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Week Ending Friday 10th May 2019 - Attendance this week 96.94%


Wk beginning 09/09/19


What a great second week in Otter Class!


In our English learning this week we have been learning all about amazing adjectives!  We have learnt that an adjective is a word that describes a noun (a naming word).  We created our very own vocabulary mats to use when describing characters from our story, and then added these into our work to improve it!

In our Maths learning we have been investigating how to correctly count, read and write numbers to one hundred as numerals and words. We had great fun building the words, counting objects in tens and ones and using our skills in problem solving challenges.

Our afternoon learning has seen us begin to investigate London.  We have learnt that it is the capital city of our country and that important people, such as the Queen and the Prime Minister live there. We are looking forward to learning more next week!


Have a great weekend,

Love from Otter Class. xxx

Wk bg 02/09/19


A fantastic first week in Otter Class!


It has been so wonderful to welcome all of the new members of Otter Class this week!

We have had an amazing time getting to know each other!

We have started to learn about our text - The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and today we were amazed to find the classroom in such a mess!  The Troll had sneaked in during assembly and thrown chairs, toys and pencils everywhere!

We decided to write a wanted poster so that we could find him and tell him off!


Thank you to all parents who have helped with homework over the holidays and this week. It is much appreciated.


Have a lovely weekend,

Love from Otter Class xxx

What a mess!

Wk bg 02/09/19


A huge welcome to all new Otters!


Both myself and Miss Barker are looking forward to our exciting journey this year!


Love from Mrs Edwards xxx

Wk bg 07/07/19


A super penultimate week in Otter Class!


In our English learning this week, we have been looking at how to edit and improve our writing using suffix word families.  We worked hard on creating a suffix word bank, before using them in our retell of the Owl and the Pussycat.  We used phrases such as beautiful, wonderful and delightful to describe the wedding. Wow!

In maths we have investigated the properties of 3D shapes, including a hemisphere - which looks like half an orange!  We have tried very hard to create our own shapes using nets, and recognise parallel and perpendicular lines on them too!

Our afternoon learning has seen us investigating how hermit crabs grow - did you know that they move shells as they grow, and their shell is known as an exoskeleton? Wow!


It has been a very exciting day today, as the Otters have gone up to their new classrooms for the very first time! It has also been a pleasure to welcome the new Otters, who are ready to begin their learning journey in year 2 - a very exciting time!


Have a lovely weekend,

Love from Otter Class. xxx

Wk bg 01/07/19


A great week of learning on Otter Class!


In English this week, we have moved onto a new text, The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear.  The Otters had great fun investigating the characters by role playing them and by creating interview questions that were extended to add detail.  Some very interesting questions were posed:

Why are you buying a ring, because Pussycat doesn't have fingers?

Why do you dance in the moonlight, because you should be tired after a long journey?

And my favourite-

Why do you play the guitar, because you're not Shawn Mendes, sadly?

In our maths learning, we have been investigating properties of shapes.  We have learnt that parallel lines are just like railway lines, going on forever and never meeting, and perpendicular lines can be identified using right angles.  We also learnt that quadrilaterals are 2D shapes with four sides and polygons are 2D shapes that are made up of straight sides. Wow!


Our afternoon learning has seen us investigate animals as they grow and the changes that occur.  We discovered that their appearance and size both change, with some animals appearing lighter and some animals appearing darker, for camoulage reasons.

Finally, a big thank you to all of you for coming to support your child in our sports day event yesterday. Great fun was had by all.


Have a lovely weekend,


Love from Otter Class xxx

Wk bg 24/06/19


A great week of learning in Otter Class!


In English this week we have finished our text, Robinson Crusoe.  We have continued our work relating to inverted commas, but have also revisited all other writing skills learnt so far.  The Otters have worked very hard at writing their own story ending, based on what they want the ending to be.  They have also enjoyed writing a book review, stating their favourite (and least favourite) parts of the story.  

In Maths this week, we have worked hard at identifying time to five minutes.  We learnt that our five times table is great at helping us identify where the minute hand needs to be placed. For example, 20 past is 4 x 5, therefore the minute hand needs to be on 4. Wow!  

We have also been learning about the points of a compass and right angles this week - the Otters put these skills to work investigating not only, treasure maps, but our classroom and playground too!


Have a lovely weekend,

Love from Otter Class xxx

Wk beginning 17/06/19


A brilliant week of learning in Otter Class!


In our English learning this week, we have been learning all bout how to correctly use inverted commas.  We learnt that they are marks we put in the air, like apostrophes to signify speech.  We learnt that the opening marks look like 66, and the closing marks look like 99.  We have used this skill to describe the conversations between Robinson Crusoe and Friday.  The Otters have been fantastic at using this tricky skill - Mrs Edwards declared: "I am very proud!"

Our maths learning has seen us revisiting fractions, but we have introduced a new fraction this week - tenths.  We have learnt that we need to use our knowledge of the ten times tables to help us with this fraction - for example, when finding one tenth of 30, we can count in our tens until we get there, and the amount of times we count is the tenth amount.

Our afternoon learning has seen us go pirate potty!  We had an amazing Pirate day on Thursday, with treasure hunts, flag designing, map reading and pirate pledges.  We even had a visit from a real live pirate - Blackbeard!! Arrgghh!


Have a great weekend, me hearties!


Love from Otter Class XX

Wk beginning 10/06/19


A super week of learning in Otter Class!


In our English learning this week, we have been investigating the adventures of Robinson Crusoe and Friday.  We have used lots of link vocabulary, including some fantastic words such captive, cowered and rescued.  We will be finishing our text next week, we can't wait to find out the ending!

In our maths learning we have been working very hard on our metal addition and subtraction.  We have revisited the anchor skills needed, such as one more, one less and ten more ten less.  This has then led to our use of column method for addition and subtraction.  We have even looked at hoe to carry and borrow!

Our afternoon learning has seen us investigate items that we found on the beach. We had great fun classifying the items as alive, dead and never alive.  We are looking forward to pirate day next week in Otter Class - your Otter has received a letter about this today.


Sadly, our sports day has had to be postponed due to the weather, but we hope to sat a new date soon.


Have a lovely weekend,

Love from Otter Class.


Our learning this week!

Our learning this week! 1
Our learning this week! 2
Our learning this week! 3
Our learning this week! 4
Our learning this week! 5
Our learning this week! 6
Our learning this week! 7
Our learning this week! 8
Our learning this week! 9
Our learning this week! 10
Our learning this week! 11
Our learning this week! 12
Our learning this week! 13
Our learning this week! 14
Our learning this week! 15
Our learning this week! 16
Our learning this week! 17
Our learning this week! 18
Our learning this week! 19
Our learning this week! 20
Our learning this week! 21
Our learning this week! 22
Our learning this week! 23
Our learning this week! 24
Our learning this week! 25
Our learning this week! 26
Our learning this week! 27
Our learning this week! 28
Our learning this week! 29
Our learning this week! 30
Our learning this week! 31
Our learning this week! 32
Our learning this week! 33
Our learning this week! 34
Our learning this week! 35
Our learning this week! 36
Our learning this week! 37
Our learning this week! 38
Our learning this week! 39
Our learning this week! 40
Our learning this week! 41
Our learning this week! 42
Our learning this week! 43
Our learning this week! 44

Wk beginning 03/06/19


A super first week back in Otter class!


In English this week, we have been very excited to meet a new character in our text, Robinson Crusoe.  We really enjoyed describing his appearance and actions using amazing adjectives, adverbs and apostrophe words. We simply can't wait to see what happens next!

In maths this week we have been perfecting our mental maths skills when adding and subtracting one, ten and a hundred from any given number.  We learnt that the only number that changes is the one we are adding or taking away, and the other numbers all stay exactly the same!

Our afternoon learning has seen us investigate rock pools and lighthouses - both of which we spotted on our trip to New Brighton!

It was great to investigate the food chain we'd find in a rock pool, and why the micro-habitat protects them. We also discussed why humans shouldn't disturb rock pools.

We have had a wonderful treat today - we have visited Hanley park to learn all about Bogarts - magical mystical creatures that live in trees and plants.  We had a great time, and are looking forward to doing lots of creative writing about it next week.

Finally, I would like to wish all families that celebrated Eid, a belated Eid Mubarak. I hope you had a wonderful time, making lots of memories with family and friends.


Have a lovely week,

Love from Otter class xxx

Wk beginning 19.05.19


What an amazing week in Otter Class!


We have finished editing and improving our own chapter three endings in English.  The Otters worked very hard at improving their sentences using greater depth skills such as commas and suffix words.  I was full of amazement, happiness and merriment!  

Our maths learning this week has focused on investigating divisible number patterns.  We investigated the relationship between these patterns and odd and even numbers.  We found that any number divisible by two is even, any number divisible by ten is even, but any number divisible by five follows an odd/even pattern! Wow!

The Otters really enjoyed their surprise pantomime on Wednesday morning, it was a brilliant production that made the Otters think really hard about how we treat others. The P4C discussion that followed was just brilliant!


I have to finish this week by mentioning our amazing trip to New Brighton beach.  The Otters had an amazing time building sandcastles, paddling and investigating rock pools. We even found a crab!  


Have a lovely weekend,

Love from Otter Class. xxx

Week beginning: 13/05/19


An amazing week of learning, yet again, in Otter Class!


In English we have investigated chapter three of Robinson Crusoe, learning about how Crusoe survived on the island.  We decided to not read the chapter end, we became authors and wrote our own endings instead!  We decided that Crusoe needed to meet a new character, and had great fun choosing our own addition.  There were many great choices - a pirate, a dolphin and even a sea otter!  We then decided that they needed to share a story event together...that's next week's writing challenge!


In our maths learning, we have become masters of problem solving - looking at how we can use our knowledge of times tables to solve some very tricky division problems.  We have also learnt about mirror maths to help us solve problems - why not ask your Otter to give an example of this?


Our afternoon learning has seen us investigate human features of a beach - we discussed what human features are and whether or not they always make a beach better - a fabulous philosophical discussion!


I have to end by mentioning our visit from Ofsted this week.  As expected, the Otters were truly outstanding in all they did and all they said - true Waterside role models that I am very proud of. Well done to each and every Otter!


Have a truly lovely weekend.

Love from Otter Class. xx

Truly otterly outstanding learning!

Truly otterly outstanding learning! 1
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 2
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 3
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 4
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 5
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 6
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 7
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 8
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 9
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 10
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 11
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 12
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 13
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 14
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 15
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 16
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 17
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 18
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 19
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 20
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 21
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 22
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 23
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 24
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 25
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 26
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 27
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 28
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 29
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 30
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 31
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 32
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 33
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 34
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 35
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 36
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 37
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 38
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 39
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 40
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 41
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 42
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 43
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 44
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 45
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 46
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 47
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 48
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 49
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 50
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 51
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 52
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 53
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 54
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 55
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 56
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 57
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 58
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 59
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 60
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 61
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 62
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 63
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 64
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 65
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 66
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 67
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 68
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 69
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 70
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 71
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 72
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 73
Truly otterly outstanding learning! 74

Wk beginning 06.05.19


What a fantastic week of learning in Otter Class!


In our English lessons this week we have shared chapter two of our text, Robinson Crusoe.  We learnt about how he salvaged supplies from the shipwreck to survive. We have enjoyed pretending to be Crusoe this week - imagining what we could see, hear and touch on the desert island. We learnt how to edit and improve our work using PAUSE - see the pictures below!  We used lots of amazing link vocabulary - our favourite by far was the word isolated - why not ask your Otter for a definition? 

In Maths we have been mastering our understanding of times tables and their patterns.  We have started to investigate our fours - did you know they are all even numbers?

Our afternoon learning has seen us investigate the physical features of a beach.  Again, we learnt lots of great vocabulary and its definitions.  Did you know that shale is flat rock with sharp edges?  We have also investigated what habitats are and what the four key features every habitat must contain are.  We learnt that they all need food, water, oxygen and shelter.  We learnt that oxygen and water were common factors, but that shelter and food could change, depending on the habitat.


We have also began our SATs this week - I am pleased to report that the Otters 100% tried their best and I am very proud of them!


Have a lovely weekend,

Love from Otter Class xxx

This week's learning!

This week's learning! 1
This week's learning! 2
This week's learning! 3
This week's learning! 4
This week's learning! 5
This week's learning! 6
This week's learning! 7
This week's learning! 8

Wk beginning 29.04.19


A fantastic week of learning in Otter Class!


In English we have enjoyed investigating our new text: Robinson Crusoe.  We have shared the first chapter and written a retell using all of our learnt skills so far.  We tried very hard to use up-levelled vocabulary such as; sickening, heaved and desperately. We have really enjoyed the dramatic events of the chapter, and are looking forward to seeing what happens in chapter two next week!

In our maths learning we have re-visited place value this week, but have pushed ourselves by investigating three and four digit numbers!

We have also began looking at the counting patterns seen in the four times table, as well as consolidating our learning relating to the threes.

In our afternoon learning, we have launched our new topic Beachcombers by investigating where in the world we might see a sea.


I would just like to thank all of our Otter adults at home for their help with the fantastic creative homework that has been brought into class this week. As you will see below - it is simply amazing!


Have a lovely weekend,

Love from Otter Class xxx




recount writing!

This week's learning...

Ice investigators!

Tree spotters!

Odd socks - we are all differently brilliant!

Fairy houses and food chains!

Fairy houses and food chains! 1
Fairy houses and food chains! 2
Fairy houses and food chains! 3
Fairy houses and food chains! 4
Fairy houses and food chains! 5
Fairy houses and food chains! 6
Fairy houses and food chains! 7
Fairy houses and food chains! 8