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What support will there be for my child’s overall well- being?

Waterside primary school offers a wide variety of pastoral support for pupils who are encountering emotional difficulties.

These include:

  •  Members of staff such as the class teacher, the SENDCo (Mrs Joinson-Spencer) and the Inclusion Leader (Mrs Willis) are available for pupils who wish to discuss issues and concerns.
  • Our lunch time club ‘Ripples’ is available to children who need additional support with friendships or who may find lunch times a challenge.


At times, some children, without SEND, may need additional support with emotional or social issues. At Waterside we ensure that 'all' children have access to our Nurture provision. In school children are sign posted to key members of staff who they know they can talk to if the need to.  We also have a worries post box for those children who wish for an adult to come and speak to them. One of the core values at Waterside is friendship. Children are encouraged to interact with each other, we have play ground leaders who can facilitate games, adults on duty will check that all children are happy and safe and encourage play.  


Pupils with medical needs:

  • If a pupil has a medical need then a detailed Care Plan is compiled with support from the school nurse in consultation with parents and carers. These are discussed with all staff who are involved with the pupil.
  • Staff have received epipen training delivered by the school nurse.
  • The school has designated first aiders.