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Week two

This week for art you are going to learn how to doodle.  

Doodles can be found everywhere, from logos to clothes.  Doodling can also help you express your ideas and thoughts without writing.  


Google use doodling on their logo to celebrate different days of the year.  

Here are a few: 


Task One: Watch the video clips, follow the steps, and practise doodling.  



School Doodles | Doodle for Kids | Doodle with Me

HOW TO DOODLE For Beginners | Sky Doodles For Kids | Doodles By Akay

Let's Draw : Simple Doodle Houses for Kids! | Doodles by Sarah

Task Two: 

You have been employed by Google to re design their logo.  You need to choose a theme that your design will be based on i.e school, space, food, animals, home, weather.  

Use your new found doodling techniques to recreate the google logo.