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Week Six

Great Explorers

Over the past few weeks we have learned all about Pirates in our Encompass topic. We know that they are explorers of the sea who search for treasure in the hope of becoming rich.

Today, we’re going to learn all about another Great Explorer from the past called Christopher Columbus.

Watch the video below (and read the PowerPoint if you want any extra information) to learn all about him:


Now that you’ve learned all about Christopher Columbus’ discovery, you are going to become an explorer and go in search of treasure, just like the pirates we’ve been learning about.

Your task today is to plan your own voyage using the map below. The map shows all of the different continents of the world (remember we are in Europe) and the names of the oceans.

Write where you are travelling to find your treasure (you can pick your own place to go to) and tell me which continents/oceans you pass through.

Challenge: Can you use the compass to tell me which way you’d need to go using North, East, South and West?