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Week 3

This week our aim is to retell the story of 'Lost and Found'. In order to do this we will start as we usually do by listening to the the story and answering VIPERS questions to allow us to have a real understanding of the text. We will then focus on a different element of the story each day, beginning, middle and end and each day we will have a different focus skill e.g. verbs and suffixes. As always all the prompts, flip charts and links will be added each day to support you in your learning. 

Thursday 18th June

Year 1 English

Wednesday 17th June

Year 1 English

Tuesday 16th June

Year 1 English

Monday 15th June

Year 1 English

Lost and Found By Oliver Jeffers

Lost and Found is a story about friendship that will please children and grown-ups alike. I am a huge Oliver Jeffers' fan. His unique style make all of his s...