolutely fantastic and their use of fronted adverbials has also been exceptional.


We are looking forward to another exciting week in our Jellyfish classroom!

Week 2 (Week Beginning 09/09/19)


We have had a fantastic week in the Jellyfish classroom!


We have been exploring diary entries and all that they entail. We have read lots of examples to help us locate excellent vocabulary, we have identified features and we have, very excitingly, began to plan our own diary entries based on Harry Potter. The children have been putting on their 'Dudley Dursley' hats and writing about how he would have felt during that fateful day at the zoo. This corresponds to the chapter 'The Vanishing Glass' in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.


In Maths, we have dedicated much of the week to exploring bar models and different ways to partition four-digit numbers. The children are much more secure on this now, which is absolutely fantastic! We have a very keen class of mathematicians and we are all excited to see what they achieve next.


In Encompass, we have been delving deeper into our topic, 'The Stone Age to the Iron Age'. The children have been exploring the way the Stone age people lived and what they used in their day to day lives, alongside developing their understanding of pre-history. They now know that pre-history is split into three main eras - the Paleolithic era, the Neolithic era and the metal ages! 


The children have been developing their understanding of magnetism further in science. The children now know that whilst all magnets are metals, not all metals are magnetic! We experimented with this, going outside to test lots of different materials to see if they were magnetic. The children showed amazing enthusiasm for their experimenting and their curiosity was brilliant to see.

Week 1 (Week Beginning 02.09.19)


We have been so excited to welcome our new Jellyfish to Year 4 this week! We know we are very lucky to have such incredible children in our class and we are all looking forward to working together in the year ahead. It is going to be a year full of fun and lots of learning!


This week, we have started to look at our text for the half term, which will be Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. The children have been enjoying reading the beginning of the book and getting excited about the story.


In maths, we have started our unit on place value. If the children would like to work on this at home, there is a challenge on the NRICH website called 'The Thousands Game' (link: which would be very beneficial to work on their problem solving and reasoning skills.


We have also introduced our Encompass topic, which for the start of the year is going to be the stone age. The children have produced some lovely artwork - lots of it can be seen on the Learning Environment section of the blog!


We are so looking forward to the year ahead and seeing how our lovely Jellyfish progress and grow throughout the year!

Week 38  (wb 8/7/19)

This week has been all about consolidating our learning. In maths, we have been completing short and snappy arithmetic based sessions to ensure our skills are really embedded ready for Year 5. We looked at adding and subtracting decimals, ensuring that we are look at the place value of digits in a number to make sure that numbers are added together correctly. In English, we have completed a short poetry unit based around 'The Jabberwocky'. Children have been analysing the language used in the famous poem, before writing in a similar style about their own creature, The Griffin. I was simply amazed by the work produced and particularly impressed with the use of rhyming patterns and portmanteau words!


Finally on Friday, we had a taster of our new classes on transition day. It was lovely to see everyone's happy and smiling faces when they came back to Jellyfish class at the end of the day. I am so glad that you are all looking forward to the new year, and are feeling positive and up for the challenges of Year 5!

We had visitors from Singapore in school, this week! Our visitors gave a Tai Chi workshop just for Jellyfish class!

On Monday, we went on a class trip to Enginuity to learn about our Encompass topic 'Tremors' and Science topic, Electricity. We built earthquake proof houses, re-created tsunamis and saw how electricity advanced through the years!

In Science, we experimented with static electricity! We discovered how far we could move an aluminium can using a balloon which had been rubbed on hair!

Week 36 (w/b 24/6/19)

In Maths this week, we have revisited fractions! As a class, we have been pictorially adding and subtracting including mixed and improper fractions, before moving on to finding fractions of amounts in our Arithmetic lessons. 


In English, we wrote our own chapter for The Demon Headmaster! Children used their prediction skills to decide what would happen next in the book, before writing their own narrative in-keeping with the style of Gillian Lewis' book.


Week 35 (w/b 17/6/19)

In English we have been analysing the language in the Demon Headmaster, and the purpose of techniques such as adverbials. We then began to write our own chapter for the novel, using similar features in our own writing.

We also spent time looking at direct speech, considering the features. Can you spot the errors in the text below?

In maths, we have been revisiting our curriculum, looking at place value and rounding, as well as written method for multiplication and division. Some children even went so far as flip teaching two by two digit multiplication - well done Jellyfish!


Week 34 (w/b 10/6/19)

In Jellyfish class this week, we have had an earthquake! All of Year 3 and 4 have experienced damages as a result of this shock natural disaster! As a key stage, we wrote our own articles on these events as newspaper reporters, and discussed how it happened relating to tectonic plates and other geographical vocabulary.


In our core curriculum, we finished our third published write of the term, writing a recount of the Demon Headmaster from either Dinah, Harvey or Lloyd's perspective. We magpied the plot from the text, before changing the perspective from third to first person and uplevelling our vocabulary choices before completing our write on Friday. There was some fantastic writing and I can really see a difference from the beginning of Year 4 as we come to the end!

Finally, in maths we have had a real upheaval of our lessons. We are working at a faster pace and with more exposure to skills from both the Year 4 and Year 5 curriculum in preparation for next year! We have looked at negative numbers, and related this to problem solving questions regarding temperature.

We then moved on to revisiting our maths lessons to really embed those skills, looking at addition and subtraction, and specifically column method. Children considered problem solving questions relating to addition and subtraction separately and how to approach these questions, before combining these skills in two step questions using numbers with more than four digits - a year 5 skill!


Week 33 (w/b 3/6/19)

We have had a fun week in Jellyfish class, learning about Eid and celebrating through completing diary entry writing in English, and Eid-based problem solving questions in Maths! Our learning has not stopped though...


In English, we have been looking at Drama and play script writing. We have written our own play scripts based upon a snowball fight from the Demon Headmaster, and performed them to the class. All of Jellyfish class showed courage and creativity in their performances, and were awarded with a whole class Dojo :) 


In Maths, we have re-visited the topic of rounding. We have been looking at number lines, and discussing the place value of a number before deciding on what number to round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We will continue looking at place value next week, and revising our knowledge of this core skill in preparation for Year 5! 


This week, we performed our class assembly about our English text, The Demon Headmaster. Parents then came into class to enjoy drama and writing activities. Well done, Jellyfish!


Week 31 (w/b 12/5/19)

In maths we have learnt about shapes, and in particular triangles and quadrilaterals. We spent some time practically investigating and classifying shapes according to their properties, and measuring lengths of sides and angles using rulers and protractors.



In English, we have began writing our newspaper reports about the Demon Headmaster! Children have been learning the features of newspaper reports through annotating WAGOLLs (What a good one looks like), before writing their own reports through modelling and guiding. We will continue this into next week and publish our work on Friday!

In Science this week, we created complete electrical circuits.

Week 30 (w/b 6/5/19)

This week, we have been investigating angles. We started the week by searching around the school for examples of acute, obtuse and right angles (some children even found reflex angles), before comparing and ordering different angles.


In English, children completed their retell of The Demon Headmaster. Children wrote in the first person as Dinah, describing their first moments in their new foster home, and the strange goings on at their new school! We look forward to reading more of this fascinating book, and finding more inspiration for our writing next week!


Week 29 (w/b 29/4/19)

This week, we have began our new book The Demon Headmaster. The children made predictions about the book, using the front cover and blurb to consider what characters we might meet, and what might happen in the book. As we met the characters Lloyd, Harvey and Dinah we picked out vocabulary used to describe them to put on our display and then began to write a character description using relative clauses and expanded noun phrases.

In maths, we started the week by looking at time and converting from analogue to digital time. We also considered 12 and 24 hour time. As a class, we worked very hard on reading the time and will continue to embed this life skill by practising at home! 

After this, we began to look at statistics. We had lots of fun in collecting, representing and interpreting data as a class. Well done,



Year 4 Jellyfish's absolutely amazing homework creations!!

Week 28 (w/b 8/4/19)

In English and Maths lessons this week, we have been finishing off our current topics. Next term, we will begin by looking at time in maths, and starting a new book for English - but I won't ruin the surprise of which book it will be!


We finished this half term with a bang - I am so proud of each and every one of you for your performance in our LKS2 production 'Going for Gold'. There are definitely some budding performers amongst my Jellyfish :) 


What a busy time we've had this term! Now let's finish our time in Jellyfish class with an absolutely fantastic term full of hard work and making lots of memories :) 

Week 27 (w/b 1/4/19)

This week in English, we have been starting our preparation to write a persuasive argument about the questions 'Should animals be kept in captivity?' The Jellyfish have lots of interesting points on the subject, and we have had a P4C style debate on this controversial issue. 




In maths we have started looking at amounts of money. The children began by using money practically and making amounts in different ways, before comparing and rounding amounts of money.

Week 26 (wb 25/3/19)

In maths, we started the week by looking at fractions and their decimal equivalents. For example, 1/2 is equal to 0.5. However we discovered in the lesson that we had some misconceptions about fractions, so we have spent the rest of the week revising and embedding our knowledge further. The Jellyfish have identified equivalent fractions using pictures, before learning the theory of how to find equivalent fractions. Well done for working so hard this week on improving your understanding, Jellyfish!

Our English lessons have consisted of beginning a diary entry for our published write next week. We are writing as Mr Zuckerman from our class book 'Charlotte's Web', after he has just discovered a spider's web with writing woven into it. It is important in our diary entry to use our emotions, so we have looked at using show not tell to add variety to our writing.


Finally, this week we have continued working on our Lower Key Stage Two production which we will be performing in a few weeks time. The children have worked so hard, and it is really paying off. Please come and support your children, and see what budding performers we have at Waterside!

As part of our Encompass topic 'Greece', Jellyfish took part in a clay workshop. We produced some creative works of art to put on display!

Jellyfish took part in a healthy eating workshop this week. We learnt all about the 'eat well' plate, different types of food and their benefits.

Week 25 (w/b 18/3/19)

Jellyfish have been very busy this week pulling together their writing ideas ready to publish their own narrative, in-keeping with the style of Charlotte's Web. We have been marking a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) using marking codes just like the teachers, so children can see exactly what is required in their own work. We had to do a little extra work on tenses, making sure that we were using the past tense when writing our narrative. I am absolutely astounded by your published pieces, and I'm looking forward to displaying the very best on our Charlotte's Web display board!


In Maths, we started off the week looking at dividing numbers by 10, 100 and some children even got to dividing by 1000! We have really embedded our knowledge this week, using whole-part model, in understanding the place value of each number, particularly in the tenths and hundredths column.


Following on from this, we then began to look at measurements and converting between them by dividing by 10, 100 or 1000. We ordered and compared decimal numbers effectively. We just need to remember that it does not matter how many digits are in the number, it is the value of each digit that matters!

For example, 4.4 is larger than 4.34 because it has 4 tenths, whereas 4.34 only has 3 tenths.


It has become clear this week that practising our times tables daily at home is having a huge effect on our Jelly brains when it comes to arithmetic. Keep it up, Jellyfish!

For Science Week, children took part in a fantastic workshop learning about different scientists and their inventions, before creating their own invention of a secure package to protect an egg when dropped from a height. It truly was an exciting and fun-packed week!

Week 24 (w/b 11/3/19)

What a busy week in Jellyfish class!

In English, we have continued to read the book 'Charlotte's Web', picking out new vocabulary from the text before concentrating on a setting description of the farm. Towards the end of the week, we began the creation of our own Chapter for the book, with children creating their own plot. We will continue this next week, with children publishing their work on Friday. Remember that the most impressive work will be presented on our display in class!

In maths, we have continued the topic of decimals, specifically looking at tenths and hundredths. We have used the part-whole model to recognise the relationship between tenths and hundredths, before learning to divide a one digit number by ten and a hundred. We will continue this into next week as we develop this skill, before moving on to ordering and comparing decimal numbers. The Jellyfish have really impressed me this week with their mathematical knowledge - well done!



What a fantastic week of learning in Jellyfish class - the children have been simply sensational :) 

Week 22

This week the children have been working on the value of decimals. We will continue to work with tenths next week and begin to solve problems.

In English, the children have been introduced to our new text. Charlotte's Web is the class text which we are reading.


I would like to share the link to a times tables game which will help Year 4 children improve their skills.



On the 65 questions, from all times tables, can you beat Mr Tooth's score? There will be Dojo points for anyone who does.

Week 19

We have focused this week on finding fractions of amounts. We have used bar modelling for this. The image below should help your children explain how we solved the problems.

Bar modelling

Week 18


This week we have been creating our own Myths. We have currently created characters and settings, we are now setting off on our quests!

In maths this week, the children have focused on the addition and subtraction of fractions. This week we will be working on fractions of amounts.

Week 17

The children have all worked really hard this week to write their myth, they are being published Monday morning and I look forward to adding some of those to our website.

Well done to to the three children who represented our school this week in the netball tournament, you played well and came second.

Week 16


This week we have really worked hard to develop our knowledge of Greece. We have looked at Myths in English and are to develop our own myths next week.


Maths this week has focused on place value and problem solving, including making sure the pupils are confident in explaining the values of each digit.

Week 15

This week we have looked at how other countries celebrate Christmas and the traditions we have at home. We have sang wonderfully in the concert and now we are all ready to rest and enjoy the holidays.

Week 14

This week in maths we have been problem solving, showing how we can find missing numbers in multiplication and division sums using inverse operations. We have all worked hard to build our mental strategies to multiply numbers.

Week 13

This week our English lessons have focused on Pirates in an Adventure with scientists and the children have begun to write their own adventure stories in this style.

Week 12

This week we have talked about decision making and the importance of choosing the right option. Sometimes this can be difficult as the right option is not always the one we would like.

We have also worked on using multiplication facts to help us solve division problems.

Week 11

We have focused on using our times tables to solve problems. It is very important for the pupils to know their times tables, this means they know the answer in under four seconds, without counting up in multiples.

This needs lots of practice in their times tables books at home please.

Week 10

The children have had a fantastic week looking at World War Two and remembering the soldiers who have died.

We are now focusing on the new topic of rocks.

Week 9

The children have enjoyed learning about World War One. They have also made some fantastic biscuits for the Remembrance Art Day.


The children are also working on multiplying up to thousands by one digit numbers.

Week 8

This week has been about writing and performing poetry. The children. Have created some interesting videos and ideas.


Over the holidays, I would like the children to look at the sporting events and clubs they take part in, they will be able to share this with the class after the holidays. If they would rather focus on the technology they use this is also a possible option, as some of the class expressed an interest in this area.


Have a safe and happy holiday.

Week 7

We have been using column subtraction  to solve real life problems.

To help your children, let them solve some of the maths problems at home. Money and shopping are great ways to do this.

Week 6

This week we have focused on column addition in maths. The whole class have been fantastic.

Also, we have started to look at Parkour in PE, we had a whole class discussion to make sure we only use these techniques in a safe environment.

Week 5

This week we have enjoyed rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.

We have also worked hard to write our diary entries as Harry Potter and Dudley.

Week 4

We had a fantastic time experimenting with different liquids. We found that liquids were runny but they all moved at different speeds, their viscosity.

In Maths we are rounding to the nearest 10, sometimes this can be a multiple of 100 or 1000. It is very tricky.

Week 3

We have really enjoyed Maths this week, ordering numbers and solving Place value problems.

Science was fun, we have been looking at the properties of gases.

In English, poor Harry has been left with the Dursleys. Hagrid is our new favourite character.

Week 2

We have really settled in well and are all working hard to improve our work. We have enjoyed looking at Harry Potter, we have been introduced to the Dursleys, these are very interesting people.

Week 1

Welcome to Jellyfish.

I hope you are all looking forward to a fantastic year. 

Week 32


This week was a little bit different for the children in Jellyfish class.  Some members of the class attended the residential trip to Preston Montford with Mr Bevan, Miss Wood and Mrs Mason.  The children who did not attend the trip spent Tuesday to Wednesday in either Miss Smith or Miss French's class.


If you would like to see what the children with Miss French and Miss Smith got up to then you can find out by visiting the Turtle or Octopus class blogs.  There will be a separate blog entry about the Preston Montford trip.

Week 31


Royal Wedding

On Friday, the children took part in our royal wedding celebrations.  The children completed an RE lesson  considering weddings from different cultures, royal wedding themed maths problems and attended our street party.



This week in English, the children wrote chapter 3 of our re-write of Varjak Paw.  We focused on writing concisely and using our skills purposefully and effectively.



We have continued to work on reasoning skills this week and ended the week with an assessment.  It was wonderful to see the children applying year 4 and 5 skills in different contexts.

Week 30



This week in English the children published their second piece of writing this term.  We say a big improvement in presentation from many of the children and it was excellent to see so many children using year 4 and 5 skills consistently.



In maths this week the children have continued to apply a range of skills in different contexts.  The children are continuing to show a deeper and more fluent understanding of the interconnected nature of the mathematical concepts we have been learning.



This week in science, the children set up and conducted an experiment into the things needed by plants in order to grow.

Week 29



This week in English we have been writing our own chapter of Varjak Paw.  The children have been focusing on using a range of compositional devices to build tension and create an atmosphere in their writing.



The children have done lots of work to improve their answers to reasoning problems.  We have been giving explanations to questions about fractions of amounts, comparisons between fractions and equivalent fractions.



In Science this week the children have been investigating and explaining their understanding of the life cycle of flowering plants.



The children spent time learning about the features of a river and labelling these features on a diagram.



Week 28



This week in English the children completed their re-write of the first chapter of Varjak Paw.  The children wrote in the first person and continued to apply a range of skills and compositional features at year 4 and in some cases year 5 expected standards.



Maths this week has focused on the application of our understanding of decimal numbers to problem questions in different contexts.



This week the children planned an investigation into what plants need to grow.  Next week we will be planting some plants to see what happens when we remove light, water or heat from a growing plant.



In encompass this week the children continued their investigations into rivers.


School Parliament and Sports Leader

This week we voted for our class representative on the Waterside Parliament and a Sports Leader.  Well done to Zoya and Hassan for being voted by their peers to take on these important roles.


Week 27



This term in English, our class text will be Varjak Paw.  During the week we have been reading and talking about the vocabulary in the first few chapters of this book.  We have also planned to write our own version of the opening chapter in this book in the first person.



In maths this week we have been looking at time.  We have focused on converting time from 12 hour digital form to 24 hour digital form.



To begin our new Encompass topic - Flow - we walked to the River Trent on Wednesday to make some observations about the river.

Week 24


This week we have been taking part in British Science Week.


The theme for LKS2 was deserts and exploration.  The children produced some excellent art work and took part in a p4c session where we discussed the importance of taking care of the environment.


We also went on a trip to Magna.  This was a chance to explore metals and magnets in a real world context.  We took part in a magnets workshop.


In writing this week the children have been continuing with their writing based on the story of Hugo.  The children are becoming increasingly confident when including the year 4 and in some cases year 5 skills in their writing.

Week 23


It has been another busy in Jellyfish class.


Monday was world book day.  It was brilliant to see so many children dress as Where's Wally for our world book day activities.  The children had an opportunity to read with the year 2 children.  We also awarded prizes to the best dressed children.  Well dont Isabella and Isabelle.


In English the children published their first piece of writing of the half term on Wednesday.  The children showed some great consolidation of the year 4 and in some cases year 5 skills.  We ended the week by planning our next piece of writing.  


There has been some strong progress in Maths the week.  Children have been using their addition and subtraction skills to solve multi step problems in different contexts.

Snow Day Learning Challenge (01.03.18)


Today I would like you to think about how you can add detail and description to your description of Hugo and Isabelle as they walk through the snow at the start of the piece of writing we have been working on this week.  Look out of your window or maybe go on a short walk in the snow and use this experience to help you write some descriptive phrases or improved vocabulary that you can use in your writing when we are back at school tomorrow.


In addition to this I would also like you to think about the temperature today.  Either use a thermometer if you have one or the internet to record the temperature at different times throughout the day.  We can use this data to create a line graph or bar chart when we are back at school tomorrow.

Week 20



This week in English the children have written some excellent pieces of writing using the first person.  The children planned, drafted and published their writing all in one week.  It was wonderful to see the children applying the year 4 skills confidently throughout their writing in such a short space of time.



This week the children completed a short fractions assessment to show the brilliant progress they have made this half term.  It was good to see the children applying the skills they have mastered independently and with such confidence.


E-safety Week

This weeks we have been focusing on e-safety.  This gave the children the opportunity to learn more about e-safety and to discuss things that may concern them online.


Children's Mental Health Week

This week was also children's mental health week.  The children were able to take part in discussions about mental health and we also used this opportunity to complete some philosophy for children activities in class.



On Wednesday, around half of the children took part in a bike safety awareness course.

Week 19



Is week in English the children have produced some fantastic pieces of writing.  We have used our skills to add tension and build suspense in our writing in combination with the year 4 skills we have been working on in our lessons.



This week the children have been adding fractions.  We have moved our learning on from adding fractions with the same denominator to also work with different denominators where the children have had to use heir understanding of equivalent fractions to solve the problems.


Number day

On Friday, the children took part in our annual number day.  It was wonderful to see the children engaged in a range of maths activities throughout the day.

Week 18



In English this week the children have been innovating the story of Hugo Cabret to write their own chapter.  The children have used a range of skills in their writing and have been focusing on building up tension in their writing through the use of sentence structure and creating links between paragraphs.



We have continued to focus on fractions this week.  The children have been finding fractions of amounts and applying this skill to different problem questions.



In Encompass this week, the children have been creating prototypes for their play equipment designs.  The children worked brilliantly in groups to apply their learning to the creation of practical designs.

Week 18 Spellings

adventure capture creature departure feature fixture fracture furniture future mixture nature picture puncture signature structure texture

Week 17



This week in English the children produced their first published write of the term.  The children have re-written the opening to the story of The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.  Next week we will innovate the story to create our own chapter two of the story.



This week the children have continued to make brilliant progress in maths when working with fractions.  We have worked hard to put fractions into order, count in fractions and complete sequences in fractions.  Next week we will move on to find fractions of amounts.



The children have been using a range of instruments of their own choosing in order to compose a piece of music inspired by a picture.



The children had a very productive PE lesson this week working on basic skills required to play kickball effectively.  The improvement from week 1 is already significant.

Week 16 Spellings


advice chance choice city commence dance glance juice mice niece office pace piece police pounce practice pronounce voice race rice sentence slice twice

Week 16



This week in maths the children have made brilliant progress when working with fractions.  Our focus has been on rounding and comparing decimals.



The children have been working on introducing the main characters for our narrative story writing.  We have been discussing and applying show not tell in our writing.  Next week we will use these character descriptions to write the first part of our innovated version of Hugo.



In science the children have been using their mathematics skills to read and compare pie charts showing the nutritional requirements of different animals



This week we went on a local visit to Hanley park.  The children used this trip as an opportunity to investigate the forces and materials involved in designing playground equipment

Week 15


Welcome back to a new year in Jellyfish class.


It has been a short but busy week and the children have returned with excellent attitudes ready for new learning and new challenges ahead.



Our new class text is The Invention of Hugo Cabret.  This week we have been looking at the first chapter and planning our own written version of the setting description which is represented in pictures in this book.  The children have been thinking about the compositional skills they can use to introduce this setting.



This half term we will be focusing on fractions.  The children have started this week by investigating and experimenting with different representations of fractions and thinking about the equivalence between fractions and decimals.



Our new topic this term is Mighty Metals.  It was wonderful to see that so many children have spent time over the holiday completing their homework task and building robots ready for the new topic.

Week 14


It has been a very busy final week of term.  Despite two snow days, we have still managed to get lots of learning done and take part in the school production.



In English this week the children have been writing some poetry inspired by our class text, War Boy, and a selection of WWI poetry.  We have experimented with and talked about using different structures in our poetry.



In Maths this week the children have been solving problems involving conversions between different units of measurement.  This has included km, m and mm as well as litres and millilitres.



This week in encompass we had our express day.  It was brilliant to see several parents attend and take part in these activities with their children.

Snow Day Learning Challenge


Challenge 1: Mighty Metals Display


For our new topic, Mighty Metals, we will be re-creating Hugo's Workshop in our book corner.


Your task is to create some cogs or other pieces of clockwork or scrap metal for our display.


Use cardboard to make the cog and then either colour, paint or cover with tin foil to create a metal effect.  Your cogs will be placed in our corner to help link our Encompass Topic to our new class text The Invention of Hugo Cabret.


Challenge 2: Character Description


Yesterday we watched the opening scenes of the film adaptation of Hugo.  Your writing task is to write a character description of one of the characters from the opening of the film.  You can choose Hugo, the Station Inspector, Papa Georges or Isabelle.  Include as many year 4 features as you can and attempt to use show not tell to give the character more depth.



Week 13



This week in English the children published their story inspired by the 1914 Christmas truce.  It was wonderful to see the children's confident application of the year 4 skills we have been working on this term.



The children continued with the application of skills to year word problems in different contexts using a range of skills.  We worked particularly on problems involving ration and integer scaling.



In our encompass lesson this week the children used their writing and literacy skills from last week to write a persuasive letter about the need to stop shark finning.  It was excellent to see that the children are able to use the skills form our English lessons across the curriculum in the afternoon.



Our science lesson this week gave the children the opportunity to display their learning in different forms using iPads.  The children researched the way sound travels to the ear and created videos explaining their learning.

Week 13 Spellings

Forgetful beginning preference gardening limited controlling covering regretful occurence thundering vandalise visited

Week 12



This has been another busy week in English. The children have been planning a piece of writing about the Christmas truce of 1914.  We have used the Sainsbury's advert from 2014 as inspiration for our writing along with our class text, War Game.  The children have completed a number of skill based lessons this week in preparation for their writing next week.



This week our maths lessons have focused on solving problem questions involving ratio and integer scaling problems.


Zoo To You

As part of Encompass this week we had some special visitors from Zoo to you.  The children had an opportunity to get close to and even touch a number of predators including a snake, a scorpion and an owl.

Week 11



This week in English the children have worked extremely hard to produce pieces of persuasive writing inspired by the opening chapters of War Game.  The children have used persuasive features to help recruit men to sign up in 1914.  The final pieces of work are very impressive considering the entire piece of writing was planned, written, re-drafted and published in just four lessons.



We have continued to apply our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills to a range of problem, including two step and more complex problem to stretch our learning and test the conceptual understanding of the children.


Music and Dance

The children have continued to work extremely hard in our music lessons to perfect the dance routine that will be performed as part of the winter production.



The children have used their research and map skills to find out and show using a map where alligators and crocodiles live.  This activity combined a range of skills and linked the children's science, geography and research skills.

Week 10



This week in encompass the children investigated predators by dissecting owl pellets.  The children worked together to find the bones inside the owl pellet and match these bones to the charts.



In science the children started thinking about our new topic, which is sound.  As part of our new topic the children thought of questions they would like to answer in the topic and experimented with some musical instruments.



On Friday we published our first published write of the half term.  We have worked on this piece of writing for three weeks and the children have produced some wonderful writing.



We have now moved our learning on to apply column method multiplication to problem questions including two step word problems.

Week 9


Blue Planet Trip

The highlight of this week was the year 3 and 4 trip to Blue Planet as part of our Predators topic.  The children had an excellent time and on the whole behaviour was very good.  The children were able to get close to, observe and experience a wide range of animals, including walking through the longest shark tunnel in the country.  We also attended a Jawsome Sharks workshop where the children were able to speak with an expert ask questions about the sharks.



This week in English we have been planning and starting to draft a diary entry describing the journey of a soldier to the Trenches.  Our writing continues to be inspired by War Game by Michael Forman.  As it has been remembrance this week the children have also been reflecting on the story of Will in our text and the courage he showed throughout the story.



The children have continued to apply their addition and subtraction skills to two step problem questions.  Over the coming weeks we will be solving further two step problems involving multiplication and division.

Week 8



This week we have introduced our new class text, War Game by Michael Forman.  We have taken time to read the text and watch an animated version of the story.  The children have written a variety of setting and character descriptions and thought carefully about what it would have been like for the soldiers living in the trenches of World War I.  On Thursday we were fortunate to have a visitor form the British Army who gave all of the children in KS2 a talk about the differences between life as a soldier in 1914 and life as a soldier now.  This was a gave the children an even deeper insight into the topic and the text.



Our maths lessons this week have continued to give the children greater fluency and conceptual understanding of addition and subtraction using formal written methods.



We have planned an investigation into the strength of magnets.



In our encompass lesson the children had an opportunity to look at the Blue Planet website in preparation for our trip to the aquarium next Wednesday.


Safety Week

Safety week has given us another opportunity to discuss with the children different ways in which we can stay safe.  We have focused on stranger danger, e-safety and safety around bonfire night and fireworks.

Week 7



In our final week of English we have been writing instructions about how to catch a fox.  The children have included a range of year 4 features in their writing including subheadings, bullet points and imperative language.



This week we have been working with shape.  The children have been identifying and naming the properties of both 2D and 3D shapes.  We have also been working to distinguish between regular and irregular polygons.



In our encompass lessons the children have been dissecting virtual owl pellets and matching the bones form the owl pellet with the skeletons of small rodents.  In the first week back after half term the children will have the opportunity to carry out this activity with real owl pellets.



Week 6



This week we have written a diary entry from the perspective of Badger in the story of Fantastic Mr Fox.  The children worked hard to write consistently in the first person and past tense.  The consistency of the writing has improved and the children are increasingly including more year 4 features in their writing.  Well done to Krystal for her writing which earned her the class certificate for the Compass Curriculum.



The children have continued to use formal written method for addition and subtraction.  Using Base Ten concrete resources, the children have discussed and modelled this process of borrowing and exchanging.  These skills have been applied to problems using formal methods.  Next week we will move on to solving multi-step problems using addition and subtraction



This week in science the children carried out an investigation into magnets.  Children used magnets to investigate which materials are magnetic or not.  The children made predictions and compared their results to the predictions.



In our encompass lesson this week the children have been investigating the skeletons of different animals.  Children compared and labelled the skeletons of a bat and a squirrel using a labelled skeleton on a human to help them.

Week 5



In maths this week we have moved our learning on this week to use our understanding of place value to add numbers using formal written method.  The children started the week using Base Ten to represent the concept of exchange when carrying numbers from one place value column to the next.



This week we have completed the stories we planned at the start of week 4.  The children had the opportunity to peer assess and self assess their work.  The children are now becoming better at identifying and commenting on the year 4 features that we have been using in lessons.



In science the children worked together in groups to investigate magnets and plan a practical investigation into magnets which we will carry out next week.



In SMSC this week the children had the opportunity to vote for a class representative and discuss the importance of democracy.  The winner of the vote then took the role of class chairperson and hosted a debate between the children about our school values.  The children took part in this task brilliantly and were respectful to each other throughout the investigation.

Week 4



This week in English, the children have been planning and writing their own version of Fantastic Mr Fox.  We have worked hard to turn Mr Fox into a villain and the farmer into a hero.  The skill focus of the week was the use of speech and dialogue with correct punctuation to help tel the story.  The children have produced some excellent stories, which have been re-edited and improved throughout the week.



The maths focus of the week has been on rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.  This challenging skill has been used by the children in a variety of contexts and with increasingly large numbers.  Children who have mastered this skill have then used it to solve problem solving and reasoning problems.



In Encompass the children have used their English skills from week two to write non-chronological reports about predators.

Week 3



This week in English Jellyfish Class have been writing character descriptions of the 3 farmers from Fantastic Mr Fox.  The children have worked hard to include year 4 skills in their writing, including: fronted adverbials, speech and a range of punctuation.  The children also worked hard to incorporate show, not tell into their writing to help show the character's personalities through their actions.



This week the children have really impressed with their understanding of Roman Numerals up to 100.  We have also been problem solving by finding the missing numbers in sequences.



The children took part in a debate about democracy.  We then held a mock vote with 11 children putting themselves as candidates, preparing and making speeches and voting.  The children took this task on in a thoughtful and mature way and the voting was very close.  Emaan was the winner with six votes.  Closely followed by 3 other children who received 5 votes each.



This week the children carried out an investigation into friction using toy cars.  The children made predictions based on their understanding of friction and other forces.  We also took care to control the other variables in order to create a fair test.

Week 2



This week in English we have been writing non-chronological reports about Foxes.  This work has been inspired by our class text for the half term, which is Fantastic Mr Fox.  The children have worked hard to include a range of features in their writing.  We have also started to introduce and include some of the year 4 writing assessment objectives including fronted adverbials and including appropriate vocabulary.



Our focus in maths this week has been on place value, number and negative numbers.  The children have worked hard to better understand numbers in context and to explain their answers and reasoning clearly.



Following from our wow day last week the children have investigated food chains and used our class iPads to create flow charts to show their learning in different ways.

Week 1


The highlight of our first week back was our Wow Day.  The children had some very special visitors from the Cheshire Birds of Prey Centre.  This was a great start to the term and gave the children an inspiring introduction to our new topic.

Welcome Back To Jellyfish Class

Have a look at the photos below to get a sneak peek of your new classroom.

Week 38 

In English this week we have written about the 'Mysterious Door' We discussed what could be behind it and wrote a diary entry as if we'd finally seen the creature, some of them were kind, beautiful fairies whilst others were gruesome goblins! 

This week has been very exciting because we have been to our new Class Teacher for next year! Some us went to Miss Brindley and others went to a new teacher, Miss Davies-Moore. We have had a fabulous time and created some lovely artwork and writing in the two days. 

We look forward to moving to Year 5 next year and continuing with our super learning! 



Week 37

This week Miss Smith has been very impressed with our writing. We were inspired by a short film called 'The Lighthouse' which involved the whole community coming together to help a resident in the village. We discussed how this was the film's moral and wrote our own version of the story. They were beautifully written, up-levelled and published independently, well done! 


We really enjoyed Encompass this week and made our Native American headdresses. We had to improvise and even made our own feathers to make it look authentic. 


In Maths, we used concrete materials (place value counters) to talk through the process of addition and subtraction, we struggled at first but by the end of the lesson, we could all explain using mathematical vocabulary. 


Week 36

This week we wrote a very important letter to the Department for Education to end our English topic 'Matilda'. We wrote a formal letter with lots of high-level vocabulary to complain about the headteacher of the school, Miss Trunchbull. We were in role for this writing as Amanda Thripp's outraged parents. We thoroughly enjoyed this style of writing where we could include lots of Year 4 skills. 


In Maths, we completed an assessment to see how our learning had progressed which Miss Smith was very pleased with, we even began a reasoning paper which shows we can apply our skill work.


Finally, we ended the week with an Art Day in order to get prepared for our 10 year anniversary party which was a huge success. We used the artist Hannah Cole to create our own beach scene design within a hut. They were very effective and lots got sold at the party! Well done! 

Week 35

As you know, this week it has been extremely hot so we spent lots of our learning outdoors!

We have written a newspaper report all about Miss Trunchbull and Amanda Thripp. Lots of you will already know the story but soon our own reports of it will be published into a Class Newspaper! We used formal and journalistic writing to make it sound realistic. 

In Maths we have had a big focus on reasoning. We used the outside environment to make word problems for somebody else to answer. We came up with some difficult word problems, some were 2 or 3 steps and involved measure! 

In Science we began a new topic of Sound and to introduce this, we went on a Sound Hunt around the school. We found that the noisiest areas were Nursery and FS and the most quiet area was the field! 

The most exciting part of our week was having a Cheerleading lesson. It was very fun but we had to concentrate so that we could remember the routine! We researched the sport and found out that it originated in America which linked perfectly to our Road Trip USA topic. Look at the photos below of our learning this week. 


Week 34

This week we have been working hard to write a diary entry from a pupil at Miss Trunchbull's school. We tried hard to include lots of thoughts and feelings and to do this we created Freeze Frames to show what happened on our first day at her school. Take a look at them in the photos below. 

In Maths we calculated decimals using measuring equipment to create our own problems. 

In Encompass we created brilliant persuasive leaflets persuading people to visit New York City. We used all of our knowledge of the place and included lots of persuasive features including alliteration, the power of 3 and persuasive openers. 

This week we finally had a sunny Sport's Day. Everyone impressed with their sport's abilities and enthusiasm to take part. Well done to everyone! 

Week 33 

We began the week with lots of hands-on learning. We took part in drama activities in English and explored co-ordinates on a large scale in Maths. 

This led onto our learning for the week. In English we wrote about Miss Honey's first meeting with Matilda's parents, the Wormwoods. We all agreed they weren't very good parents and enjoyed acting out the scene. We have published our writing today with a dialogue scene. 

In Maths we have been learning about co-ordinates and negative numbers. We had lots of fun and some of us even got onto SATs style questions, well done!

This week has been Health and Wellbeing week so we have learned how to live a healthy lifestyle. In the afternoons we have made our own menu for a restaurant and found healthy snacks which link to the eat-well plate. On Friday, we took part in mindfulness yoga and colouring which we enjoyed very much! Take a look at some of the photographs below:  

Week 31 

This week in Maths we have been learning about measures and how to convert between different units. This included time (converting between minutes and hours) and length, capacity and mass. This is something we were struggling with but we showed determination and tried our best. 


In English we have started our new book topic, Matilda by Roald Dahl. We started our learning by looking at the two teachers in the story and writing a character comparison of Miss Honey (a kind,generous teacher) and Miss Trunchbull (a mean, fierce headteacher). 


In Science we learned about insulators and conductors of electricity and experimented different materials to test whether they conducted or insulated in a circuit. We came up with our own definitions:

Insulator - a material that does not allow electricity to pass through it.

Conductor - a material that allows electricity to pass through it. 


Lastly, in Encompass we used the travel brochures to choose a hotel we liked the look of in the USA. We then drafted an email looking at the main features pretending we were writing to the travel agents. 

Week 30 This is the poem we created as a class. Each table created a verse and we put it together to create the perfect poem!

Week 30

Please find photographs below of our week's learning. We continued with our spooky themed writing and wrote our own spooky poem to perform to the class. 

In the afternoons we investigated with circuits using scientific equipment and wrote a postcard home from New York telling our family and friends what we have been up to.



Week 29 

This week we have been enjoying our play time out in the sun!

In English we were making our own spooky story and we were given a specific haunted house to use as our setting description. Miss Smith was really impressed with our work!

In Maths we have been learning about ratio(correspondence problems) Children who completed the task kindly helped others and supported their peers. This meant they were embedding their skills by explaining it to someone else.  

In Encompass we have visited our first state, New York (NY). We researched where to find it, what the weather was like and other interesting facts. We will move onto other states next week to increase our knowledge of the USA.                

Summer Term - Week 28

Welcome back, we hope you enjoyed the 2 week holiday! This week we have had yet another exciting week of learning. We launched our new (Road Trip USA) with our WOW day on Tuesday where we dressed up as Americans and took part in lots of activities.


We created our own Native American inspired artwork and made dreamcatchers for our display (see the photographs below). We also made our own Passports for our role play area with questions for our friends to research. We can't wait to use our brand new learning area (pictures to follow when complete).


We also wrote setting descriptions, completed reading comprehension and attempted a word search with all 50 American states! We were certainly kept busy all day!

A huge thankyou to those children (and parents) who completed their creative homework tasks, they are proudly displayed on our new American area.


Week Ending 31st March 2017

This week in English we have been creating our very own diary entries about Wilbur`s day on Mr Zuckerman`s farm. On Friday we published our writing using all of our progress.


Yesterday, we went to the recorder festival and watched many children show their amazing skills. Kinza, Lysia, Praise and Oluwanifemi were performing from our class and represented our school.


After our thrilling day at Chester Zoo we decided to investigate how the animals felt inside the zoos and the pros and cons of zoos in general. We wrote our own balanced arguments to express both opinions. We then researched endangered animals and made our own poster using the laptops.




Week Ending 24th March 2017

This week we have been lucky enough to go on 2 school trips. We visited Chester Zoo on the Wednesday to link with our 'Living Things' topic and Potteries Museum on the Thursday for our 'Traders and Raiders' topic.

We enjoyed both trips very much, here are some photographs...

Week Ending 17th March 2017 

This week has been a busy one as usual! Miss Smith enjoyed meeting with parents to tell them about the progress we have made!

We did lots of work with symmetry as well as preparing for our next published piece of writing, a non-chronological report!

We ended the week with a Science afternoon which we linked to our topic this term. Our mission was to build longships that floated! Most of us succeeded and if we didn't, we know where we went wrong and how to improve! Here are some pictures from the afternoon. 

Week Ending 10th March 2017

This week we have been publishing our own version of the first chapter in 'Charlotte's Web'. Miss Smith was very impressed as some of these sounded like real author's work!

In Maths we took part in outdoor learning and went on a hunt for angles around the school environment - looking for right, obtuse, acute and reflex angles.


The most exciting part of the week was when we went tubing for our class attendance trip! We had so much fun! We will definitely be aiming to win it again this term! Look at the photos below to see what we got up to...


Week Ending 3rd March 2017

This week we celebrated World Book Day by coming to school in our pyjamas. We brought our favourite book into class and drank hot chocolate listening to some of the stories! During the morning, we visited FS2 and read with the younger children, Miss Boone was impressed with how they supported their buddies.


We even became illustrators and publishers for our story and designed our own version of the front cover and blurb. We also used the ipads to advertise our book to persuade other children to read them.


We took the opportunity to practise our class assembly with our performance skills which we will perform next Wednesday, we hope to see you there!


Week Ending 17th February 2017

The last week of term was a very exciting one! We ended the week with Golden Time which we enjoyed very much and had a performance from an online safety company explaining how to stay safe online.


In our lessons we still continued to work hard and took our learning outside for Maths and Science. You can see pictures of this below! We went on a shape hunt in the morning to search for shapes within the school grounds. We then continued to use our detective skills to hunt for invertebrates and found lots of bugs to scare Miss Smith with (especially the spider!)


Make sure you look on our blog this week because we are sure there'll be even more exciting news!


Week Ending 10th February 2017

This week we have been working extremely hard in every lesson. We all had chance to write a tweet about our learning. Here are some photographs of what we said:


(You might see some photographs from our English learning where we became crime reporters for the day, we really enjoyed presenting our learning)



Read All About It!

Week Ending 3rd February 2017


NSPCC Number Day!

This week we have celebrated Number Day to represent the Children's Charity, NSPCC. Every class created and dressed in Mathematical clothes and we had a Maths story to focus on all day. Our story was called, 'Spaghetti and Meatballs For All'.


We solved Mrs Comfort's problem with her table arrangements as well as making our invitations to her dinner party. As well as this, we have been using the Ipads and Maths problems to use our Maths knowledge ALL day.


In the afternoon our Number Day continued with an art lesson using 2D shapes to make our own artwork.

Take a look at the pictures below of our day!


Week Ending 27th January 2017

This week we have 'Tweeted Our Learning' for our classroom window. Here are a few examples of the tweets we made...


'In Science we have been introduced to our new topic - Living Things & Their Habitats' @Kinza&Rumaysa


'We have been looking at MRS GREN. This means the processes that living organisms do' @Lysia,Sher-bano,Sara&Asher


'In PE we have been doing gymnastic activities and we have been looking at movement and shapes' @Benjamin&Setna


'In PE we have also been looking at how to balance and move in different ways using equipment' @Taylor-Mae,Malaeka&Keoni


'In Encompass we have been learning about Vikings and wrote our own diary entry from a Monk's point of view when they invaded!' @Praise,Oluwanifemi&Asha


'This week in Maths we have been learning about decimals and fractions and converting them using place value knowledge' @Walid&Anaya


'In English we have published our first chapter from our book, Stig of The Dump' @Brooklyn,Sami&Aneesa


Week Ending 20th January 2017


World Religion Day

This week we have taken part in World Religion Day. We focused on the Buddhism religion and made our own leaflets explaining what we found out. Did you know that Buddhists meditate to clear their minds and have peace in their lives? We enjoyed creating our own Dharma Wheels and carrying out lots of quizzes.


Our Viking Experience!

This week we introduced our new topic: Traders and Raiders! We met a real Viking who came and showed us a day in the life of a Viking. We learned about the weapons they used and the clothes they used to wear - Miss Smith and Miss Boone even got dressed up for the occasion! Here are some photographs of our day...

Don't be too frightened, we became Starifsh Viking Warriors!

A note from Miss Smith 

As we start our new topic of 'Traders and Raiders' next week I would like to thank the children and parents who created fantastic creative volcano pieces for our 'Tremors' display. Below are pictures of the homework we received, well done! I am looking forward to our next topic and hope you are too! 

Week Ending 13th January 2017

This week we have been writing play-scripts for our new book, Stig of the Dump by Clive King. We learned to use stage directions correctly and used other features of the genre.

We have been rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Some of the class got to the Diamond challenge, rounding to the nearest 10,000 and decimals to one decimal place. Miss Smith was very proud of us!

In the afternoons we have been writing a Newspaper Report about an Earthquake happening in Stoke-on-Trent. Some of us even reported this live with our own microphone, background and music.

This is our News Studio where we reported our Earthquake News

Week Ending 6th January 2017

In our English lesson we have been writing persuasive letters to apply for a firework maker’s apprentice.

This morning we held interviews to see who was good enough to be hired.

After a class vote we decided on Walid for his great persuasive skills and vocabulary.



In the afternoons we have been looking at fossils and ways they are found and formed. We matched fossils to their original self, depending on their appearance. We have also learned about how Earthquakes are formed and what destruction they can cause!


Our Job Interviews

 Week ending 9th December 2016

This week we have used our ‘Tweet your Learning’ display to write quotes about our learning this week. Here are some of them:

“In English we have learned how to correctly punctuate our dialogue using inverted commas, commas and full stops” Praise and Walid

“In maths we have been cracking codes using Roman Numerals and made our own codes using a key” ​Lysia

“In English we have been writing our own version of the Firework Maker’s Daughter” Kinza and Rumaysa

“I am interested in soil and how things rust or don’t rust. Rust happens when oxygen reacts with iron” Dawud and Sahil

“In Science we have been learning about soil and the 4 different processes about how it is made. They are addition, losses, translocation and transformation” Anaya

“We have published our piece of writing and learned how things rust” Asher and Taylor-Mae

“We have been looking at 4 different pieces of art and voted which one we liked best and tried to recreate it” Romana

“In ICT we made a table and a chart of which vote was the most popular, the paint eruption won by 11 votes” Sara


     ​   ​  

This is the one we voted as our favourite

Week 12 (week ending 2nd December 2016)

This week we have been writing descriptions, creating our own characters for our own version of The Firework Maker’s Daughter. We are also practising our ‘show not tell’ technique.


In Maths we have been consolidating our learning of the 4 operations which are division, subtraction, multiplication and addition. To do this we have had a word problem of the week, focusing on one skill each day. On Friday we used our knowledge to complete this!  


In the afternoons we have been learning about the devastating story of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. After quick-fire questions to recap on our learning (which Miss Smith was very impressed with) we have written a non-chronological report and used the iPads to create our very own e-books.


Written entirely by Starfish Class, well done! 

Week 11 (week ending 25th November 2016)

​This week we have continued reading The Firework Maker's Daughter by Phillip Pullman and began to write a re-tell of a chapter ourselves! We will publish this next week for our Class Book.

​In Maths we have finished our Fractions topic and some of us even got to the higher level challenge cards, well done!

​We are very excited with our new topic of Volcanoes and have even created some of our own Volcano poems which will be on display soon.

​Miss Smith enjoyed meeting parents this week and hopes you're all very proud of us in Starfish Class for the learning we have achieved so far.



Week 10 (week ending 18th November 2016) 

This week has been a fantastic week with anti-bullying week taking place all over the UK. The catchy slogan this year is ‘Power for Good’. We were involved in an anti-bullying workshop on Monday where we acted out different scenarios where bullying was taking place and discussed how this would make us feel.

Then, Miss Smith gave us 2 apples to say kind and unkind words to. Surprisingly, when we cut the apples open the one we had been mean to was brown and bruised, whereas the one we’d been kind to was still fresh and white. From this we discussed how being unkind can hurt somebody on the inside and thought about the power of the words we speak.

As well as this we have written some fantastic persuasive pieces to encourage people to be kind and stop bullying others. Through iPad research we discovered shocking facts to include!

To end the week Mrs Knowles announced that we have also won the Attendance award for the 4th time this year! Keep it up Starfish!