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Y4 Afternoon Blog

It's Easter Time 

Home learning - Day 10

Friday 03/04/20

Hello Jellyfish 


I have been at Waterside today working with the children who are in school. It was lovely to catch up with Dina and Jess and we had lots of fun! I even got them singing!!


I thought I would share all of the pictures that I have been sent this week as they have all been amazing and I have loved looking at them. 


Next week is Easter and I have uploaded a task sheet onto our home learning section under the name Easter. There are lots of activities that you can do - it is up to you how many you complete but you need to complete at least one. Please keep sending us pictures of your work and what you are getting up to. I will also assign you some tasks to complete on purple mash so keep your eyes peeled.  


Have a lovely Easter break but remember to stay safe


Any questions or if you need a chat you can still email us at any time 


Stay safe and keep smiling


Mrs Twigg and Miss Gaskell

Thank you to Hanniya for sending in her own Egyptian board game which she has played with her family at home. Why not try it over Easter with your own family.

our Amazing Jellyfish Class

Home learning - Day 9 

Thursday 02/03/20


Hello Jellyfish 


What a lovely day I have had today - I was able to hear lots of your voices over the phone and it made me feel so happy to talk to you all and to find out what you have all been up to.  


Myself and Miss Gaskell have also been blown away with your practical maths work today. Your pictures are amazing and you have all thought outside of the box and we have loved looking at all of your pictures. I have included a few pictures from todays maths challenge so that you can see what other class members have been up to.


Don't forget to keep your work and pictures coming in. We love to hear from you all.


Stay safe and keep smiling


Mrs Twigg




Charlotte's Web - Chapter 10 'An Explosion'

Practical Maths Challenge

Home learning - Day 8 

Wednesday 01/03/20


Hello Jellyfish 


Just a short message today.


I have included some pictures of your fellow class members as I can imagine you are all missing them by now. It also may give you some inspiration for activities you can do at home.


I have also recorded and posted the latest chapter of Charlotte's web for you to listen to . Enjoy!


Keep your messages, work and pictures coming in.


Stay safe and keep smiling 


Mrs Twigg


Charlotte's Web - Chapter 9 'Wilbur's boast'

Home learning - Day 7 

Tuesday 31/03/20


Good evening Jellyfish 


I hope you have all had a lovely Tuesday day. I have had a fantastic day making contact with you all today especially hearing from children who I haven't had contact with yet. I know I keep repeating myself but please keep sending your pictures in so that we can see what you are all getting up too. I will let you into a little secret - it is mine and miss Gaskell's favourite part of the day when we receive emails and messages from you especially when you include some pictures. They put a huge smile on our faces. 


Unfortunately the sunshine has disappeared and it looks like its going to be a cooler week therefore I have uploaded some documents with some activities that you can complete whilst in the house. You can find them on your home learning page under the afternoon section. I will also post them below. 


Thank you to the children who have sent us pictures over the past couple of days I will include some more of them in tomorrows blog.  


Keep an eye out for tomorrows blog as I have a challenge for you all to take part in and for the next installment of Charlotte's web. 


Keep safe and keep smiling 


Mrs Twigg

Charlotte's web - Chapter 8 'A talk at home'

Home learning - Day 6 

Monday 30/03/20


Good morning Jellyfish 


What a fantastic day I have had today. I have been into school today to work with the children who are still in school. Both Jess and Olivia from our class were with me today and we made sure we had lots of fun.


I thought I would share with you what we did. We started the day with a Joe Wicks warm up. It was so much fun but we were exhausted by the end of it. If you would like to try the warm up yourself you can go to Joe Wicks' youtube page and try out his workout. He does a live session Monday to Friday at 9am. Maybe you could take some pictures of you completing it for our blog.

Next we completed our home learning packs because just like you the children in school also have to complete their learning.

After break time , it was time for some arts and crafts where we designed our own sunshines and created a giant sun with our handprints on. We stuck all of our work onto the windows in the school hall to make a sunny display.

Once we had eaten our lunch we then made some sunshine cup cakes. We made sure that they were yellow by adding yellow food colouring and they smelt and looked amazing. We finished the day with some gardening where we each designed our own plant pot and planted a sun flower seed to take home.


Maybe you could do some of the same activities at home. I look forward to seeing your pictures - keep them coming in. I will upload chapter 8 of Charlotte's web tomorrow.


Stay safe and keep smiling - your all doing amazing 


Mrs Twigg

Home learning - Day 5 

Friday 27/03/20


Hello Jellyfish 


What a fantastic week of home learning we have had. I have really enjoyed looking at all of your work and seeing what you have been getting up to. It has put a huge smile on my face! 


I have included some pictures of our Jellyfish class so that you can see what other children are getting up to as I know you will all start to be missing your friends by now. 


I have also uploaded chapter 7 of Charlotte's web for you to listen to today or over the weekend.


Have a fabulous weekend - you have all worked so hard so make sure you take time to relax and watch a movie and make the most if this beautiful weather as we don't know how long the sun will last. 


Well done once again for being amazing and completing your first week of home learning. 


Don't forget you can still contact us throughout the weekend.


As always stay safe and keep smiling  


Mrs Twigg

Charlotte's Web - Chapter 7 'Bad news'

Home Learning - Day 4 

Thursday 27/03/20


Good Afternoon Jellyfish,


How are you all? I am really enjoying hearing from you and have heard from quite a few members of Jellyfish however there are still some children who have not contacted me as of yet. Please use the contact my teacher to send me any messages that you have - I would love to find out what you have been getting up to whilst at home as I am missing you all very much. 


We are extremely lucky that we are having such nice weather at the moment. Make the most of it and why not try and complete your home learning in the garden. 


I know, like me, that you will be missing your friends so I have included some pictures of our Jellyfish members so that you can see what they are getting up to. It might even give you a few ideas as to what you could be doing at home. '


Well done to Dina as she was the only one who took part in the quiz from yesterdays blog. She messaged with the correct answer and told me all about Vitamin D and why it is important. She said that it is vital because it helps to make our bones stronger which is absolutely correct. 


I have also recorded chapter 6 of Charlotte's web for you to listen to.


Stay safe Jellyfish and please stay in contact.


Mrs Twigg



Charlotte's Web - Chapter 6 'Summer days'

Our Jellyfish Class

Home learning - Day 3

Wednesday 25/03/20


Good Afternoon Jellyfish 


Wow what another beautiful day! Why don't you try and find out if this weather is going continue by looking at the weather forecast. 


This morning I uploaded a shadows activity onto our afternoon home learning page for you to complete. The weather is sunny at the moment so it is a perfect opportunity to get outside and have a look at some shadows and even create some shadows of your own. I would love to put some pictures of the shadow work onto the blog so please send them in to me. 


I have also recorded an audio version of Charlotte's web for you to listen to. I will continue to do this daily until we have completed the book. 


Today's chapter is called 'Charlotte' and it is the chapter that you all wrote your own versions of. So why don't you see how the book chapter compares to your version. What are the similarities? What are the differences? What do you like about the book version? Is there a part of your own chapter that you prefer?  


I hope you enjoy the audio recording and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. 


Remember you can email whenever you need to.


Stay safe 


Mrs Twigg


Charlotte's Web - Chapter 5 'Charlotte'

Home learning - Day 2 

Tuesday 26/03/20


Good morning Jellyfish 


What a beautiful day it is today. The sun is shining and it is the perfect opportunity to get yourselves into the garden and complete some of your learning outside. Remember the sun is a great source of vitamin D.


Here is a challenge from our science learning - Why is Vitamin D important? Why does it help us? If would be fantastic to see your answers. Send them to or you can also send a message via contact the teacher.


I have also posted a life skills challenge onto our home learning page for you all to see and have a go at some of the activities on there.


Let me know how you get on. I would love to see some pictures of you completing some essential life skills. 


Well done to Dina and Lennon for sending some fantastic pictures in of your learning. Dina has created an amazing family tree and Lennon has made a reading den. Keep up the good work.


Stay safe and don't forget I'm only an email away 


Mrs Twigg



Day 2 - Home learning pictures

Home learning - Day 1 

Monday 25/03/20


Hello Jellyfish 


I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are ready for the week of home learning ahead. You have lots of fun activities to complete.


Don't forget you can email myself at any time with any questions or just to say hello. 


I have been blown away by the emails I have been receiving including completed work and also pictures of what you have been up too. Please keep them coming in as I love to see what you have been up too.  


I thought I would share some pictures of our fellow jellyfish class members who have sent over some pictures of them at home. 


Keep safe and let me know if there is anything I can help with 


Mrs Twigg 

Day 1 - Our jellyfish class member completing tasks at home

Week commencing 16th March


Science – During science this week we continued to study our light topic. We looked at 3 different types of surfaces this week. Translucent, transparent and opaque. We also looked at shadows and discussed how shadows are created.


Quiz time – Ask your children to explain the meaning of the words

Transparent –

Translucent –

Opaque –


Ask your children to tell you an object which matches the definition of each word.


Encompass – This week, we looked at what tourism was. We discussed why people choose to travel to different countries and created a mind map of all our ideas. We then looked closer into the tourism of Egypt and looked at why tourists travel to Egypt. We had a mission to choose an Egyptian tourist attraction and create a fact file as to why people choose to visit.


I know that we end this week with a lot of uncertainty but what we do know if that at waterside we will be doing everything we can to support and guide our children at this time. It can be a very scary time and we need to do as much as we can to reassure our waterside droplets that although things are changing at the moment this will not last forever. However, until then we have created a home learning pack to help you. This can be found on the Corona virus page via home learning. We will be contactable through that page should you wish to contact us.


Follow the link for Jellyfish's home learning page


Keep safe


Keep shining


Mrs Twigg

Week commencing 9th March


British Science Week 


This week we have taken part in British science week. All of our afternoon lessons have been based around science. We continued to learn about light and looked specifically at the sun.  We found out that the sun can have both a positive and negative affect on our world. We also looked at how we can be safe in the sun and how to block out the UV rays which are the rays from the sun that can cause the most damage. We created our own sunglasses making sure that they had a 5 star UV rating.


During science week each year group were given a scientist to study. Our scientist was Galileo Galilea who was a famous physicist and astronomer. He was famous for his many discoveries of space including the discovery that planets in fact orbit the sun. We looked at his life and at the different inventions that he created throughout his lifetime. We created a fact file and poster all about him.


This week, we also took part in an explosives workshop where we looked at how different chemicals react to cause eruptions. You can see the pictures of our workshop below. We had a fantastic week.


Keep up the good work Jellyfish – you are all amazing.


Keep shining


Mrs Twigg




Science workshop

Week commencing 2nd March


This week we had our class assembly which was all about being kind and how random acts of kindness won’t change the world but they could change somebody’s world. The children were amazing and blew me away with their dedication to learning their lines and how professional their performance was. It was also so lovely to have some parents join us after our assembly to take part in our class P4C where we carried on our theme of kindness.


We also took part in world book day this week and had such a fun day sharing our favourite stories. We designed our own book covers, looked at some maths based upon a story and we ended the day with hot chocolate and reading to a year 2 class.


Science – This week in science we have been looking at reflection. We took part in an experiment where we tested different materials and surfaces to find out which ones reflected the light.


Encompass – This week we look at the word climate and found out that it was different to the word weather. We looked at the climate in Egypt and we were also able to link our ideas with our learning about the equator.


Question time – Ask your child what the climate is like in Egypt?


Next week is British science week where we will be looking at different aspects of science and we will be looking in detail at our chosen secret scientist.


Keep up the good work Jellyfish – you are all amazing.


Keep shining


Mrs Twigg

World Book Day

Our reflection experiment

Week commencing 24th February


Welcome back Jellyfish – I hope you all have a fun filled week and are reenergised for the term ahead. We certainly have got a busy few weeks ahead as we start our new topics, prepare for our class assembly and also start to look at our spring time production. We were straight to it on Monday where some children in Jellyfish took part in Bikeability to improve their riding skills.


Science – On Monday the children were introduced to their new science topic. LIGHT. They completer their KWL which includes telling me what they already know about light and what they want to find out about light. I was surprised by how much they already knew and they were so excited to start our new topic.


Encompass – On Tuesday we started our new geography topic modern Egypt. Throughout this topic we will be looking at the different continents to find out where Egypt is in the world. We will also be looking at the climate in Egypt, the tourism in Egypt and finally we will be comparing Egypt to the UK. We started this week by look at the 7 continents on planet earth and learnt that Egypt is located in Africa.


Quick quiz for your children

  1. Can you name the 7 continents?
  2. Which continent do we live in?
  3. Which two seas surround Egypt?
  4. What does the word ‘border’ mean?
  5. Can you name a country that borders Egypt?


We have an exciting week ahead as next Tuesday is our class assembly and Thursday we have world book day where children can come to school in their pyjamas, bringing with them their favourite book.


Keep up the good work Jellyfish – you are all amazing.


Keep shining


Mrs Twigg

Week commencing 10th February


I cannot believe that we have reached the half term already. It has flown by but we have learnt so much over the past weeks.


Science – This week has been the last week on our plants topic. The children took part in an end of topic assessment and blew me away with their knowledge about plants. They can all now confidently talk about the parts of a plant, the functions of each part, what plants need to grow, the life cycle of a plant and finally pollination. Please ask the children to tell you all about the plants topic as this will help to deepen their understanding.


Encompass – We came to the end of our Ancient Egyptian topic this week and finished it off by completing our own knowledge organisers consisting of everything that the children has learnt over the last term. The children also created their own dictionary with the key vocabulary and the meanings. After half term, we will be studying geography and our topic will be all about modern Egypt. The children have been sent home with encompass homework to be completed over the half term. I am always so impressed by the standard of the homework in Jellyfish so I cannot wait to see what creations we get. 


Have a fantastic fun filled half term.


Keep up the good work Jellyfish – you are all amazing.


Keep shining


Mrs Twigg

Week commencing 3rd February


We have had a jam packed week this week as we have been in a science trip, taken part in the children’s mental l health week and also had DT week.


Children’s mental health week – This week we took part in children’s mental health week which was based around finding your brave. We looked at the film wonder and saw how the main character had to be brave and how he showed courage. We then looked at times that we were brave and what it takes to be brave.  During our next activity we created a though handprint which included – what they are good a, what they find difficult and where they can come for help.


Science – We had so much fun on our science trip to The Woseley Centre in Stafford. The purpose of the trip was to explore our plants topic further and to get some hands on experience looking at different plants, flowers and trees whilst also looking at the environment around us. Whilst there we took part in lots of different activities to continue our learning – we looked at the functions of the different parts of a plant, the life cycle of a plant, seed dispersal and also looked at how you can work out the age of a tree. We finished the day off by looking at some story writing linked directly to our senses. We used our senses to describe what we could see, hear, touch and smell which we could then use to create a setting description of a forest.


DT week – As our encompass topic has been about the ancient Egyptians we wanted to carry this theme throughout our DT week. We decided that we wanted to recreate some Egyptian bread as this was one of the most popular foods in the ancient Egyptian times. We started the week by looking at the different ingredients we would needs, we then moved on to looking at the method behind making the bread. Before we started to bake we also make sure we looked at the hygiene and health and safety aspect of cooking. Once all our prep has been completed we started to make our own Egyptian bread on Friday. I must say they smelled absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to hear all about how they tasted.


Keep up the good work Jellyfish – you are all amazing.


Keep shining


Mrs Twigg

Week commencing 27th January


Encompass – We have had lots of fun this week in encompass learning about what mummification was and why it was important to the Ancient Egyptians. We found put that mummification was the process of preserving a dead body so that it was ready for the afterlife. Looking at the mummification process we found out that there were lots of gruesome steps including pulling out the brain with a hook through the nostrils. After looking at the different stages it was their turn to be the embalmers and in groups had the chance to mummify different members of our class.


Science – Jellyfish have continued their science learning this week by looking at pollination. I acted like a bee and showed the children how a bee can transfer pollen from one flower to another therefore pollinating the flower enabling the flower to produce seeds. We experimented with Wotsits to show how easy it was to transfer the pollen to another flower. I asked the children to explain in their own words the pollination process and they were amazing. They had fantastic understanding. Here is Lily explaining what pollination is.


Keep up the good work Jellyfish – you are all amazing.

Keep shining

Mrs Twigg

Pollination experiment

Week commencing 20th January


Encompass – Jellyfish have been really lucky week as they have had the opportunity to take part in an ancient Egyptian workshop. During the workshop we looked at what everyday life would have been like for the Ancient Egyptians. This included what jobs they had, what they ate, what clothes they wore and what life was like for the slaves. Jellyfish were fantastic and absolutely blew me and the workshop leader away. He was amazed at every single member of the class’ ability to act and to remember everything he had talked about.


Science – This week we looked at the life cycle of a plant. We used drama to help us to remember each part of the cycle.

Challenge – Ask your child if they can tell you each part of the life cycle and explain what happens during each part.


Keep up the good work Jellyfish – you are all amazing.

Keep shining

Mrs Twigg

The plants life cycle

Week commencing 13th January


Encompass – We started to look at Pharaohs this week and discovered that Pharaohs were top of the Egyptians hierarchy and a very important part of Ancient Egypt. We looked at some of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs and write some fact files about each one stating why they were famous. One of our favourites was Cleopatra who was known as the last every Pharaoh of Egypt. We continued our learning by looking at the role of a Pharaoh and were even asked by some Ancient Egyptian officials to create a job description for a new Pharaoh.


Science – We have had a fantastic time this week in science. We have been looking at the different parts of a flower. We did this by dissecting a flower to look at the different oats in more detail. Once we had dissected the flower we research what the function of each part was.


Keep up the good work Jellyfish – you are all amazing.

Keep shining

Mrs Twigg

Dissecting a flower

Week commencing 6th January


This week we welcomed Jellyfish back after a week off. They all came back refreshed and ready for the half term ahead.


Encompass - This half term our encompass topic is history based and we will be focusing on the Ancient Egyptians which Jellyfish are really excited about as am I. We got straight back into our learning with looking at how the ancient Egyptians were discovered. We started to look at a man called Howard Carter who was famous for discovering Tutankhamun’s tomb. We had a discussion about the artefacts found in his tombs and what we could learn about him from his belongings.


Science – we are continuing our learning of plants this half term and started the week off by looking at flowering and non-flowering plants. We discussed the meaning of the words and looked at how we could identify and sort different types of plants.


Keep up the good work Jellyfish – you are all amazing.

Keep shining

Mrs Twigg

Week commencing 16th December 2019


We have reached our last week of term and what a busy week it has been. We have been really busy this week practising for our winter production and on the last day of term we performed to lots of parents and visitors to the school.


This week during encompass we looked at our new topic ‘The Egyptians’ I was surprised at how much Jellyfish already knew about this topic and how enthusiastic they were about it. We discussed what we already knew and what we wanted to learn during the next half term. We also designed and created our own cartouches which included our names written in hieroglyphics.


 I have thoroughly enjoyed my first half term in Jellyfish and I am really looking forward to spending the rest of the year with them.

Have a fantastic winter holiday and a well-deserved rest Jellyfish


Keep up the good work Jellyfish – you are all amazing.

Keep shining

Mrs Twigg

Week commencing 9th December

We have had a really positive week in Jellyfish. We have started to learn our class song for the winter production and I have to say the children have all blown me away with their enthusiasm and talent. The song we will be performing is called “When I grow up” from the musical Matilda. It is all about wanting to grow up quicker – we cannot wait for you to see it at the winter production.


This week we have had our last lessons on our encompass topic ‘somewhere to settle’. We concluded our topic by looking at how land is used in different areas. We found out that land can we used for housing, agricultural use, industrial use, business, leisure and finally entertainment. We had a look at various maps to see if we could see how the land was used. Next week we will be looking at our new topic which I am really looking forward to.


This week in Science we started to look at how plants absorb water. To do this we took part in an experiment which involved celery and food colouring. We wanted to see if the water travelled through the tubes within the celery. The next day, we looked at the celery and found that the food colouring had travelled up through the tube as we could see the colour at the top of the celery. In our second science lesson we looked at life processes and what all living things need in order to be alive. We found that MRS GREN helped us to remember the 7 life processes.


Keep up the good work Jellyfish – you are all amazing.

Keep shining

Mrs Twigg

Week commencing 2nd December


This week has been design and technology week and we have thoroughly enjoyed spending our afternoon learning focusing on all aspects of DT. As a class we decided to design and create our own settlements using various different materials. We discussed that we needed to follow a process in order to create the models therefore we started by researching into the different settlements to find out more about them. We then chose which settlement we would like to create and designed it using a detailed diagram. We also had to choose which materials we needed in order to be successful with our modals. Once we had finished our planning and designing we started to make our models using various different skills such as paper mache, painting, gluing, cutting and building.  We will continue with our models next week and we cannot wait to show you all the finished product.


Keep up the good work Jellyfish – you are all amazing.


Keep shining


Mrs Twigg




Week commencing 18th November

We have had a really busy but exciting week in Jellyfish because quite a few members of Jellyfish class have taken part in the Stoke on Trent Christmas choir competition. They have been amazing and put lots of hard work into their rehearsals their performance even giving up their lunch times to practice. I have posted the video below.


Encompass – This week in our encompass lessons we have been looking at what makes a successful settlement and what are the most important things to consider when choosing a settlement. We did this by comparing a number for different settlements and as a class discussed the positives and negatives from each settlement. We decided that water, food and shelter were the most important things whereas transport links and entertainment were not as important.


Science – We have been looking at the different functions of a plant. We looked at a real life plant and look at each part closely. This helped us to remember the functions of the different parts. We used drama as our anchor is order to explain to the class the how each part plays an important role to the growth of the plant. 


Keep up the good work Jellyfish – you are all amazing.


Keep shining


Mrs Twigg



Christmas Choir Competition entry

Week commencing 11th November

This week Jellyfish have been lucky enough to take part in a anti bullying workshop. They were fantastic and blew me away with their mature attitudes, questions and answers. They learnt that there are many forms of bullying and looked at how they could stop bullying. This was all done through the medium of drama and every single student contributed to the session.


Encompass – This week in encompass we have started our new topic for this term. The topic is called ‘Somewhere to settle’ and is all about settlements and what is needed in order to make a settlement. We discussed what a settlement is and what settlers are.


Science – We had had lots of fun this week in science as we have been investigating real life plants and what are the parts of a plant. By the end of the lesson we were able to identify the key parts of a plant and able to successfully label them on a diagram. 


Keep up the good work Jellyfish – you are all amazing.


Keep shining


Mrs Twigg

Bullying Workshop

Week commencing 4th November


What a fantastic week we have had. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending my first week with Jellyfish. They have all blown me away.

Encompass – This week in encompass we have consolidated our learning all about ‘The Stone Age’ We discussed the question – ‘Are belongings important after death?’ and looked at how the stone age advanced into ‘The Bronze Age’ We looked at various artefacts and discussed how we would be able to recognise who they belonged to. Mrs Twigg has been amazed by the knowledge of the class and she cannot wait to start the new topic next week.


Science – This week in science we started our new topic of plants. We started this week off by completing a KWL which included what we know already and what we want to know by the end of the topic. This term we will be looking at plants and their functions, what a plants needs to grow, a plants life cycle and how seeds are dispersed


Keep up the good work Jellyfish – you are all amazing.

Keep shining


Mrs Twigg

The Bronze Age