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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Wednesday 6th January 2021

Good morning Year 6! Happy Wednesday. Below is your home learning for today. We can't wait to see what learning you complete today! Remember to send your work to your teacher via email or class dojo. 





Reading skills

Read the text 'Rabbit girl'. As you do, think about the impression you get of the characters and their actions. 


Then, answer the questions. Once you have, you can check your answers to see if you were correct. 

Reading into writing

To start our English lesson, we are going to read Chapter 1 of War Horse to remind ourselves what has happened. Then, answer the VIPERs questions based on Chapter 1.




Today, we are using the skill of imperative verbs in our writing to persuade men to join the war effort just like in our text 'War Horse'.

Watch the video below and complete the task.

Year 6 English-6th January 2021

Break time! 

Go outside and get some fresh air. Remember to stay in your own garden or yard. Challenge: How many star jumps can you do in 2 minutes?


Watch the video and complete your tasks based on decimals.

Year 6 - Wednesday 6th January 2021 - Maths


Use EdShed to practise your arithmetic skills.


Have a lovely lunch, have a break and do something you enjoy. Make sure you drink plenty of water and enjoy your brain break.

Mindfulness-Find Peace - Think About It | GoNoodle

Use this calming video to help you find peace any time you need it.This video comes from GoNoodle's Think About It Channel. Think About It helps kids think, ...


To link with our Encompass topic of the Americas, you are going to learn how to draw a skyline. We will then use our skills to create a New York skyline. You can use any materials you have at home (with parents permission). Don't worry if you haven't got every item it mentions, be creative and create a beautiful skyline! 

Reading for pleasure-Too Much Glue(Read Aloud) | Storytime by Jason Lifebvre

An artistic story about a little boy that just loves his glue! Now what could go wrong with that? Listen to find out how his friends help out.