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Week 15 (14.12.20)


Good Morning Year 4. We are finally on our last day of home learning and I can not wait to have you all back from tomorrow.  

You have worked so hard over the last week - I am so proud of you.  Here is your learning for today. remember if you are stuck you can always send a class dojo.  

Mrs Willis 

Spelling: 9.00-9.30

Today for spelling I would like you to practise the ous spelling pattern on LBQ - your test will be tomorrow for the week.  

The LBQ code is: cfh

Y4 English Monday

Y4 Maths Monday

Y4 Reading Monday

Arithmetic 1.15 - 1.45

Today for arithmetic you are to complete a half paper.  Use what you have learned to help you.  

Y4 RE Monday

Well done year 4 - you have worked super hard today and I am so impressed with your attitudes.  See you all tomorrow morning. 


Welcome to Tuesday's learning. Most of you are back at school now, but for those of you who are at home still here you will find your learning.  In class today we are conducting testing, so you have some tests to do today.  

Science End of Unit Test: 1.45-2.45

This is your end of science unit test. Alongside of this you also have a Learning by questions to complete. The code is: 

'Twas The Night Before Christmas - Narrated by Michael Bublé

Topic 15.3: Classifying Quadrilaterals

Students will be able to identify and classify quadrilaterals based on the sides, angles, and other properties.Music by

Names of Quadrilaterals

Corbettmaths - This video names the different types of quadrilaterals and their properties.

Afternoon Learning

What happens during the winter solstice?

The winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere occurs around December 21st. But why is winter in the Northern Hemisphere colder than the Southern Hemisphere,...